Friday, May 28, 2021

*Capri Global Capital Ltd PAT rises 10% Y-O-Y to Rs 1.77 Bn*

 ~ AUM up by 20% to Rs 48.48 bn driven by its focus on MSME and affordable housing finance segments ~

Performance Highlights for the quarter ended March 31, 2021

• Total Assets Under Management stood at Rs. 48.48 bn in Q4 FY21 as against Rs. 40.35 bn in Q4 FY20

• 75%+ book constitutes of MSME and Affordable Housing Finance

 MSME book grew by 23% Y-O-Y to Rs. 25.11 bn 

 Affordable Housing Finance AUM grew by 29% Y-O-Y to Rs. 11.55 bn

• Total Disbursements stood at Rs. 14.4 bn

• Capital Adequacy Ratio remains strong at 37.7% level

• The Asset Quality remained healthy with NNPA at 0.9% in Q4 FY21

• Serving over 29,400+ customers across businesses through 85 branches in 8 states

Performance Highlight of the FY’21:

• Net Interest Income and NIM for FY21 stood at Rs. 3.85 bn and 8.7%, respectively

• Ratio of operating expenses to net total income for FY21 improved to 35.3% v/s 40.9% in previous fiscal

• PAT increased by 10% Y-O-Y in FY21 to Rs. 1.77 bn v/s Rs. 1.61 bn in previous fiscal

• The company has adequate liquidity buffer of Rs. 10.32 bn at the end of FY21

• Maintained credit ratings of A+ (CARE Ratings) and AA- (BWR Ratings)

Mumbai, May 27, 2021: Focused on MSME and Housing Finance, a Non-banking finance company (NBFC) Capri Global Capital Ltd (CGCL) has registered 20% growth in the total asset under management to Rs 48.48 bn driven by its focus on MSME and affordable housing finance segments. The initiatives taken by the company to modernize its tech stack has led to improvement in overall employees’ productivity and in-turn reduction in operating expenses to income ratio to 35.3% in FY21 as against 40.9% in the previous financial year. This supported growth in profit by 10% Y-O-Y to Rs. 1.77 bn from Rs. 1.61 bn in the year-ago period. 

The consolidated net worth of the company stood at Rs. 17.17 bn in FY21. MSME portfolio continues to dominate with 23% Y-O-Y growth with an AUM of Rs. 25.11 bn. Affordable Home Loan businesses showed a promising growth of 29% Y-O-Y with an AUM of Rs. 11.55 bn.

Commenting on the outcome, Mr. Rajesh Sharma, Managing Director, Capri Global Capital Ltd., said, “Our profitability and strong loan book growth for the quarter demonstrated significant improvement in performance across key indicators despite severe headwinds of Covid-19. Our knowledge of micro-market and emphasis on the secured small ticket size loan in Tier II, III & IV cities led to a significant growth in the business. Compared to the scenario in the first two quarters of the year, the second half of the year saw us flex towards our visionary growth. Our financial prudency coupled with other measures including regulatory policies has helped us widen our credit reach for the financial inclusion while maintain a healthy asset quality.”

On the outlook of the company in upcoming time, Mr. Sharma believes that “We have built a robust ecosystem with the pillars of agility, strong leadership and innovation. We are confident to deliver double digit growth with sustained EBIDTA. 

Amid the current economic scenario, Capri Global Capital Ltd, will continue to maintain a cautious stance on disbursement, enhance risk mechanism and ensure seamless delivery.”

About Capri Global Capital Limited

Capri Global Capital Limited (CGCL) is a Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE). The Company operates in two major verticals – MSME Loans and Affordable Housing Finance – through its strong network of 85 branches spread across 8 states and backed by a strong and committed workforce of 1,945 employees in the country. CGCL addresses the capital needs of MSMEs through its SME & Retail Lending vertical by offering multiple products: MSME Business Loans, Working Capital Term Loans, Term Loans Against Property Rentals, and Term Loans for Purchase of Property. Our tech-enabled processes and smart analytics ensure that we offer products tailored to meet the requirements of our customers. Capri Global Housing Finance Limited, a subsidiary of CGCL, operates in the affordable housing finance space is providing home loans to Lower and Middle-Income families and is a key contributor to the PM’s vision of “Housing for All” by 2022.

*From Vaccine to Vaccination*

 May 28, 2021

The manufacturing, testing, release and distribution of vaccines is a complex and multifactorial process with hundreds of steps, requiring a diverse pool of human resources. For vaccines to result in actual vaccination of people, highly coordinated efforts are required from international supply chain, manufacturers, regulators and State and Central government agencies.

Production scale-up of vaccines is a step-by-step process, involving several regulatory SOPs of GMP (Standard Operating Procedures of Good Manufacturing Practices). There is a four-month lag time for COVAXIN®️ to translate into actual vaccination.

The timeline for manufacturing, testing and release for a batch of COVAXIN®️ is approximately 120 days, depending on the technology framework and regulatory guidelines to be met. Thus, production batches of COVAXIN®️ that were initiated during March this year will be ready for supply only during the month of June.

Based on Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation(CDSCO) guidelines, all vaccines supplied in India are mandated by law to be submitted for testing and release to the Central Drugs Laboratory, Government of India. All batches of vaccines supplied to State and Central Governments are based on the allocation framework received from the Government of India.

The timeline for vaccine supplies to reach the depots of the State and Central Governments from Bharat Biotech’s facilities is around two days. The vaccines received at these depots have to be further distributed by the State Governments to various districts within their respective states. This requires additional number of days. Pandemic vaccines are distributed by respective governments equitably across all sections of the population. Vaccines once available at the vaccination centers are then administered to recipients over a period of time, based on demand.


About Bharat Biotech

Bharat Biotech has established an excellent track record of innovation with more than 145 global patents, a wide product portfolio of more than 16 vaccines, 4 bio-therapeutics, registrations in more than 123 countries, and the World Health Organization (WHO) Pre-qualifications. Located in Genome Valley in Hyderabad, India, a hub for the global biotech industry, Bharat Biotech has built a world-class vaccine & bio-therapeutics, research & product development, Bio-Safety Level 3 manufacturing, and vaccine supply and distribution.

Having delivered close to 5 billion doses of vaccines worldwide, Bharat Biotech continues to lead innovation and has developed vaccines for influenza H1N1, Rotavirus, Japanese Encephalitis (JENVAC®️), Rabies, Chikungunya, Zika, Cholera, and the world’s first tetanus-toxoid conjugated vaccine for Typhoid. Bharat’s commitment to global social innovation programs and public-private partnerships resulted in introducing path-breaking WHO pre-qualified vaccines BIOPOLIO®️, ROTAVAC®️, and Typbar TCV®️ combatting polio, rotavirus, typhoid infections, respectively. The acquisition of Chiron Behring Vaccines, has positioned Bharat Biotech as the world's largest rabies vaccine manufacturer with Chirorab®️ and Indirab®️. 

To learn more about Bharat Biotech, visit

मध्य प्रदेश के सागर और भोपाल में पले बढ़े कलाकार अमित सोनी (एक्टर / प्रोड्यूसर) ,

 गौरव सक्सेना "भोपाल "(म्यूजिक डायरेक्टर, सिंगर और लिरिक्स राइटर) मनुज दुबे "दमोह"(म्यूजिक डायरे्टर, परकशनिस्ट) और राइटर दीपक दुबे ने साथ मिलकर फिर से मुम्बई में एक नया गाना तैयार किया है जिसे बहुत ही पॉपुलर म्यूजिक प्लेटफार्म 

"ज़ी म्यूजिक" ने रिलीज़ किया है इस सोंग का नाम 

"तू जो मिला खुदा मिला" है जो रिलीज होते ही काफी सारे नेशनल चैनल्स पर दिखाया जा चुका है। और काफी पापुलर भी हो रहा है!


इस सॉन्ग को गौरव मनुज की म्यूजिक डायरेक्टर जोड़ी ने बनाया है। गौरव सक्सेना ने इसे अपनी मधुर आवाज़ से सजाया है। वहीं अमित सोनी इसमें फीचर कर रहे हैं और साथ ही एक जाने माने एक्टर और इस सॉन्ग के प्रोड्यूसर भी है, अमित के साथ वीडियो में पल्लवी वर्मा हैं , और यशविका मिही वर्मा (चाइल्ड आर्टिस्ट) भी हैं जो भोपाल से ही हैं। इस गाने का डायरेक्शन विनोद तिवारी जी ने किया है ! मनुज दुबे भी गायक कैलाश खेर जी की टीम में शामिल हैं। इस सांग की प्रोडक्शन एंड मैनेजमेंट भोपाल की ही कंपनी वर्चुअल विज़न पिक्चर्स एंड प्रोडक्शन ने मुम्बई की कंपनी वीकेंड मीडिया के साथ संभाला व मध्यप्रदेश में हुई शूटिंग के जिम्मा निभाया।

पिछले साल लगभग इसी समय अमित सोनी और इन्ही साथियों ने मिलकर एक बेहतरीन मोटिवेशनल सॉन्ग "सारा हिन्दुस्तान" प्रोड्यूस और रिलीज़ किया था जिसमे टीवी और फिल्म जगत के २२ सेलिब्रिटीज ने भी काम किया था! इसे लोगों ने खूब पसंद भी किया था!

तू जो मिला खुदा मिला एक बेहतरीन लव सॉन्ग है और यंग जनरेशन को बहुत पसंद आ रहा है! गाने की शूटिंग मलेशिया और भोपाल के पीपल्स वर्ल्ड में भी हुई है

फेंस इसे यूट्यूब पर ज़ी म्यूजिक के चैनल पर एन्जॉय कर सकते है।

Thursday, May 27, 2021

*QNET Launches All-in-One Disinfectant Solution Generator (DSG) MyHomePlusDSG*

 The innovative All-in-One Disinfectant Solution Generator transforms tap water into 100% natural Disinfectant and Sanitiser

India, 27 May 2021: QNET, the leading e-Commerce based Asian direct selling company announced the launch of MyHomePlus Disinfectant Solution Generator (DSG). MyHomePlus DSG transforms tap water into eco-friendly disinfectant and sanitiser. This revolutionary DSG eliminates 99.9% of germs, bacteria, viruses and helps to keep fruits and vegetables clean from pesticides. Being a multipurpose disinfectant, this is effective on germs, mild on the skin, and its eco-friendly nature makes it a perfect choice for the current COVID situation in India.


As India is hugely affected by COVID 2.0, appropriate hygiene measures and sanitising have become of utmost importance. DSG is 100% natural, non-flammable & non-alcoholic, it is mild and safe. One needs to just spray and wipe hands after 30 seconds, so it can be used as hand sanitiser too. 

