Thursday, May 20, 2021

Sachet & Parampara Tandon speak about their future projects, love in lockdown and more!

 The newly married couple, Sachet and Parampara Tandon had grand plans for their first year of marriage. From traveling the globe, to composing songs with ace film makers and staying in the studio till the wee hours, they had a different picture of life in their minds for 2021. However, as the world and time stood still, what kept the duo going was their back to back work commitments right from the magnum opus Adipurush to Jersey and Hurdang, all of which are in the filming or ready to release process. 

Hurdang starring Sunny Kaushal and Nushrat Bharucha is slated for release soon and Sachet and Parampara have been completing their sessions with the musicians from home, completing the soundtrack of the film which promises to be very different and prepping for the release of the same in the coming month. Speaking on their upcoming songs, Sachet affirms that, "We are focused on making songs which our listeners are enjoying these days. They have really liked our songs Isqadar, Chhor Denge, Mehendi Wale Hath, Tanhaai, Aur Pyaar Karna Hai, and we'll make sure to keep giving our fans more of such songs. There are very unique collaborations with Bollywood actors coming up and we will share the news soon." 

Apart from creating music, they also started making entertaining reels for social media and Instagram, coupled with joint fun videos of their daily banter and little did they know, that their everyday efforts would bring smiles to those even in hospital or recovering from the deadly virus. A gesture that started out just as a home activity, soon became an online sensation with fans across the country asking them for more and more videos. A popular rendition of the eternal Kal Ho Na Ho title track or a nok jhok between husband wife, a glimpse into their lives truly brings positivity to those in need of seeing something other than the dreary statistics that are currently the norm.

Speaking on this, Parampara said that, “Our intention was simple, to stay connected with our audiences and motivate them not to lose hope. We also did not realise that our daily banter would become so popular but any happiness we can get to people in these times, it’s a blessing to be able to do that. I strongly believe that music can heal, music is therapy We feel so good when we connect with our people on social media. They are OUR people. Their Love has made us what we are today. Their support makes our song go big and viral. They shower so much love on our singing videos too. So all in all, they keep us happy and its our responsibility to keep them happy too." 

Way to go Sachet and Parampara!

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