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It is a dream come true to portray the character of Herod Antipas in &TV’s Yeshu”, says Rudra Soni

Rudra Soni has been all over television shows and ads since a very young age and has managed to create a consistent fan base right from his childhood to his teens. Known to take up challenging roles at such an early age, Rudra is yet again all set to portray Herod Antipas in &TV’s latest offering ‘Yeshu’. In a candid conversation, Rudra expresses his joy of experimenting with negative characters, his inspirations and more. 

1. You were on a short break before Yeshu. What made you think that the show will be a good comeback for you?

I had to take a short break from acting due to my focus on education. Though I would not call it a comeback as the gap was not that long, I was looking forward to being a part of a show that would allow me to do something different and challenging. With Yeshu, I when I heard the narration of my character – King Antipas, I was excited and quite thrilled. The role is undoubtedly robust and impactful, and I am sure the viewers too will agree with me when they see me on screen!

2. What is the role you are playing?

Let me start by saying that my character has layers of shades. Very few may know of the fact that Herod Antipas was much more spiteful and radical than his father, King Herod. It is indeed a very challenging and equally fascinating character. I have already started reading up on him to understand the nuances of the character.

3. How satisfied are you with the character? 

Portraying a negative character is a dream come true for me. Having played various chocolate boy and positive roles in the past, I was yearning to take up something refreshingly different and impactful. And this came by right in time. Herod Antipas is precisely the character that I would like to play. He is scary, villainous and is into all sorts of politics. Playing a negative role is not as easy. But it allows one to bring in different shades in character, which makes the character noteworthy. While I understand playing a hero is equally tricky but playing a villain involves more conviction. It is difficult to make people believe that you are wrong in comparison to making them think that you are right. I wanted to challenge myself with this character, and I am grateful for this fantastic opportunity

4. How did you bag this role? How many audition rounds did you undergo for the same?

After playing notable characters on television, I was approached by the makers of Yeshu to portray King Antipas. After the first round of the audition, I got a call that I was selected for the part. I was over the moon! My happiness knew no bounds. We have started the shoot recently, and I am thoroughly enjoying every bit of it and even discovering fascinating stories, which is great learning for me, personally as well as professionally.


5. Any special preparations you are undergoing to get into the character?

Herod Antipas is different from the antiheroes or villains as we call them, shown on Indian television and movies. He has many shades, and that is indeed quite fascinating. To prep for the character, I am spending a lot of time understanding the journey, look, and feel, mannerisms and overall personality of the character that the Director wishes to project on the screen. Each villain has his personality, and the moment one gets to understand that better, the portrayal becomes much at ease.

6. What exactly is the storyline? What are your expectations from the show and the viewers?

‘Yeshu’ is a story of an exceptionally benevolent child who only wants to do good and spread happiness all around him. His love and compassion for all is a stark contrast to the dark, evil forces prevalent during his birth and childhood. Witnessing the various atrocities on his family and in society has a deep impact on him. His attempt to help others and ease their pain often leads to situations where he inevitably ends up being hurt and condemned, by not just the oppressors, but also the people at large. But even that doesn’t stop Yeshu from continuing on his path. It is not only the most iconic story of good versus evil, but it also captures the beautiful relationship between Yeshu and his support and guide – his mother. Yeshu is an untold and unheard story, first time seen in the Hindi GEC space. I am looking forward to work with the stellar cast of the show which includes Sonali ma’am, Darpan Sir and many more great artists. I am sure the show will strike a chord with the audience and will receive acceptance and appreciation. We all are very excited and looking forward to our viewers’ reaction.


 Ever since it was announced that celebrated author Amish’s new book, ‘Suheldev – The King Who Saved India’ will be adapted into a feature film, there has been intense speculation in the media about who would play the title role. This isn’t surprising, considering the immense success of the book since it was released and the interest it has garnered around the world, especially amongst Amish’s fans.


Certain sections of the media have reported names of certain actors having been approached, accepted, or having turned down the title role of King Suheldev, despite no such development or official statement coming from the film’s makers.


To end this speculation, the film’s producers (Wakaoo Films, Casa Media and Immortal Studios) have issued a joint statement in this regard.