The product is equipped with a USB chargeable feature that enables this revolutionary wireless product to be used 12-13 times with a charge of 3-4 hours. As soon as the product is kept on the charge, the water starts sterilising and producing Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) from normal tap water. Its 100% safe, non-irritant, and stable in solution, and sterilised water gets ready in 3 minutes. 


The product is aesthetically designed with a completely detachable structure for easy cleaning and its LED light display allows checking the battery status for hassle-free housework. The product works for all surfaces and areas like living room, electronic appliances, gadgets, baby things and toys, kitchen items including fruits and vegetables, bathrooms, car and supplies cleaning, daily supplies, sterilisation of pet supplies, etc. Priced at INR 59,500 (Pack of 3) this device is user-friendly, cost-effective and easy to maintain. 

With the spread of Covid-19, the entire ecosystem has undergone a paradigm shift in the way we live. QNET will continue to strengthen better living and bring unique products and solutions for its customers. MyHomePlus DSG is tested by FICCI Research and Analysis Centre (NABL accredited laboratory) to be able to eliminate 99.9% deadly bacteria and fungi present on surfaces, vegetables and fruits. 

This solution brings up the focus on replacing chemical-based sanitisers with a natural disinfectant, besides the advantages of making surfaces germ free and portability to carry it along, anywhere, anytime. The product is available through: 

About QNET

QNET is one of Asia's leading e-commerce enabled direct selling companies offering a wide range of health, wellness, and lifestyle products. QNET's business model pivoting upon technology and e-commerce has helped empower millions of entrepreneurs in more than 100 countries worldwide.

QNET is headquartered in Hong Kong and has a presence in more than 25 countries around the world through subsidiaries, branch offices, agency partnerships, and franchisees.

QNET is a member of the Direct Selling Association in several countries, as well as the Hong Kong Health Food Association and the Health Supplements Industry Association of Singapore, among others. In India, QNET operates through its sub-franchisee Vihaan Direct Selling (India) Pvt Ltd and is a member of the Health Foods and Dietary Supplements Association (HADSA), ASSOCHAM, and CII.

QNET is also active in sports sponsorships around the world. Some of the more prominent partnerships include being the Direct Selling Partner of Manchester City Football Club and the African Club League Championships of CAF. 

For media queries, email:

*Edukemy Announces GS Mains Test Series for UPSC 2021 Aspirants*

 New Delhi, 27th May 2021: Edukemy, India’s first EdTech Company in the non-STEM segment, today announced GS Mains Test Series 2021 to help students prepare for the upcoming UPSC examinations. 

Students enrolling in the GS Mains Test Series will undertake 16 comprehensive tests which will be evaluated by a team of experts and skilled faculty. Additionally, students will get personalized feedback during the post-test discussion sessions with detailed comments which will aid in improving overall preparations. 

Sharing his views, Mr. Chandrahas Panigrahi, CEO and Co-Founder, Edukemy, said, At Edukemy we aim to offer students an array of live and interactive courses to help them prepare and qualify for India’s most prestigious exams. The GS Mains Test Series is an addition to our existing offerings which will play a key role in acing the UPSC 2021 examination.”

Tests commence from May 31 and students can visit the website: to register. Additionally, downloadable study material and model answers will be provided so that students can revise important topics and prepare effectively. 

About Edukemy

Edukemy is India’s first EdTech company in the non-stem segment that has developed an evaluation model based on AI and cutting-edge technology. Our priority is to scale the learning experience for every individual by offering an insightful and enriching environment for students with a focus on live classes, handwritten notes, and an interactive platform. With more than 50 years of cumulative experience at teaching and mentoring students, Edukemy strives each day, with every single student, to make a difference. We intend to democratize education by delivering quality content, valuable mentorship we believe in disrupting the normal and bring in innovation in methods of teaching.

For additional details please visit -

*Renowned Numerologist Mr J. C. Chaudhry launches the “JC Nummerro App” to provide predictions to Individuals and Corporates*

 • The app will enable people to know about their lucky and unlucky numbers and dates, compatibility with life partner, children, company, residential address, city, country, mobile, vehicle number, lucky gemstone etc.

• It is available for download from Google and Apple Playstores in Android and IPhone versions respectively 

Delhi, May 27, 2021: Noted Numerologist, Mr. J C Chaudhry, Chairman, Chaudhry Nummero Private Limited has launched the ‘JC Nummerro App’ combining 35 years of his experience in the field of Numerology. The app provides valuable insights and close-fitting predictions based on various numerology based parameters like psychic number, destiny number, name number, ruling number, etc.

The App is available for download from Google and Apple Playstores in Android and IPhone versions respectively.

Numerology is regarded as one of the most predictive sciences revealing the hidden correlation between the numbers and what is happening in one's life. The major advantage of the knowledge of numerology is to save time and take safety measures when bad times are anticipated. With the help of these systems, predictions are made for the person's past, present and future. 

The JC Numerro App aids the users with benefits like daily prediction, monthly prediction, yearly prediction, a better understanding of oneself, the best year for investment and more. 

Through this app, one can also know about your lucky and unlucky numbers and dates, compatibility with life partner, children, company, residential address, city, country, mobile, vehicle number, lucky gemstone. The app also provides insights according to the Chinese numerology i.e. Lo-Shu Grid helping people discover which numbers are missing and getting repeated in your grid and provides remedies for their effects.

One can not only book personal consultation with Mr J C Chaudhry via the “JC Nummerro App” but can also book business consultation for your company’s numerological audits and can find out the compatibility of a person with his/her existing business partner or with a person, he/she is planning to make his/her partner in business.

While commenting on the launch of the app, Mr. J C Chaudhry, Chairman, Chaudhry Nummero Private Limited said, ‘Numerology is an ancient practice and provides very fast and accurate predictions about an individual. This application is a culmination of my 35 years of experience in the numerology field. Making use of technology, we would like to reach to a wider audience to help them solve their queries and provide essential remedies to rectify the uncertainties of one’s future. We hope that this application will prove to be beneficial for the masses and will bring in peace and tranquility in their life.’


About Mr. J. C. Chaudhry

MD & Chairman- Aakash Educational Services Limited

Chairman, Chaudhry Nummero Private Limited

Mr. Chaudhry is a Numerologist par excellence. He has authored 2 books on numerology- “Advanced Numerology” & “Practical Numerology”. These books are an outcome of his 35 years of experience in numerology. He also received an appreciation award as a keynote speaker on “Role of Numerology in Business Growth & Personal Life” by Indo- European Business Forum. His informative videos on Numerology has garnered millions of views worldwide. His channel on YouTube has 542,405 subscribers and 81,530,016 views as on date. 

Mr. Chaudhry is an eminent author and influencer. His interest in other allied fields such as Vastu Shastra, Gems & Stones, Meditation, Motivation, have encouraged him to write other books such as “ABC of Vastu Shastra”, “Fundamentals of Vastu”, “You and Your Gems”, “Mudra- Healthy life at your fingertips”, “Success – Few Steps Away”, “Rungs of Ladder”, “Nature – The Best Cure”, “Chakras”, “Meditation & Subconscious Mind” and a book on quotes – “I think” made him multi-disciplined person, natural motivator, Vastu expert, numerologist and also expert in connected fields.

About JC Nummerro App

Numerology is one of the predictive sciences that reveals the hidden correlation between the numbers and what is happening in one's life. This science is usually based on relationship between different numbers like psychic/ date number, life path/ destiny number, name number, ruling number, etc. The major advantage of the knowledge of numerology is to save our time and take safety measures when bad times are anticipated. With the help of these systems, predictions are made for the person's past, present and future.

This “JC Nummerro App” is the result of 35 years of practice of numerology by Mr. J C Chaudhry. The app provides you with insightful and all close-fitting predictions based on various numerology based parameters like psychic number, destiny number, name number, ruling number, etc. This app aids the users with benefits like:

a) Daily Prediction: This part conveys what kind of work is suitable for you on a particular day. This will assist you in planning the suitable work for that day.

b) Monthly Prediction: This part conveys how will be your current month and what are the lucky dates in that month for you. This way you can focus on the things that matter and plan beforehand against any obstacles.

c) Yearly Prediction: This part conveys how will be the current year for you and which months and dates are lucky for you in every month. Instead of worrying and wondering about what year has in store for you, relax and get started with reading your yearly numerology forecast and plan your year ahead.

d) Numerology About Yourself: In this section you will find out your psychic number (also known as birth date number), destiny number (also known as life path number), name number and how are the relationship amongst them. You will know about your lucky day, lucky colour, lucky dates and the dates that are required to be avoided. Get to know about your lucky years, your key characteristics, all about their vibrations, effects and influence on your life concerning love, family, career, finance and health. This section also reveals about the best year for investment, your lucky gemstone and lucky zone in the city for you.

e) Numerology about your Relationships: This part reveals about your relationship with your life partner and your child. You will identify if the vibration of the relationship between your name and your date of birth is friendly or not. Also, know your lucky name numbers that will vibrate pleasantly with your date of birth and the alphabets that can be added in your name to make it a lucky name number.

f) Numerology About your Compatibility: Here you can check your compatibility with your company, residential address, country, city, mobile number and vehicle number. You can also check compatibility between your child name and his/her date of birth.

g) Book an appointment with Mr. J C Chaudhry: Have a face to face meeting or virtual meeting with the renowned numerologist, Mr. J C Chaudhry, and get guidance about your future. If you’re planning to start a new venture, get proper guidance and know about nitty and gritty as per numerology and take proper steps for attaining success.

h) Numerology audit of Company: Get numerological audit done for your company and find out about the lucky and unlucky people in your organization so that you can accordingly plan strategy. 

i) Chinese Numerology about yourself: Learn about yourself as per Chinese numerology i.e. Lo-Shu Grid. Discover which numbers are missing and getting repeated in your grid. Learn about remedies for and their effects.

*Cummins India Limited Results for Q4 2020-21*

 Pune, India: The Board of Directors of Cummins India Limited, at their meeting held today, took on record the audited financial results for the quarter and year ended March 31, 2021. 

Performance Highlights for the quarter ended March 31, 2021:

• Total Sales for the quarter at ₹ 1,231 Cr., improved by 19% compared to the same quarter last year and declined by 12% compared to preceding quarter. 

• Domestic sales at ₹ 976 Cr., improved by 26% as compared to the same quarter last year and declined by 5% as compared preceding quarter.

