Wednesday, May 8, 2019

BJP National President Shri Amit Shah addresses public meetings in Jharkhand, May 8, 2019

BJP National President Shri Amit Shah addresses public meetings in Jharkhand, May 8, 2019

  • Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) President Amit Shah has said that there was an outpouring of support in favour of the making Narendra Modi as the country's Prime Minister again, and this wave can be seen and felt across the country.

  • Praising Jharkhand's BJP CM Raghubar Prasad's efforts for the state under the guidance of Modi Ji, Shah said good work has happened both on the economy as well on the jobs front. “Earlier agriculture growth in the state stood at a mere 4.50% but Raghubar Prasad Ji's govt's efforts made it jump to a high of 14%. Employment opportunities too were created for more than 35 lakh people in Jharkhand and more than a lakh got employed under the state govt.”

  • Hitting out at the Congress and its leadership for perpetuating only dynastic politics and not growth of the nation, Shah asked the people to choose BJP as it was focused only on development of all and protecting its rich culture and heritage. “Congress' 3Gs stand for Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi whereas BJP's 3Gs stand for Gaon, Gau Mata and Ganga. Tell me who will you choose,” he asked the gathering.

  • People of India have understood that the country is safe and secure only under the Modi government, and not under those who give out “tukde tukde” slogans and don't hesitate to say that the country should be broken apart.

  • Expressing confidence of Modi Ji coming back to power Shri Amit Shah said that wherever he goes he finds that people seem to have made up their minds to vote for BJP. “I have come here after travelling all over the country since last several months - from east to west and north to south - and could only hear chants of Modi Modi. This is not mere a chant but the blessings of 125 crore people of the country. People have already decided that the next PM will be Modi Ji.”

  • Shah said Modi Ji is sensitive towards the needs of the poor and always works selflessly and tirelessly for the country's development. "Modi Ji is the man for whom the country had been waiting for the last 70 years for development to take place in the real sense. I have worked closely with Modi Ji - in last 20 years he has never taken even a day's holiday. On the opposite is Rahul Baba who goes on a holiday whenever there is a bit of hot weather and even his mother is not aware of his whereabouts.”

  • Shah said that the BJP under the leadership of Modiji has been working hard for all sections of the society especially the poor and the distressed. "In the last five years the BJP did work like providing 7 crore free cylinders to our poor mothers and sisters, electricity in 2.5 crore household, houses for 2.5 crore poor, and toilets in 8 crore household, etc. Rahul Baba's party ruled the country for 55 long years but could not eradicate poverty, they just kept on giving slogans.”

  • Praising the Modi government for its universal health scheme he said that the Ayushman Bharat scheme has raised the level of health services for 50 crore of the Indian population and given them access to free health facilities including hospitalization. “Now no one is helpless in case of a medical emergency. As of today morning 24.75 lakh operations have already been done under the scheme free of cost.”

  • Elaborating on the efforts of the Modi govt. for Jharkhand, Shah said that the UPA government gave the state only Rs 55253 crore while in the 14th Finance Commission, the BJP government increased it to a whopping amount of above Rs. 307523 crore for the state's development.

  • Modi govt has done a lot for Jharkhand. 22 lakh farmers have been given Samman Nidhi, AIIMS opened in Devghar, airports being made in Jamshedpur, Devghar, Dumka and Bokaro, work started on a cancer hospital in Ranchi, 4000MW power plant in Patratu, medical colleges in Hazaribagh, Dumka and Palamu, crop insurance scheme for farmers and much more, he added.

  • Hitting out at the opposition Shah said they cannot keep the country safe but only Modi ji whose immediate response against terrorists earned new respect for India and its people. “The biggest achievement of the Modi govt is that of securing the nation against terrorism. Vote for Modi Ji just for this. During Sonia-Manmohan rule terrorists used to enter Indian at will and even cut heads of our soldiers without any response from the then silent PM Manmohan Singh. After Pulwama strikes Indian Airforce went deep inside Pakistan to Balakot and killed terrorists and destroyed their bases. Modi Ji has a 56 inch chest to take strong decisions for the security of the country.”

  • Earlier only America and Israel were known for their aggressive actions against their attackers but with the strikes inside Pakistan India too got into that select club. Rahul Baba's guru Sam Pitroda says that we should have first talked to the terrorists. After the air strike carried by the IAF, there were celebrations everywhere in India, while only at two places there was grief -- one in Pakistan and another in Rahul Baba and company's offices. Were they their cousin brothers? Rahul baba and gathbandhan can do ILU ILU with terrorists but BJP will never compromise on the country's security. BJP's policy is clear that whoever crosses India's boundaries and attacks us with bullets will be responded with cannons, he added.

  • Hitting out at Omar Abdullah for his views that there should be a separate PM for J&K, Shah demanded the opposition's stand on the issue. "We want Rahul Baba and the opposition to clarify if they agree with Omar Abdullah comments that there should be a PM for Jammu and Kashmir. I know they won't say anything on Omar's statement as they are concerned about their vote bank. They follow politics of appeasement and people will punish them in elections. As long as there are BJP workers Kashmir will remain an integral part of the country. BJP will withdraw Article 370 from Kashmir once voted back to power.”

  • Taking on the opposition parties on the NRC he said that BJP would ensure that every illegal immigrant is thrown out of the country on the Assam model. “The BJP government will identify all illegal immigrants from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and expel them. They are eating our country from inside like termites and a threat to the country's security. Rahul Baba and others are worried infiltrators and want to keep them but for us security of the country is more important than votes.”

  • Taking on the Congress for promising in its manifesto to remove the anti-sedition law if it came to power, Shah wondered who the Congress and others were trying to protect. "Who do you want to protect? When anti-India slogans like 'Bharat tere tukde honge hazaar' were shouted in JNU, you stood with them in the name of freedom of speech. Such people's place is in jail as long as BJP is there. How will we put a terrorist in jail if the Act is removed?”

  • Shah exhorted the gathering to help the BJP win the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and bring Modi Ji back to power. “Only Modi Ji can keep the nation safe. The Mahamilavat opposition knows that they are losing so 21 parties have already started saying EVM EVM before the elections itself. When they won several states they never complained but now they know they are losing so taking this excuse. EVM excuse cannot save them, only the public of the country can,” he said.

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