The producers categorically state:


“Nobody has checked with us before carrying these stories, and hence we felt the need to clarify and inform the public about the film’s progress till date. Suheldev is a mammoth project, and also a huge responsibility on us, as we are telling the story of one of India’s greatest unsung heroes.


“Right now, the book is being adapted into a film screenplay. Once the script is locked, we will begin the process of casting etc. It would be premature for us to approach an actor before that.


“No actor has been approached by us yet for playing the role of King Suheldev. All reports and speculation coming in from certain sections of the media are unnecessary and completely untrue.


“Suheldev is a film that should be celebrated by every Indian. Once the script and the actors are locked, we’ll officially make a grand announcement. Till then, we request the media to be patient and let us continue with our job of developing this important film.”


The film is an epic story of the unsung warrior, King Suheldev, who fought valiantly to drive the all-conquering Turkic hordes away from India. The film has its author, Amish, as the official creative producer on the project, and will be directed by the award-winning ad filmmaker Senthil Kumar

सिन्हा अपने पिता की कल्ट-हिट फिल्म विश्वनाथ के रीमेक का हिस्सा बनने का देख रहे हैं सपना

 जैसे-जैसे साल खत्म होने के करीब आता जा रहा है, वैसे-वैसे इंडस्ट्री के कलाकार इस तपिश भरे साल के बारे में अपने विचार साझा कर रहे हैं और साथ ही नए साल को लेकर उनकी आकांक्षाएं भी शुरू होने लगी हैं। लव सिन्हा ने भी सोशल मीडिया पर अपने विचारों को साझा करते हुए बताया कि 2021 के लिए उनकी आशाएं और सपने क्या हैं।

समर्पित युवा अभिनेता आने वाले वर्ष में एक अलग प्रकार की भूमिका निभाने की उम्मीद कर रहा है। फिल्म के हीरो हमेशा यादगार होते हैं, लेकिन विलन की भूमिका निभाते हुए ऑडियंस पर अपनी छाप छोड़ने के लिए एक सच्चे कलाकार की जरूरत होती है। शोले का गब्बर, वन्स अपॉन ए टाइम इन मुंबई का दाऊद इब्राहिम, पद्मावत का अलाउद्दीन खिलजी सभी अविश्वसनीय रूप से प्रभावशाली और मजबूत विलन थे, जिन्होंने ऑडियंस के लिए एक स्थायी प्रभाव छोड़ा। लव भी ऐसी ही छाप छोड़ने की उम्मीद कर रहे हैं।

इंस्टाग्राम पर शेयर की गई पोस्ट के कैप्शन में उन्होंने मेंशन किया, "मैंने पहले भी यह लिखा है, लेकिन मेरा ड्रीम रोल सुपरविलन या एंटी हीरो की भूमिका निभाने का है। मैं अपने #2021 गोल्स के चलते क्रिश 4 में नकारात्मक भूमिका या विश्वनाथ के रीमेक में मुख्य भूमिका निभाना चाहता हूँ।"

लव सिन्हा ने नकारात्मक किरदार निभाने की अपनी इच्छा के बारे में बात करते हुए कहा, "मुझे लगता है कि नकारात्मक चरित्र किसी भी अभिनेता को चुनौती देता है और व्यक्तिगत रूप से, मुझे हमेशा एक नकारात्मक चरित्र निभाने में दिलचस्पी रही है क्योंकि यह आपको विभिन्न भावनाओं और अपने स्वयं के व्यक्तित्व के विभिन्न रंगों का पता लगाने की अनुमति देता है।"

जूनियर शॉटगन 'विश्वनाथ' के रीमेक पर काम करने के लिए प्लान कर रहे हैं, जो उनके दिल के बेहद करीब हैं क्योंकि उनके पिता इस फिल्म में अभिनय कर चुके हैं। हम इस युवा सितारे के लिए आने वाले वर्ष में उज्जवल भविष्य की कामना करते हैं, और इसके लिए उन्हें ढ़ेर सारी शुभकामनाएं देते हैं।

AGEL commissions 100 MWac solar power plant at Khirsara, Gujarat, ahead of schedule

 Feat takes Adani Green Energy’s total operational renewable capacity to 2,950 MWac; a step closer to its vision of 25 GW capacity by 2025.