• Exports Sales at ₹ 255 Cr. declined by 1% as compared to the same quarter last year and declined by 32% as compared to the preceding quarter.

• Profit before tax (after exceptional items) at ₹ 245 Cr., is higher by 109% as compared to the same quarter last year and 19% lower as compared to preceding quarter.

FY’21 Performance Highlights:

• Total Sales for the year ended March 31, 2021 at ₹ 4,256 Cr., declined 16% over sales of ₹ 5,062 Cr. recorded last year.

• Domestic sales for the year ended March 31, 2021 at ₹ 3,103 Cr., were lower by 18% over the sale of ₹ 3,771 recorded last year. 

• Exports Sales for the year ended March 31, 2021 at ₹ 1,153 Cr., were lower by 11% over the sale of ₹ 1,291 recorded last year. 

• Profit before tax (after exceptional items) for the year ended March 31, 2021 at ₹ 808 Cr., is 4% higher as compared to the last year.

Ashwath Ram, Managing Director, Cummins India Limited, said: 

Economic activities and business sentiment picked up from Q2 FY’20. This, coupled with pent up demand, saw revenue growth recovering from Q2. Government spending on infrastructure and continued strength in Industrial and Powergen segments helped in sequential recovery up to Q3. The onset of the second wave of COVID-19 in March 2021 has impacted overall economic recovery. With vaccinations likely to pick up in coming weeks, case rates should decline, so we expect the economy to recover from the end of Q2 FY’22 and we expect quarterly improvement. We continue to closely monitor our end markets and are well prepared to scale when the economy picks up.

COVID-19 impacted our export business as well. Demand started to show gradual improvement in Q3 FY’21. As vaccination rates pick up globally, economic activities are restarting, and we believe most of our end markets will fully recover in FY 22.    

During this period, our priority continues to be the safety and wellbeing of our employees, serving our customers, staying on course with our product development initiatives, prudently managing cost, and conserving cash. This is evident in our FY’21 financials. We believe that with improved operating fundamentals, great products, a strong balance sheet and steady cash flow, we are strongly placed to succeed in these dynamic conditions.  

As the economy rebounds, we are well positioned to sustain our technology driven market leadership across all segments of our business. Supply chain disruptions need to be managed effectively, especially those faced by the global market in electronic parts. We continue to work closely with our supply chain partners to secure our supplies to meet the delivery requirements of our customers. We also continue to work closely with other stakeholders to support our communities in this difficult period.   

Future Outlook:

The Company expects a very gradual recovery of demand in upcoming quarters. As market conditions continue to remain uncertain and visibility for end market recovery is still somewhat limited, the Company is not providing a full year revenue guidance for FY 2022. 

About Cummins India Limited 

Cummins India Limited, part of the Cummins Group in India is headquartered in Pune since 1962 and is the country's leading manufacturer of diesel and natural gas engines for power generation, industrial and automotive markets. Cummins India Limited has a country-wide network of 20 dealerships with over 450 service points that provides products, services and after-market solutions for uptime of Cummins equipment and engines to customers in India, Nepal and Bhutan. 

About Cummins Group in India 

Cummins in India, a power leader, is a group of complementary business units that design, manufacture, distribute and service engines and related technologies, including fuel systems, air handling, filtration, emission solutions and electrical power generation systems. Its technology and pioneering initiatives are bringing innovative solutions and dependable services at the best possible value to users across the country. Its high-performance outlook is based on customer focus, integrity and capability of its people. Part of the US $19.8 billion Cummins Inc., Cummins in India is a Group of seven legal entities across 200 locations in the country with a combined turnover of over ₹11,200 crores in 2020 and employing over 10,000 individuals.

&TV’s Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai Ki Mumbai Ke Bahar Shooting!

 The show must go on but with extra precaution, care and alert. &TV’s Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai has relocated to Gujarat’s very own Surat. Reuniting with the cast and resuming shoots has been a long wait for Angoori Bhabi (Shubhangi Atre), Anita Bhabi (Nehha Pendse), Vibhuti Narayan Mishra (Aasif Sheikh) and Manmohan Tiwari (Rohitashv Gour). And finally, the on-screen padosi’s and off-screen dosts come together to continue the journey of making audiences laugh and enjoy.

Shubhangi Atre aka Angoori Bhabi shares, “I have recovered well, and all my energy is focused on creating fun moments with my dear co-actors. We have become real-life neighbours too now from Modern Colony to a hotel in Surat. The people here are very humble and have gone out of their way to make sure that our stay is a memorable and safe one. I miss my family at home, but we have been in touch virtually.” Nehha Pendse aka Anita Bhabi shares, “I am in Surat and I have always been waiting to go see the lovely textile collection the city is known for. But to ensure my safety and of those around, the entire team is staying put. We have been given strict protocols to follow which make me all the more confident to be working in the middle of a pandemic.” Sharing his zeal on relocating, Aasif Sheikh aka Vibhuti Narayan Mishra shares, “I have sincerely missed working! Even during the lockdown, I was trying to engage in any shoots that could be managed from home. I am thrilled to be shooting in Surat. It is a beautiful city; I wish I could roam the streets and try out their cuisine and local delicacies. But owing to the current situation we are staying within the limits of our hotel in a bio-bubble.” Adding to the excitement Rohitashv Gour aka Manmohan Tiwari shares, “I am back with my on-screen family and I couldn’t be happier! After spending years working with the team, we got a long break from shooting since there was a bank set in place. Now everything feels like its back on track. We are shooting in full force all ready to continue entertain the viewers who have been very kind to us. We are taking all measures to ensure the safety of the cast and crew”. 

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मंथन, बेहतर भविष्य का.... नए कल का....

 सबसे अलग सोचने और हमेशा ही कुछ बेहतर करने के जज़्बे वाली देश की अग्रणी पब्लिक रिलेशन्स कंपनी पीआर 24x7 ने एक बार फिर से बेहतरी की परिभाषा का सृजन किया है, जो पूरी तरह निर्भर है बेहतर भविष्य और नए कल पर। कुछ नया सीखने की चाह में संस्था ने एक नई पहल की शुरुआत की है। संस्था में कार्यरत सभी एम्प्लॉयीज़ के लिए प्रति शुक्रवार मंथन सीरीज़ का वर्चुअल आयोजन किया जा रहा है, जिसके अंतर्गत विभिन्न क्षेत्रों के अनुभवी गेस्ट्स शिरकत करते हैं। मंथन एक ऐसी सीरीज़ है, जिसका उद्देश्य सभी एम्प्लॉयीज़ को हर एक क्षेत्र में महारत हासिल कराना है। काम हमेशा ऐसा करें, जिससे अन्य लोगों को जागरूक होने का अवसर प्रा

प्त हो, और उसकी गूँज लम्बे समय तक सभी के दिलो-दिमाग में बस जाए। तब जाकर ही वह कार्य वास्तव में सार्थक है। संस्था द्वारा संचालित किए जा रहे मंथन का लक्ष्य भी शत-प्रतिशत यही है, क्योंकि सीखने की कोई उम्र नहीं होती। 

अतुल मलिकराम कहते हैं कि कंपनी में कार्यरत प्रत्येक एम्प्लॉयी को प्रत्येक क्षेत्र का भरपूर ज्ञान होना अति आवश्यक है, क्योंकि समय के पहिए के घूमने के पश्चात् किस गुण विशेष की मांग सबसे अधिक हो, कह नहीं सकते। इसलिए सभी एम्प्लॉयीज़ को हर गुण में निपुण करना संस्था अपना कर्तव्य समझती है, जिसका प्रतिपादन मंथन के माध्यम से किया जा रहा है। बेहतर कल के इस मंथन में अब तक 15 सेशंस किए जा चुके हैं, जिनमें सभी एम्प्लॉयीज़ ने बढ़-चढ़ कर हिस्सा लिया और गेस्ट्स का दिल जीत लिया। इसके अंतर्गत पीआर से संबंधित मीडिया रिलेशन्स, कंटेंट, मीडिया मॉनिटरिंग, क्राइसिस मैनेजमेंट, प्रिंट तथा डिजिटल मीडिया आदि क्षेत्रों में बेहतरी से कार्य सीखने के साथ ही इस मुश्किल दौर में चिंतामुक्त रहने तथा वर्क फ्रॉम होम को प्रभावी ढंग से करने का हुनर, सेविंग्स तथा इंवेस्टमेंट्स, पर्सनालिटी को ग्रूम करने के बेहतर तरीकों से रूबरू कराया गया। 

इन सेशंस में स्टेप लर्निंग के फाउंडर तथा लीडरशिप ट्रेनर- सानिल राव, केवीपी के सीनियर मैनेजर- अनिल जैन, एएसबी कम्युनिकेशन्स के मैनेजिंग डायरेक्टर- बृज किशोर, मिसेज़ सेंट्रल इंडिया रह चुकीं अर्चना प्रसाद, और ऐड फेक्टर पीआर के रिटायर्ड सीनियर वीपी अतुल तकले, कंसल्टेंट तथा ट्रेनर- मयंक बत्रा, हैप्पीनेस कोच- डॉक्टर जीतेन्द्र जैन जैसे महारथियों ने एम्प्लॉयीज़ को विभिन्न क्षेत्रों का भरपूर ज्ञान दिया। एम्प्लॉयीज़ भी आने वाले सेशंस का बेसब्री से इंतजार करते हैं और अपने मन में उमड़ रहे सवालों को जिज्ञासापूर्वक और बेझिझक गेस्ट्स के सामने रखते हैं, जिनके बखूबी जवाब देकर सभी गेस्ट्स, एम्प्लॉयीज़ को संतुष्ट करते हैं। संस्था के अंतर्गत भविष्य में भी मंथन को सुचारु रूप से संचालित किया जाता रहेगा, जिससे कि सभी एम्प्लॉयीज़ लम्बे समय तक इससे लाभान्वित होते रहे।

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Zee Cinema presents the Biggest blockbuster of the year - Vijay The Master ~ Aa raha hai blockbuster ka Master with the World Television Premiere of Vijay The Master on Zee Cinema on 30th May at 8 PM ~

 This Weekend, get ready for the biggest blockbuster of 2021, Vijay The Master, that broke box office records and uplifted the entire industry. The movie was the highest grosser to hit the theatres post relaxation of the first phase of lockdown, earning ₹263 crore worldwide. The larger-than-life movie brings together the brilliant Thalapathy Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi in a raw action and entertainment masterpiece. Directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj, Vijay The Master became one of the top celebrated films amongst audiences. The highlight of the movie is Thalapathy’s swag and charm, impactful action sequences and the stellar music tracks. The talented and beloved Thalapathy Vijay essays the role of JD with proclaimed villain Vijay Sethupathi playing the deadly goon Bhavani along with the talented Malavika Mohanan and gorgeous Andrea Jeremiah in pivotal roles. Be a part of the action-event of the year, with the World Television Premiere of the pan-India blockbuster, Vijay The Master, on 30th May at 8 pm. 