Ahmedabad, 30th December 2020: Adani Solar Energy Kutchh Two Private Limited, a Wholly-owned subsidiary of Adani Green Energy Limited (AGEL) has commissioned 100 MWac Solar Power Project at Khirsara, Gujarat, ahead of its scheduled Commercial Operation Date (COD) according to its 25-year-long Power Purchase Agreement (PPA ) with the Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam India (GUVNL). The PPA is priced at Rs. 2.44/kWh, as on 29 December, 2020.


With this commissioning AGEL’s total operational renewable capacity grows to 2,950 MWac demonstrating a CAGR of 55% since March 2016. 


The plant will be connected to our state-of-the-art Energy Network Operation Centre (ENOC) that continuously monitors and analyses performance of 80+ solar and wind plants across diverse locations in India.


AGEL has total renewable capacity of 14,195 MWac including 11,245 MWac awarded and under implementation projects; and targets commissioning of renewable capacity of 25 GW by 2025.

Speaking on this developmentMr. Vneet S. Jaain, MD & CEO, Adani Green Energy Ltd said, “Adani Green is committed to creating a sustainable future through rapid project execution capability in line with the global best practices in the renewable energy sector. The commencement of 100 MWac solar power project in Khirsara, Kutchh, Gujarat in line with the Adani Group’s legacy of scale and speed and is another significant step towards achieving our vision of 25 GW renewable energy by 2025”

About Adani Green Energy Limited

Adani Green Energy Limited (AGEL), a part of India-based Adani Group, has one of the largest global renewable portfolios over 14 GW of operating, under-construction and awarded projects catering to investment-grade counterparties. The company develops, builds, owns, operates and maintains utility-scale grid-connected solar and wind farm projects. Key customers of AGEL include the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) and Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) and various State Discoms. Listed in 2018, AGEL today is a USD 22.08 billion market cap company helping India meet its COP21 goals.Earlier this year, Mercom Capital, the US-based think tank ranked the Adani Group as the #1 global solar power generation asset owner.

Wagle Ki Duniya welcomes you to their sweet abode this New Year

 Gear up to w

elcome the Wagle family into your homes and hearts with the New Year. As we head into 2021 with hope and anticipation, Sony SAB has unveiled the first look of Wagle Ki Duniya in a fresh, new avatar. The promo evokes family goals, while giving audiences a compelling reason to spend quality time with their loved ones. 

Stepping in the New Year, promising happiness and aspirations, Wagle Ki Duniya – Nayi Peedhi, Naye Kissey will ferry the viewers on a nostalgic ride while also perfectly showcasing the highly relatable ambitions of today's middle class. Sony SAB and Wagle Ki Duniya will bring alive a mesmerizing camaraderie between Mr. Wagle (Aanjjan Srivastav) and Jr. Wagle (Sumeet Raghavan). 

The show invites the fan to a new era signaling a commitment to spread happiness, joy and laughter while also narrating stories of a family that we have traditionally loved. A story of a common man set in the modern, progressive, complex and aspirational India is set to entertain and inspire us in 2021. 

Bringing in the warmth and love of a family, the show will also feature Bharati Achrekar as Mrs. Wagle, while also introducing a new era of Wagle Ki Duniya featuring the supremely talented Pariva Pranati who plays Rajesh Wagle’s wife. 

Adding a dash of youthful energy to the cast will be Sheehan Kapahi and Chinmayi Salvi who will be playing the roles of Rajesh and Vandana's children, Atharva and Sakhi Wagle respectively.

Meet the Wagles here - 

Aanjjan Srivastav, who will play the role of Srinivas Wagle said, "I look forward to entertaining our audience once again with relatable, light-hearted and fun stories. For years, people have addressed me as Wagle and have given so much love to Wagle Ki Duniya. However, this time on Sony SAB, we are coming with a fresh new version of Wagle Ki Duniya that will look at today's common man's dilemma, which I am sure everyone will be able to relate with. I still miss our golden days, but I am glad that my colleague Bharati Achrekar is joining us for the show too." 

Bharati Achrekar, who will essay the role of Radhika Wagle, said, "It is extremely overwhelming to be back with one of India's most beloved television shows. Wagle Ki Duniya struck a chord with the common man of 80s and 90s, and this newer version will do the same for today's common man and his issues. Today, when everyone is inside their homes, carrying all their work problems with them, Wagle Ki Duniya aims to bring a whole new world for our audience, where they forget their worries and learn to laugh at their problems. People have reinvented their family bonds during the past 9 months and they will relate to this show on another level. I am glad someone took the effort to bring Wagle Ki Duniya with a newer perspective, and I can definitely say they are doing justice to this show."