During the lockdown Hindi movie channels witnessed remarkable increase in the viewership. Due to the dearth of new Hindi movies and increasing demand for the fresh content, South dubbed movies are playing a key role in bridging the gap of new content for the TV viewing audiences. Through the stories written to entertain the whole family, south dubbed films appeal to audiences across markets. Audiences, now, are more vocal and expressive about their preference for the south dub films which is evident from the good performance of these movies on TV. Owing to their popularity, South dubbed movies have become an integral part of the line-up of every Hindi movie channel. 

With the change in market dynamics, big budget South movies have become a national phenomenon. Today there is more awareness among the audience and they are excited for the theatrical release and TV premiere of these films. The anticipation and buzz around release announcements of one of the mega movies RRR shows the popularity of the genre among the global audience. Zee Cinema, with its World Television Premiere of Vijay The Master, is catering to the large set of audience who tune into South Hindi dubbed Movies.

Thrilled about the World Television Premiere, Malavika Mohanan said, “This was my first film with Vijay sir and it was really exciting for me to share the screen with him. Working with a sensation and an icon made this experience even more exciting for me. It was great to be a part of the movie where some of the best artists like Thalapathy Vijay, Vijay Sethupathi, Anirudh and Lokesh came together. We all were really close-knit and we spent a lot of time together. It was like working with a dream team. I had a great time working on the film and it’s one of the most fun projects that I have worked on. It’s been a great milestone to have in my career and I am looking forward to working with the same team again, hopefully in the future.”

Talking about the film, Lokesh Kanagaraj said, “While working with Thalapathy Vijay, I realized that he is a director’s actor. I was pleasantly surprised as I was excited to explore my creative liberty. The two big stars Thalapathy Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi coming together added to the scale of the movie. It was a great experience to work with them. I wanted this movie to have a mass appeal. When your work receives so much love and appreciation from the audience you automatically get inspired to make more movies to entertain them.”

Vijay The Master is a story of two powerful people, JD and Bhavani. The plot revolves around Bhavani, whose dark childhood phase in the juvenile detention centre makes him a ruthless gangster. To hide his misdeeds, he starts using the youngsters at the detention centre as scapegoats. On the other hand, JD is a personality development professor who is loved by his students but not so much by the management. Due to certain circumstances, he is forced to leave the college and work as a teacher at a juvenile centre. As days go by, events lead him to uncover a heinous plot set up by Bhavani. What follows is a thrilling battle to protect the juveniles and unmask Bhavani.


Aa raha hai blockbuster ka Master with the World Television Premiere of Vijay The Master on Zee Cinema on 30th May at 8 PM

*Reusable pads essential to make menstrual hygiene sustainable for all women and girls*

 If every woman and girl of menstruating age in India used disposable pads, 38,500,000,000 used pads would be discarded every month – an environmental disaster since each of these would take 500-800 years to degrade naturally

XXX / May 26, 2021: Considering the immense non-biodegradable waste generated by disposable sanitary pads every month, sustainable menstrual hygiene in India can be achieved only with reusable pads made of organic material, said Anju Bist, Co-Director, Amrita SeRVe (Self Reliant Village) Program of Mata Amritanandamayi Math. Known as the “Pad Woman” of India for her zeal in promoting the use and reuse of sanitary pads made of cloth and banana fibre, she is the co-creator of Saukhyam Reusable Pads which have been awarded as the "Most Innovative Product" by the National Institute of Rural Development, Hyderabad. The pads were also lauded at the UN Climate Change Conference held in Poland in 2018.

Said Anju Bist: “There are 355 million menstruating women and girls in India, as per the National Family Health Survey data. Many from low-income communities still do not have access to hygienic products to manage their menstruation. There are efforts by many organizations to make low-cost disposable pads available to such women. But if every woman and girl of menstruating age in India were to use disposable pads, 38,500,000,000 used pads would be discarded every month. How does one get rid of soiled pads? Burning them releases harmful dioxins and furans. Burying them is no good either because the pads are non-biodegradable. Each pad contains plastic, and would take 500 to 800 years to decompose. None of wants to leave this trash as our legacy.”


Saukhyam Reusable Pads are the first ones in the world to be made from banana fiber, which is a naturally occurring absorbent material. It absorbs six times its weight in fluid! Disposable pads, on the other hand, use cellulose fiber for absorption. Cellulose fiber is derived from cutting down billions of trees every year worldwide, unlike banana fiber which is obtained from agro-waste. All cellulose fiber used in India to make disposable pads is imported. Banana fiber is locally available. Its supply is limitless and cheap as India is the largest producer of bananas in the world. 

Educated and informed young women are switching to reusable products, not only due to environmental concerns but also potential health hazards of using disposable sanitary pads. Dr. Sirisha from the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi, said: “Girls and women experience health-related problems from the chemical additives and toxins in disposable pads. These pads use cellulose fiber as the absorbent material. The bleaching of this fiber to obtain the pure white color leads to the presence of trace amounts of harmful dioxins on the pads. The skin in the vaginal area is highly permeable. Anything that is in constant contact with the skin is likely to end up in the bloodstream too. Dioxins are endocrine disruptors and among the most harmful substances known to mankind.”

Said Anju Bist: “Each Saukhyam Reusable Pad lasts up to 3 years, and a pack of five pads costs only ₹ 330. In contrast, an average woman in India spends ₹ 50-100 every month on buying disposable pads, which adds up to a considerable amount every year, and over the course of the entire menstruating lifetime. Even in rural areas these days, women and girls aspire to have a better product for menstrual hygiene. More than 200,000 women and girls have made the shift both in India and internationally to Saukhyam reusable pads. This is helping prevent the emission of 812 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent annually and has eliminated 17,500 tons of non-biodegradable menstrual waste.”

India now has ISO standards for reusable sanitary pads (IS 17514:20). Big businesses all over the world are beginning to embrace the principles of circular economy in which there is no waste. What is left over after a product’s useful life-cycle is used again as raw material in the next cycle of production. Products meant to be used only once and thrown away are not so popular in this new economy. Added Anju Bist: “Reusable menstrual pads is clearly an idea whose time has come. Not only are such reusable products helping many consumers save money, they are also offering a better choice to scores of women. This is the only sustainable way to make menstrual hygiene accessible and affordable.”

The team from Mata Amritanandamayi Math has recently published a scientific study conducted with both urban and rural users of Saukhyam Reusable Pads. It was published in the international journal BMC Women’s Health (Part of Springer Nature) in March 2021.

The paper titled “A Novel Banana Fiber Pad for Menstrual Hygiene in India: A Feasibility and Acceptability Study” was authored by Dr. Krishnashree Achuthan, Dean, PG Programs, Amrita University, Anju Bist and three other collaborators. The quantitative study was conducted amongst 155 rural and 216 urban participants in India, who had made the switch to reusable pads. Parameters like CO2 footprint analysis, microbial load, pH and ability of the reusable pad to withstand pressure after absorption were also studied. The study is available here: 

Talking about the results of the study, Dr. Krishnashree Achuthan said: “The results of our study indicated high levels of feasibility (rural =82.2%, urban =80.3% and acceptability (rural =80.2%, urban =77.5%) of banana fiber pads across both participant groups. Comparing key characteristics such as leakage and comfort to participants’ prior practices revealed general satisfaction on the performance of the pad, leading users to recommend the pads to others. The reasons for their preference of a banana fiber pad highlighted their concern for environment, health and cost as decisive factors. The microbial load on a 3-year reused pad was found to be similar to an unused one. Regression analysis showed cost as an important indicator for feasibility and acceptability, especially amongst rural users.”

About Saukhyam Reusable Pads

The Saukhyam Pads are an initiative of Amrita SeRVe (Self Reliant Village) project of Mata Amritanandamayi Math, a no-profit institution with consultative status to the UN. The aim is not only to prevent an environmental catastrophe, but also make the pads cheaper and provide employment to rural women. These pads are made of cloth, with a padding of banana fibre to act as absorbent material. They are manufactured by self-help groups of women in villages adopted by the Mata Amritanandamayi Math as part of Amrita SeRVe (Self Reliant Village) project. 

All proceeds from the sale of Saukhyam Pads are used for the development of these villages. India is the largest producer of banana fibre in the world, which is one of the most absorbent substances found in nature. As the core absorbent material in Saukhyam Reusable Pads, banana fibre offers a sustainable solution for women to meet their menstrual hygiene needs. Production centers for Saukhyam Pads have been set up in villages in many states of India, including Jammu, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Kerala. The Math is training women to make these pads for their own use as well as sell them in neighboring villages and cities. Each production center employs about 50 to 100 women. The model will be scaled to every state in the country. For more information, please visit:

*AUM under Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) crosses Rs 6 trillion*

 -NPS and APY subscribers’ contribution builds up Rs 6 trillion of pension assets 

• 8791 corporate enrolments with 11.53 lakhs subscribers under NPS till 21st May 2021

• 2.82 crores subscribers enrolled under APY  

New Delhi, 26th May 2021: The Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) today announced crossing the milestone of Rs 6 lakh crore (Rs 6 trillion) of Assets Under Management (AUM) under the National Pension System (NPS) and Atal Pension Yojana (APY), after 13 years. The AUM growth of last Rs 1 trillion has been achieved in just 7 months.

PFRDA has witnessed remarkable growth in NPS subscribers over the years with 74.10 lakh government employees in the scheme and 28.37 lakh individuals joining from the non-government sector. The total subscriber base of PFRDA has increased to 4.28 crores.

Shri Supratim Bandyopadhyay, Chairman, Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA), said: “We feel immensely gratified at reaching this milestone of Rs 6 trillion AUM, and in less than seven months as we were at Rs 5 trillion in October 2020. The achievement shows the faith subscribers have in NPS and PFRDA. A growing realization during this pandemic is the priority accorded by individuals to retirement planning, for preserving their financial well being.”


Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) is the statutory authority established by an enactment of the Parliament, to regulate, promote and ensure orderly growth of the National Pension System (NPS) and pension schemes to which this Act applies. NPS was initially notified for central government employees recruits wef 1st Jan 2004 and subsequently adopted by almost all State Governments for its employees. NPS was extended to all Indian citizens (resident/non-resident/overseas) on a voluntary basis and to corporates for its employees.

As on 21st May 2021, the total number of subscribers under NPS and Atal Pension Yojana has crossed 4.28 crores and the Asset under Management (AUM) has grown to Rs 603,667.02 crores.

Friday, May 21, 2021

*Glan Martins and the story of two life-changing messages*

 ~ Glan Martins was in the doldrums before a winter move to FC Goa changed it all ~

Goa May, 2021: For Glan Martins, January 31, 2021, was a date he was looking forward to, but not in the way that it eventually turned out to be. ATK Mohun Bagan was up against Kerala Blasters at the Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Fatorda, a ground he could call home in more sense than one. 

He had helped Sporting Clube de Goa and Churchill Brothers to many a memorable victory on that hallowed turf. And yet there he was - struggling for playing time in his own backyard. 

He had been the mainstay in all of the teams he had been playing for in the previous years, but the ISL was a different ball game. He was a central midfielder who many admired but not ‘many’ took a punt on him.

“I am glad that ATK Mohun Bagan gave me the opportunity to compete in the ISL. Without that stint, maybe I am not the player I am today with the determination to show people what I am all about,” said Glan Martins. 

He had been the mainstay in all of the teams he had been playing for in the previous years, yet the early part of the 2020/21 season saw him struggle to even make the matchday squad. Going into the game against Kerala, he had not featured in the previous three (not even in the matchday squad for two of them). 

By the time the Kerala game was done (one which they won), it was again the same harrowing feeling in the guts of another match going by as he watched from the sidelines as an unused substitute. 

“I know I was moving up a notch and the ISL would not be easy, but of course, I was disappointed with the lack of opportunities,” remarked Glan. “I had been waiting to play in the ISL for a long time. It can get a bit frustrating.”

Message 1

At around 10:30 that night, upon arrival at the team hotel, a message changed it all. 

“It was my agent’s name on the screen with a WhatsApp notification,” Glan recollects. 

“He asked me, ‘There is a chance FC Goa will make a move for you. Would you like that?’ I just typed ‘Yes’ and sent it. I was just so excited and nervous at the same time.

“You see, everyone in my family is an FC Goa fan. Even when I got a chance to play in the ISL at the beginning of the season when I told my mother the news, her first question was whether FC Goa had asked for me or not.”

A few minutes later his agent called again.

“He just told me to stay awake,” Glan recollected on a Zoom call - the reality of the modern interactions. “He just said if it was to happen, it has to happen in the next few hours, so I should not fall asleep.”

And he made sure that he did not. In the space of the next few hours, Glan completed all formalities and as India slept, the midfielder woke up to his dream move. 

“I called my mother straight away. I had not played that day and she was thinking I would be sad. She was surprised I was happy and then I broke the news,” Glan says with a beaming smile on his face. “That was a great moment.”

Message 2

“The time to adapt and adjust was very little for me at FC Goa at the beginning. After finishing my period of quarantine, the coach asked me to meet with him,” recalls Glan about his initial days with the team. “We had a session where he explained how he wants his team to play and where he sees me fitting in.

“He told me that he has confidence in my abilities and most importantly, not to be afraid of making mistakes as long as I can learn from them.”

The midfielder made his debut on February 4, coming on as a substitute as injuries forced Juan Ferrando into putting his new signing into the thick of things. 4 days later, he started against Mumbai City FC and the rest, as they say, is history. 

That was the night when many people around the country and world spoke of his name - now combined with exasperated breathe as he produced what would later turn out to be FC Goa’s Fans’ Goal of The Season. 

“When I received the ball I saw space ahead of me. I drove forward a bit before shooting. As a player, you always know when you have hit a ball well. And that was as sweetly I have ever,” said Glan while looking back at his only ISL goal so far. “I didn’t see the ball travel. When I looked up, the ball was past the keeper and thudded into the back of the net.”

The 26-year-old built on his performances throughout the season and by the end of the ISL season, he had become a vital cog in the FC Goa blueprint under Juan Ferrando. 

And then came the AFC Champions League. 

The Gaurs put up a defiant show. It was not only characterised by only grit but also a healthy appetite to play the game in the way FC Goa has been known to play - with poise on the ball. The opening two games saw Juan Ferrando’s men battle two points up against some of the biggest names in Asian football. 

By the end of it all, they had more than just rubbed shoulders with the big boys of the continent, they had given a whole country hope. And in between all this, a message arrived on Glan’s phone again. 

“It was after one of the games. I had just changed and got hold of my phone that I saw a message. It was the manager of the national team asking me for a number of details and documents,” Glan remembers again with a smile on his face.  

“I knew what it meant. I called my mother to tell her the news. I remember sitting on the bus thinking of what had happened in the past four months. It was like a plot for a film. But I am not a hero, I am just Glan Martins.”

About FC Goa

FC Goa is a professional football club based out of Goa that competes in the Indian Super League (ISL) and is the current holder of the Super Cup. Nicknamed the Gaurs, FC Goa has been one of the most consistent teams in the ISL - reaching 4 semi-finals and 2 finals in 7 seasons. The Gaurs are also the ISL side with the most wins and goals to their name.

In April 2021, FC Goa became the first-ever side from India to compete in the AFC Champions League. 

Co-owned by Mr Jaydev Mody, Mr Akshay Tandon and Mr Virat Kohli, FC Goa is one of the few Indian Clubs to have a complete youth development ecosystem. Its U14, U16, U18 and Developmental Teams compete at the highest levels in Goa and nationally. The system has produced recognizable talents like Liston Colaco, Saviour Gama, Princeton Rebello and many more. The Gaurs were the champions of the Goa Professional League in 2018/19.

*Sharing the secrets to wholesome living, on World Meditation Day*

 • Heartfulness guide Mr. Kamlesh Patel (Daaji) and Luke Coutinho, Holistic Lifestyle Coach - Integrative & Lifestyle Medicine share wholesome secrets to deal with mental, emotional challenges that have aggravated in the light of this pandemic.  

• A meditative mind won’t be anxious and stressed out, a relaxed state of mind impacts the hormonal state, further boosting the immune system to combat viruses – Daaji

Hyderabad 21st May 2021: Kamlesh Patel (Daaji), Heartfulness Guide - Heartfulness Institute and Luke Coutinho, Holistic Lifestyle Coach - Integrative & Lifestyle Medicine conversed on the topic of ‘Secrets of Wholesome Living’ today, on the occasion of World Meditation Day. Daaji and Luke shared their insights derived from their experience of working with people from different walks of life. They shared their philosophies, enlivened with many anecdotes from each of their lives. Daaji also spoke about the Heartfulness meditation system and the role it has played in his personal journey. Luke and Daaji answered some of the most pertinent questions that beginners have before they commence meditation. The conversation deepened into ways in which one can enable their mind to meditate, develop interest to meditate every day, achieve clarity of thought and reason, and above all tap into and learn to listen clearly to one’s inner guidance.  

Their intent through the length of the conversation was aimed at guiding the viewers with deep insights and more importantly practical tips and tools on maintaining one’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being. This is especially important now due to the individual challenges posed by COVID-19. Lockdowns and many social restrictions, more keenly faced by India due to extended pandemic restrictions, have created a negative impact on people’s mental and emotional psyches. Through the reasonings of science and philosophy and various personal observations and life examples, Luke and Daaji, deliberated on the practical solutions on bringing hope, confidence and positivity in the current scenario of extreme mental fatigue. 

Luke, Holistic Lifestyle Coach - Integrative & Lifestyle Medicine, set the conversation rolling by explaining his intent and hope that both these experts come together to help and guide people to take care of themselves in simple, powerful and effective ways. His opening remarks were, “The idea behind this initiative was to combine our life experiences and share the secrets we have learnt over the years. Integrating the philosophy of meditation with holistic practices, has helped me and countless people who I have worked with. Daaji’s wisdom has always been enlightening for me and I wanted to share our conversation with the world so that people can benefit from our personal and professional knowledge. We want people to understand and use this knowledge to overcome personal and societal challenges. We hope to reach more people, guide, and motivate them to take care of their mental and emotional wellbeing, counteracting the negative elements prevalent around them.”

While addressing a question on the benefit of meditation, Daaji, Global Guide of Heartfulness, said, "I find that people who meditate have a special aura around them. Only a meditative mind can perceive turbulence and ward it off even before turbulence starts brewing as it is proven to calm the mind and vanquish negative thoughts. Just a 20-minute Heartfulness meditation practice can help people achieve peace. As a result, they are better prepared to navigate stressful circumstances with relative ease. Integrating it into wholesome living practices can benefit the practitioner during these stressful times as they are equipped to handle issues related to pain, rejection, motivation, fear, anxiety, etc. in a much calmer and effective manner.” 

Managing anxiety, stress, and dealing with uncertainty

“Uncertainty is giving rise to emotional and mental distress around us. I see a lot of people trying to deal with the uncertainty of what’s happening around them. Uncertainty gives rise to the fear of unknown. Integrating powerful meditative practices in their routine can help people manage their anxiety. It can also alleviate the negative feelings arising from uncertainty. Gone are the days when you can take one pill or do one workout and expect to be healthy. Today, to be truly healthy, people need wholesome living practices that combine the benefits of meditation, yoga, diet, exercise, and other wellness tools. Wholesome living is a combination of all of this.”, Luke shared during the conversation. 

Adding to that, Daaji said, “Meditation is the core of most of the things. There is something grander behind our brain and mind; a level of consciousness. Consciousness involves thinking, and intelligence. Our decision making is better if it resonates with a better mental system, thinking faculty, intelligence faculty, and ego; which make decisions. When the mind is regulated, it will resonate with the inner self physiologically, and neurologically. When it resonates with a better mental system, it will have its positive impact at a physical level.” He further added, “When you are worried, what happens to your entire system is at a different level, or when you are angry your moods are different, and your body reacts differently. It is how we respond to various emotions, create various ailments in our physical body so we must address this, since, health improves with a simpler mind. These are lifestyle decisions that can help handle emotional or physical problems like Covid. Meditating helps us combat challenges like Covid in a better way, since you are better prepared. Firstly, the meditative mind will not be anxious and stressed. Secondly, as you are not stressed, the relaxed state-of-mind improves the hormonal state thereby boosting the immune system.”

Tips to handle the mental health and emotional issues 

Luke spoke about the challenges which people are facing on mental and emotional fronts. “Transforming your mind to deal with emotional challenges requires a shift in energy. I believe, everyone knows what’s the right thing to do. Everyone knows they should eat well, exercise, meditate etc.; but most people struggle to do it. Eventually we all have to figure out our own ways to do the right things. Personally, analyzing and linking it to reasons for not doing those things worked well for me. It takes some introspection to figure out the reasons that are holding you back. We all need some inspiration and motivation to make those lifestyle changes.”

Daaji shared Luke’s observations, and suggested that heartfully listening or rejuvenating is the key. “Firstly, we should meditate so that the myriad thoughts that clutter our mind, akin to muddy waters, can settle down. When the mud settles at the bottom it allows the water to become clearer; similarly the mind with settled thoughts experiences clarity. Secondly, cleansing our thoughts and impressions can help significantly. We collect a lot of impressions during our day-to-day interactions that affect us, makes us form opinions, and in turn we condition ourselves based on such opinions. It is imperative that we learn to break this conditioning and clean it out of our systems. Such cleaning enables us to free ourselves from false opinions and significantly improves our relationships. Thirdly, we must feel grateful about the things we receive in our everyday life, for example food. Expressions of gratitude bring joy and happiness to our minds. Lastly, sleep is one of the most important elements in managing our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual selves.” 

The full conversation can be watched free on the below links: 





About Heartfulness Institute: Heartfulness, is a Raja Yoga system of meditation, which is also known as ‘Sahaj Marg’, or the ‘Natural Path’. It originated at the turn of the twentieth century and was formalized with the founding of the Shri Ram Chandra Mission in 1945 in India. With several million practitioners worldwide, Heartfulness meditation is a set of practices for self-development that help us find inner calm and stillness in our fast-paced world. The easily adopted practices are appropriate for people from all walks of life, cultures, religious beliefs and economic status, over the age of fifteen. Ongoing Heartfulness meditation training can be found at thousands of schools and colleges, and over 100,000 professionals are meditating in corporations, non-governmental and government bodies worldwide. More than 5000 Heartfulness Centres, known as HeartSpots, are supported by many thousands of certified volunteer trainers in 160 countries.

*Aakash Educational Services Limited (AESL) launches National Level Print Campaign for its flagship iACST Scholarship Program*

 • The campaign highlights the importance of early and timely preparations and intends to reach more and more students so they can get the benefit of studying at Aakash and get an opportunity to avail scholarships of up to 90%.

New Delhi, May 21, 2021: Aakash Educational Services Limited, the national leader in test preparatory services for aspiring doctors and engineer’s, has launched one of its biggest national level print campaigns for its flagship instant admission cum scholarship test, also known as the iACST. The campaign will run over a period of fifteen days across national and regional dailies.

The campaign highlights the opportunity that iACST gives to students so that they can start their journey early post a 60-minute test, enabling them to take the first step towards achieving their goals of becoming doctors and engineers. The scholarship enables students from different social and financial backgrounds take advantage of quality teaching at Aakash.

The specially crafted test enables talented and deserving students from Class 7-11 gain upto 90% scholarship from the safety of their home, online as per their convenience. It allows students to take the exam online and provide them with details of the scholarship earned immediately. For more information log on to

Commenting on the campaign, Mr Abhishek Maheshwari, CEO, Aakash Educational Services Limited (AESL) said, ‘We are committed to providing the best to the students who are preparing for JEE and NEET examinations. We empathise with the parents and students predicament in these tough times and want to highlight the importance of early and timely preparation. Our Hybrid offering allows students to start their preparation online and seamlessly migrate to offline when the centers open and our scholarship exam enables them to avail upto 90% scholarship.”

Aakash Institute aims to help students in their quest to achieve academic success. It has a centralized in-house process for curriculum and content development and faculty training and monitoring, led by its National Academic Team. Over the years, students from AESL have shown proven selection track record in various Medical & Engineering entrance exams and competitive exams such as NTSE, KVPY, and Olympiads.

About Aakash Educational Services Limited (AESL)

Aakash Educational Services Limited (AESL) provides comprehensive test preparatory services for students preparing for Medical and Engineering Entrance Examinations, School/Board Exams and Competitive Exams such as NTSE, KVPY, and Olympiads. AESL believes that the “Aakash” brand is associated with quality coaching and a proven student selection track record in various Medical and Engineering Entrance Examinations, Scholarship exams & Olympiads.

With over 33 years of operational experience in the test preparatory industry, the company has a large number of selections in Medical & Engineering Entrance Exams and several Class 9th and 10th level Scholarship exams/Olympiads, a pan India network of 215+ Aakash Centees (including franchisee), and a student count of more than 250,000.

The Aakash group also owns famous K-12 EdTech brand, as well.

*Barclays Empowers Paytm Payment Gateway to Win the Asset Triple A Award for the Best Payments & Collections Solution*

 Paytm Payment Gateway has won the ‘Best Payments & Collections Solution in the Fintech Industry’ Award for its OPGSP (Online Payment Gateways Service Providers) Import solution. In Its Triple A Treasury, Trade, Supply Chain, and Risk Management Awards, The jury awarded Paytm Payment Gateway as one of the most unique structured cash management and FX solutions under the ‘New Economy’ category. 

The recognition reflects Paytm’s success in maintaining its leadership in the field of digital payments. Barclays helped Paytm Payment Gateway enhance its capabilities to offer import payment solutions to foreign marketplaces, making the payment giant one of the

 leading cross-border payment service providers.

It is a symbol of the future of financial services partnering with the players in other ecosystems for new solutions. Barclays offered the company an OPGSP solution that enabled cross-border payments in the Indian currency for marketplaces across the globe. 

Barclays - a leading corporate and investment bank in the Asia Pacific region, submitted Paytm OPGSP solution to the Asset Triple A jury. The utility of this solution to achieve the collaborative vision of the bank and the payment company has led to the nomination and then winning the award.  

“We are extremely happy to receive this award. The cumulative efforts of our teams reflect our commitment to provide our partners with the best payment solutions they need to succeed. We will continue to push the envelope further and deliver unique solutions to all our clients and partners,” said Praveen Sharma, Senior Vice President, Paytm.

Taranjit Jaswal, Head of Corporate Banking, Barclays Bank India said, “We are delighted to have supported Paytm in building its cross-border payments aspirations. We keep client’s needs at the center of our innovation, and this recognition is a result of our collaborative

 and cross functional team efforts. We will continue to support Paytm to scale this solution enabling them to deliver seamless experience to their partners and clients.”

About the awards: The Asset Triple

A Treasury, Trade, Supply Chain, and Risk Management Awards are excellence recognitions given to corporates and financial service providers. They are awarded annually at in-country and regional levels in the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America. Paytm won the award in the regional category under the head ‘New Economy Solutions’ in 2021.

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Sachet & Parampara Tandon speak about their future projects, love in lockdown and more!

 The newly married couple, Sachet and Parampara Tandon had grand plans for their first year of marriage. From traveling the globe, to composing songs with ace film makers and staying in the studio till the wee hours, they had a different picture of life in their minds for 2021. However, as the world and time stood still, what kept the duo going was their back to back work commitments right from the magnum opus Adipurush to Jersey and Hurdang, all of which are in the filming or ready to release process. 

Hurdang starring Sunny Kaushal and Nushrat Bharucha is slated for release soon and Sachet and Parampara have been completing their sessions with the musicians from home, completing the soundtrack of the film which promises to be very different and prepping for the release of the same in the coming month. Speaking on their upcoming songs, Sachet affirms that, "We are focused on making songs which our listeners are enjoying these days. They have really liked our songs Isqadar, Chhor Denge, Mehendi Wale Hath, Tanhaai, Aur Pyaar Karna Hai, and we'll make sure to keep giving our fans more of such songs. There are very unique collaborations with Bollywood actors coming up and we will share the news soon." 

Apart from creating music, they also started making entertaining reels for social media and Instagram, coupled with joint fun videos of their daily banter and little did they know, that their everyday efforts would bring smiles to those even in hospital or recovering from the deadly virus. A gesture that started out just as a home activity, soon became an online sensation with fans across the country asking them for more and more videos. A popular rendition of the eternal Kal Ho Na Ho title track or a nok jhok between husband wife, a glimpse into their lives truly brings positivity to those in need of seeing something other than the dreary statistics that are currently the norm.

Speaking on this, Parampara said that, “Our intention was simple, to stay connected with our audiences and motivate them not to lose hope. We also did not realise that our daily banter would become so popular but any happiness we can get to people in these times, it’s a blessing to be able to do that. I strongly believe that music can heal, music is therapy We feel so good when we connect with our people on social media. They are OUR people. Their Love has made us what we are today. Their support makes our song go big and viral. They shower so much love on our singing videos too. So all in all, they keep us happy and its our responsibility to keep them happy too." 

Way to go Sachet and Parampara!

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

इंश्योरेंसदेखो ने कोविड-19 वैक्सीनेशन स्लॉट फाइंडर लॉन्च किया

 नई दिल्ली, 12 मई, 2021 : प्रमुख बीमा तकनीक स्टार्टअप कंपनी, इंश्योरेंसदेखो ने आज ‘कोविड-19 वैक्सीनेशन स्लॉट फाइंडर’ नामक एक प्लेटफार्म शुरू किया जो देश भर के नागरिकों को अपने आसपास कोविड-19 टीकाकरण स्लॉट की उपलब्धता की खोज करने में मदद करेगा। यह कदम कोरोनावायरस महामारी से लड़ने के लिए कंपनी की कोशिशों का हिस्सा है।

मौजूदा वैश्विक स्वास्थ्य संकट के बीच कोविड-19 वैक्सीन और इसके उपलब्ध स्लॉट की आपूर्ति और मांग के बीच एक बहुत बड़ा अंतर है। ‘कोविड-19 वैक्सीनेशन स्लॉट फाइंडर’ सुविधा आसपास के टीकाकरण केंद्रों का पता लगाने और को-विन ऐप पर सीधे जाने और उपलब्ध होने पर स्लॉट बुक करने में सभी की मदद करेगा। टीकाकरण स्लॉट की अनुपलब्धता के मामले में यह सुविधा उपयोगकर्ता को स्लॉट उपलब्धता के बारे में शीघ्र जानकारी हासिल करने में सक्षम बनाएगी।

इंश्योरेंसदेखो के सह-संस्थापक और सीईओ श्री अंकित अग्रवाल ने लॉन्च पर टिप्पणी करते हुए कहा : “कोविड-19 वैक्सीनेशन स्लॉट फाइंडर के साथ हम वर्तमान प्लेटफॉर्म को बार-बार नए स्लॉट्स को रिफ्रेश करने की परेशानी और कम होने की उम्मीद करते हैं। स्लॉट खोजक उपयोगकर्ताओं को, अगर तत्काल कोई स्लॉट उपलब्ध नहीं है तो वैक्सीन के अलगे स्लॉट की उपलब्धता के बारे में सूचित सूचित करेगा।”

स्लॉट उपलब्धता की जांच करने के लिए, बस पर जाना होगा और पेज के ऊपरी दाएं कोने पर ‘कोविड-19 वैक्सीनेशन स्लॉट फाइंडर’ आप्शन पर क्लिक करना होगा। उपयोगकर्ता को उसके आसपास के टीकाकरण केंद्रों को खोजने के लिए ‘सर्च बाय पिनकोड’ या ‘सर्च बाय डिस्ट्रिक्ट’ ​​विकल्प पर क्लिक करना होगा। आयु समूह का चयन करें और 'फाइंड वैक्सीन सेंटर' पर क्लिक करें। पास के केंद्रों पर उपलब्ध टीकाकरण स्लॉट आवश्यक जानकारी के साथ उपयोगकर्ता को प्रदर्शित किए जाएंगे। स्लॉट उपलब्ध नहीं होने की स्थिति में उपयोगकर्ता जब भी स्लॉट उपलब्ध हो, अधिसूचना के लिए अनुरोध कर सकता है। इंश्योरेंसदेखो केंद्र सरकार के स्वास्थ्य मंत्रालय द्वारा प्रबंधित और संचालित को-विन एप से डेटा प्राप्त करता है।

कोविड-19 टीकाकरण स्लॉट खोजक अब कंपनी की आधिकारिक वेबसाइट पर उपलब्ध है। यह आपके पहले टीके की खुराक के लिए टीकाकरण स्लॉट विवरण प्राप्त करने में मदद करने के लिए आसान चरणों के साथ उपलब्ध है।

इंश्योरेंसदेखो के विषय में

2017 में लॉन्च किया गया इंश्योरेंसदेखो एक इंश्योरटेक स्टार्टअप है। यह अपने उपभोक्ताओं को उनकी आवश्यकताओं के आधार पर विभिन्न बीमा पॉलिसियों की तुलना करने में सक्षम बनाता है। यह उन्हें उनकी आवश्यकता के अनुसार सर्वोत्तम विकल्प भी उपलब्ध कराता है। वित्त वर्ष 2021 में इंश्योरेंसदेखो ने प्रीमियम में 1,200 करोड़ रुपए का व्यापार किया। वर्तमान में कंपनी का 29 से अधिक बीमा कंपनियों के साथ समझौता है। वित्त वर्ष 2022 में इसे अपने कारोबार में 3 गुणा वृद्धि की उम्मीद है। इंश्योरेंसदेखो का मुख्यालय जयपुर में है और गुड़गांव, पुणे, चंडीगढ़, लुधियाना, कोलकाता और चेन्नई में इसके कार्यालय हैं।

गुरमीत चौधरी ने यंग कोविड वॉरियर्स (डॉक्टर्स) के साथ की साझेदारी; कोविड-19 मरीजों के लिए एक मुफ्त टेली-कंसल्टेशन सर्विस भी शुरू की

गुरमीत चौधरी कोविड-19 से पीड़ित लोगों के लिए फरिश्ता बनकर सामने आए हैं। वे लम्बे समय से कोविड से बचाव हेतु देश के लिए कोई न कोई भलाई का कार्य करते आ रहे हैं और अब इस सूची में एक और नेक काम जुड़ गया है। वे अपने दयालु स्वभाव से हम सभी को निश्चित तौर पर आश्चर्यचकित कर रहे हैं, जो राष्ट्र में बदलाव लाने के लिए दृढ़ है। गुरमीत ने हाल ही में युवा डॉक्टर्स (पैन इंडिया) की एक टीम के साथ करार किया है। जैसा कि सभी जानते हैं, कोविड वॉरियर्स ने हल्के से मध्यम लक्षणों वाले होम आइसोलेटेड मरीजों के लिए कोवी-मेड, मुफ्त टेलीकंसल्टेशन सर्विस शुरू की है, ताकि वे घबराएं नहीं, अपने मन से दवाइयां न लें, और सबसे महत्वपूर्ण बात यह है कि उन्हें तत्काल सहायता के लिए अपना घर छोड़ने की आवश्यकता नहीं है। उन्होंने देशभर के 19 युवा डॉक्टर्स के साथ साझेदारी की है, जो कोविड-19 से संबंधित किसी भी संदेह के लिए व्हाट्सएप मैसेंजर पर सुबह 10 बजे से रात 8 बजे तक 2 नंबर्स के माध्यम से उपलब्ध रहेंगे। न केवल डॉक्टर्स की टीम मेडिकल कंसल्ट्स प्रदान करेगी, बल्कि वे इस बात का भी भरपूर ज्ञान प्रदान करेंगे कि कोविड-19 के लिए टेस्ट कराने के दौरान पॉजिटिव आने पर चिंता से कैसे निपटा जाए। यह एक ऐसी बीमारी है, जिसे यदि हल्के मामलों में सही देखभाल और दवा दी जाए तो घर पर आइसोलेशन में ठीक हुआ जा सकता है।

कोवी-मेड के डॉक्टर्स की टीम दो ऑपरेटिंग व्हाट्सएप नंबर्स के माध्यम से परामर्श करेगी। मरीज के मैसेज करने के बाद वे उसकी डिटेल्स और मेडिकल हिस्ट्री की मांग करेंगे और एक रजिस्टर्ड प्रैक्टिशनर उन्हें जल्द से जल्द कॉल करेगा। वे हल्के से मध्यम लक्षणों वाले कोविड मरीजों को होम आइसोलेशन की सलाह देंगे और उनका इलाज करेंगे। अस्पताल में भर्ती होने की आवश्यकता होने पर चिकित्सकीय राय प्रदान करेंगे, सभी मानसिक स्वास्थ्य संबंधी प्रश्नों से निपटेंगे, कोविड के बाद की देखभाल करेंगे और उनका हाल-चाल लेंगे, इसके अलावा मनोचिकित्सक द्वारा भी हर हफ्ते परामर्श दिया जाएगा। कोवी-मेड के पास वर्तमान में उनकी टीम में लगभग 19 डॉक्टर्स हैं और कई स्वेच्छा से काम कर रहे हैं, कुछ नर्सिंग अधिकारी भी हाल-चाल लेने में सहायता करने के लिए स्वेच्छा से आगे आए हैं।

गुरमीत चौधरी के साथ इस पहल के पीछे डॉक्टर्स की टीम में डॉ. रूपराज अभिषेक, डॉ. एस.एच. वारसी, सुचित्रा वर्मा और डॉ. राजश्री शामिल हैं।

Monday, May 17, 2021

'Kabhi Dushman Kabhi Saheli' - Aise Hi Kuch Hai Sakina Aur Shanti Ki Dosti Ki Paheli

 God is one we worship him in different forms. Keeping this aspect alive are the lead actors Akansha Sharma (Sakina Mirza) and Farhana Fatema (Shanti Mishra) of & TV'sAur Bhai Kya ChalRaha Hai? While viewers see them as bickering neighbours living in a cohabitated haveli in the show, their bond is the complete opposite off-screen in real life. Sharing a

'kabhidushman-kabhisaheli' bond on-screen, off-screen these two female leads share a beautiful rapport. Set against the backdrop of Lucknow, the show presents a situational comedy ensuing two culturally opposite families forced to share a roof, manoeuvring day-to-day concerns of small-town-living and highly competitive wives. It captures the long-standing Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb of Lucknow through the two families – the Mishras and the Mirzas. The actors share a common make-up room, and with time, this place has become a hangout spot for them during shoot. Playing culturally opposite roles, Akansha who plays the role of Sakina Mishra helps Farhana who plays Shanti Mishra with the correct pronunciation of words while Farhana proactively helps Akansha with the Urdu dialect and accent. The leading ladies also understand the concept of space where before starting their day, both listen to their respective religious prayers and participate them as well.

While Akansha observes Farhana when she does her Namaz and listens to Azan with her, Farhana also listens to Hanuman Chalisa with Akansha. Both give immense respect to each other's religions. Akansha Sharma aka Sakina says, "Over time, Farhana has become a dear friend to me. Hum sathmein make-up karwatehain, khanakhatehain, gaanesunntehain, aurkabhikabhithodi bahut gossip bhikarletehain. There have been times when I mispronounce a few Urdu words, Farhana helps with it. She makes sure that she takes out time and refines my Urdu diction. She also sits with me and listen to Hanuman Chalisa and participates in learning the verses too. I am looking forward to this amazing bond to reach new heights both on-screen and off-screen." Farhana Fatema aka Shanti adds, "The make-up room is our hangout spot! We do all sort of things over there and have a lot of fun. Others keep guessing kiesakya ho rahahaiandarki bas hassnekiawaz aa rahihai? Akansha is a wonderful co-actor and now one of my closest friends. Whenever I sit to do my Namaz, she gives me space and while shooting helps with getting the scenes right. Out of curiosity, we ask questions about each other's religion to give justice to our characters and there is immense respect for each other's religion. I think this is what makes our bond beautiful and I hope viewers see the same through our characters."

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मध्यप्रदेश मई :-खेती-किसानी के कई उदाहरण आपने देखे होंगे, लेकिन ग्रामोफोन के उपयोग से मिर्ची की खेती करने के दौरान इस किसान के अनुभव सुनकर आप निश्चित ही आश्चर्य में पड़ जाएंगे।

 खरगोन जिला स्थित घुघरिया खेड़ी के कमल यादव मिर्ची काउत्पादन करते हैं।कमल ने इस वर्ष 7 एकड़की जमीन पर मिर्ची का उत्पादन किया, जिसमें से 1 एकड़ की जमीन पर ग्रामोफोन के बीज तथा तकनीकी सलाह का उपयोगकिया।

इसके बारे में वे कहते हैं, "ग्रामोफोन की तकनीकी सलाह को लेकर मेरा अनुभव बेहद खास रहा है। इसके माध्यम से मेरी 1 एकड़ की जमीन में लगाई गई मिर्ची में किसी प्रकार की सड़न नहीं हुई। इस 1 एकड़ में दवाई का खर्चा भी काफी कम आया, यानि दवाई के 10 पंप लगने के बजाए 8 पंप ही लगे और वायर सके अटैक से भी मिर्ची बचीर ही।साथ ही, दूसरे भाग में लगाएग एकई मिर्ची के पौधे सूखगए, लेकिन इस 1 एकड़ में एक भी पौधा नहीं सूखा।इस प्रकार, 6 एकड़ में लगाई गई मिर्ची की तुलना में इसकी पैदावार काफी अच्छी हुई।"

दर असल कमल ने अपनी 1 एकड़ की जमीन में ग्रामोफोन की मिर्च समृद्धि किट का उपयोग किया था। इसके लिए वे कहते हैं, "मिर्च समृद्धि किट ने मिर्च की पैदावार में बेहद विशेष योग दान दिया है। मैंने जितनी जगह पर इस किट का उपयोग किया, उतनी जगह पर पौधों का आकार अन्य पौधों की तुलना में काफी बड़ा रहा। साथ ही साथ, पौधों और मिर्ची का रंग भी काफी अच्छा रहा और मिर्ची का आकार भी अन्य हिस्से की तुलना में काफी बड़ा रहा। मैं यही कहना चाहता हूँ कि हर एक किसान को ग्रामोफोन से जुड़ना चाहिए। मेरे लिए ग्रामोफोन एकडॉक्टर के बराबर है, खेती से जुड़ा हर एक समाधान ग्रामोफोन के पास है।"

अधिक जानकारी के लिए विजिट करें

Saturday, May 15, 2021

शेमारू टीवी पर आस्था और विश्वास जगाने आ रहे हैं 'सिया के राम'

 मनोरंजन जगत में चमचमाते सितारे की तरह उभरने वाले शेमारू टीवी ने हाल ही में सफलतापूर्वक एक साल पूरा किया है। इस एक साल में करोड़ों दर्शकों के चेहरों पर मुस्कान बनकर शेमारू टीवी ने शोज और उपहारों के जरिए कइयों के सपनों को पंख दिए हैं, तो बहुतों की मनचाही मुराद पूरी की है। ऐसे में एक बार फिर अपने प्रियदर्शकों के लिए शेमारू टीवी लेकर आ रहे हैं भक्ति रस से भरपूर और बेहद अनूठा शो 'सिया के राम'। इस शो में आप देखेंगे कि कैसे रामायण को सीता जी के नजरिए से दिखाया गया है। देश का बच्चा-बच्चा रामायण की जिस कहानी से रूबरू है, उसी रामायण को बिल्कुल नजरिए से देखना और कुछ नए तथ्यों का उजागर हो ना यकीनन दर्शकों के लिए बेहद रोमांचक और अनूठा होगा। कोरोना की दूसरी लहर और लॉकडाउन से देश में हर तरफ डर, संशय और निराशा का अंधकार पसरा है, ऐसे में शेमारू टीवी का शो 'सिया के राम' लोगों के मन में आस्था और विश्वास की लौ जगाने में यकीनन कामयाब होगा।    

'बदलते आज के लिए' सिद्धांत पर चलते हुए शेमारू टीवी ने पिछले एक साल में अपने दर्शकों को ऐसे शोज दिखाए हैं, जो बदलते भारत की तस्वीर पेश करते हैं। 'सिया के राम' एक ऐसा ही अनोखा शो है, जिसमें पुरुष प्रधान समाज में पहली बार रामायण की संपूर्ण गाथा को माता सीता के दृष्टिकोण से दिखाया गया है। शो के सभी दृश्यों को बेहद आकर्षक ढंग से दर्शाया गया है, जिन्हें देखकर दर्शक मंत्रमुग्ध हो जाते हैं। शो में सिया और राम के किरदार मदिराक्षी मुंडले और आशीष शर्मा निभा रहे हैं। देवी सीता के सशक्त किरदार को मदिराक्षी ने अपने बेहतरीन अभिनय से एक नई ऊंचाई पर पहुंचा दिया है। रामायण के दूसरों शोज में सीता को ज्यादातर शांत दिखाया गया है, जबकि 'सिया के राम' की सीता कर्तव्यपालन के साथ-साथ विचारों की स्वतंत्रता को भी प्राथमिकता देती हैं और समय-समय पर अपने पिता और पति के समक्ष अपने विचार खुलकर रखती हैं। आपको बता दें कि जहाँ प्रभु श्रीराम को 'मर्यादा पुरुषोत्तम' कहा जाता है, वहीं माता सीता को सर्वोत्तम आदर्श माना गया है। एक आदर्श पुत्री, आदर्श पत्नी, आदर्श माँ के साथ ही वे एक आदर्श स्त्री हैं, जो आज की आधुनिक नारी के लिए प्रेरणा स्त्रोत हैं। 

रामायण की महत्वपूर्ण पात्र होने के बावजूद रामायण के अन्य शोज में माता सीता के किरदार, उनके चरित्र और बलिदान को उतनी प्रधानता नहीं दी गई है, जिसकी वे हकदार हैं, जबकि 'सिया के राम' में त्याग की मूर्ति देवी सीता के चरित्र और बलिदान को बेहद खुबसूरत ढंग से दर्शाया गया है। लक्ष्मण की भूमिका निभाने वाले करण सूचक ने अपनी खुशी बयां करते हुए कहा, "मैं बेहद खुश हूँ कि मेरे दर्शक मुझे एक बार फिर से लक्ष्मण के रूप में देख पाएंगे।"

सिया के राम मेरे दिल के बहुत करीब रहा है और में शेमारू टीवी का तहे दिल से शुक्रिया अदा करना चाहता हूँ कि उन्होंने ना सिर्फ मेरे दर्शकों को, लेकिन मुझे भी सिया के राम देखने का दोबारा मौका दिया और उन लम्हों को फिर से जीने का अवसर दिया। मेरा विश्वास है कि कोविड के दौरान हमारा यह शो सब के मन में आस्था की एक किरण जरूर जगाएगा और हम जल्द ही पुराने दिनों के तरह जिंदगी जी पाएंगे।

'सिया के राम' शो में मदिराक्षी मुंडले और आशीष शर्मा के अलावा लक्ष्मण और उर्मिला का किरदार निभाने वाले करण सूचक और युक्ति कपूर मुख्य भूमिका में हैं। यह शो शेमारू टीवी पर 14 मई से हर रात 7:30 बजे प्रसारित होगा।

Blue Dart forms Blue Dart Med-Express Consortium to operate experimental Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) for delivery of vaccines and emergency medical supplies

 An intelligent smart drone delivery solution to tackle challenges in last-mile vaccine delivery 

National, 13th May 2021: Blue Dart, India’s leading express logistics service provider and part of the Deutsche Post DHL Group (DPDHL) formed Blue Dart Med-Express Consortium with the mission of revolutionizing the delivery of vaccines and emergency medical supplies to the remotest parts of India with Drones. Blue Dart Med-Express Consortium is part of the ‘Medicine from the Sky’ project in collaboration with the Government of Telangana, World Economic Forum, NitiAayog and Healthnet Global.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) has granted the project with necessary exemptions and rights to fly drone flights on an experimental basis in Telangana. The aim is to assess an alternate logistics route in providing safe, accurate and reliable pickup and delivery of health care items (medicines, covid-19 vaccines, units of blood, diagnostic specimens and other lifesaving equipment) from distribution centre to specific location and back.

Blue Dart is committed to improving the supply chain infrastructure and is fighting hard to combat the pandemic. Blue Dart Med-Express Drone flights will deploy an immersive delivery model to optimize the current healthcare logistics within Telangana. The model will enable deliveries from district medical stores and blood banks to Primary Health Centers (PHCs), Community Health Centres (CHCs), Blood Storage Units & further from PHCs/CHCs to Central Diagnostic laboratories.

Proud to be able to help the country in its fight against the pandemic Balfour Manuel, Managing Director, Blue Dartsays, “It’s been over a year and our battle against COVID-19 continues to unfold new challenges that need solutions in real-time. The pandemic has taught each one of us the importance of logistics and the need for a tech-led supply chain infrastructure. As an organization Blue Dart has always been surrounded with the technology of the future. It is this ability that has helped us to not only withstand the pandemic but thrive with growth. While we reach out to over 35,000 locations across the country, the current situation calls for a much deeper penetration of vaccines.”

Commenting on Blue Dart’s experiment with Drone flights for Beyond Visual Line of Sight delivery of vaccines Ketan Kulkarni, CMO & Head – Business Development, Blue Dart says, “The consortium aims at enabling safer, efficient and cost-effective Drone delivery flights. With efficient systems in place, it can help reduce the current logistics cost, making the healthcare logistics faster and efficient. We are delighted to be granted the rights to commence operations and this is definitely the need of the hour. Mankind is witnessing the worst time and Blue Dart is committed to giving back to the society in which it operates and will always be ready to take one step forward.”

Smt. Rama Devi Lanka, Director of Emerging Technologies and Officer on Special Duty (OSD), ITE&C Department, Government of Telangana, says, “The project would generate real and actionable insights to drive future adoption policies and integration with the existing healthcare supply chain. With covid-19 pandemic wrecking existing supply chains, adopting such disruptive technologies is the need of the hour.”

Sri Jayesh Ranjan, IAS, Principal Secretary, ITE&C Department, Government of Telangana, says, “Telangana is one of the most proactive states looking to adopt emerging technologies, and the ‘Medicine from the Sky’ project using drones is in line with the same principles. This project is one of the first such programs in the country where multiple drones would fly BVLOS to establish their value proposition for the healthcare supply chain. The vision is to ensure healthcare equity for rural areas.”

Blue Dart has been consistent in its support to the nation in the fight against the pandemic. As the Trade Facilitator of the Nation, Blue Dart ensured that life doesn’t come to a standstill by safeguarding and ensuring the delivery of critical shipments across the country. In keeping with its commitment to its philosophy, Blue Darters have been working tirelessly to guarantee the continuity of the mission-critical supply chain since the time the country has been gripped by the pandemic. Blue Dart has continuously worked with the medical equipment and pharmaceuticals sector to maintain the supply chain and deliver critical shipment and essential supplies including Covid vaccine samples, temperature-controlled movement of COVID-19 testing kits, ventilators, PPE, testing kits, reagents, enzymes, respirators, surgical masks, goggles and gloves amongst other critical material. The company’s six Boeing 757 freighters ensure the ease in ramping up operations swiftly to handle large scale shipments.

एसीसी की निर्माण सलाहकार पहल के जरिये हजारों राजमिस्त्रियों, ठेकेदारों और घर बनाने वालों को प्रदान की गई तकनीकी सहायता

 एसीसी ने अपनी निर्माण सलाहकार पहल के तहत घर बनाने वालों, राजमिस्त्रियों और ठेकेदारों को सशक्त बनाने की दिशा में उठाया एक महत्वपूर्ण कदम • ए...