Sumeet Raghavan, who will essay the role of Rajesh Wagle said, "It feels great to be associated with Sony SAB and Hatsoff productions once again and that too to bring alive a fans' favourite classic like Wagle Ki Duniya in a new avatar. To be able to reprise a beloved character is a huge task, but one that I am extremely eager to take on. I hope I am able to capture the little nuances that made Mr Wagle the endearing character that he is and bring joy to the audience through this performance."

Pariva Pranati, aka Vandana Wagle added, "There couldn't be a better start to 2021 as Sony SAB and Hatsoff productions gleefully take us to the surreal world of Wagles. I feel proud to have got an opportunity to be associated with one of India's iconic shows and I am looking forward to welcoming the audiences to our world soon."

Wagle Ki Duniya – Nayi Peedhi, Naye Kissey coming soon on Sony SAB

Himesh Reshammiya’s wife Sonia treated Neha and Rohan Preet to homemade laddoos on sets of indian Idol where she performed on Himesh’s hit song Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo

 Sonia, the wife of Himesh Reshammiya was seen tapping her foot to the super hit track, Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo on the sets of Indian Idol. The television actress also brought home made laddoos for the newlyweds Neha and Rohan Preet on the sets of the Indian Reality TV show, on which her husband is one of the judges.

Sonia is a leading television actress who is also responsible for her husband’s style and his tremendous fitness transformation. Her visit to the sets of the show surely brought a giant smile to Himesh’s face.

The cherry on the pie was when Sonia danced to Himesh’s song Prem Ratan Than Paayo. The pretty star also interacted with Neha Rohan and Vishal Bharti, Harsh and Aditya.

Sonia is a huge fan of Indian Idol, which has emerged as the number 1 non-fiction show across all channels. She is greatly appreciative of the immense talent that is seen on the show as well as the hard work of all the judges, Himesh, Neha and Vishal.

She shared her thoughts about this experience, ‘It was such a special experience for both me and Himesh. He was so happy to see me dance to his song and I was glad to bring a smile to his face.’

It is so heartwarming to see our favourite celebrity Jodie share adorable moments like these. Here’s wishing the couple a fabulous 2021!

कारवां काराओके के साथ अब उठाईये गाना गाने का आनंद

 ~ सारेगामा ने इनबिल्टय स्क्री न के साथ कारवां का उच्च स्तरीय संस्करण लॉन्चई किया ~

दिसंबरः चाहे आप लता मंगेशकर के पुराने रेट्रो क्लासिक सुनें या बेस्ट ऑफ मोहम्मद रफी के मजे लें, पुरानी काराओके शाम से बेहतर आपके भीतर के गायक को कोई बाहर नहीं ला सकता। नई टेक्नोलॉजी को अपनाकर और 100 वर्षों की विरासत के साथ, सारेगामा ने कारवां काराओके प्रस्तुत कर एक और मनोरंजक और भागीदारीपूर्ण उत्पाद अनुभव की पेशकश की है। कारवां काराओके की पेशकश इनबिल्ट स्क्रीन के की गई है, जिस पर गाने के बोल नजर आते हैं। इसके लिये किसी बाहरी सेट-अप की जरूरत नहीं पड़ती है और इसे सिर्फ प्लग लगाकर आसानी से चलाया जा सकता है। 

कारवां काराओके 1000 प्री-लोडेड काराओके गीतों, 5000 सदाबहार हिन्दी गानों और 280 से ज्यादा म्यूजिक और नॉन-म्यूजिक आधारित पॉडकास्ट्स के साथ आता है, ताकि परिवार के हर सदस्य की फरमाइश पूरी हो सके। यह अन्य फंक्शंस, जैसे एफएम/एएम/बीटी/ऑक्स, आउट और एचडीएमआई कनेक्टिविटी को भी सपोर्ट करता है। इसमें इको कंट्रोल के साथ दो माइक आते हैं। अगर कोई चाहे, तो गीत के बोल को एचडीएमआई के माध्यम से टीवी या प्रोजेक्टर पर प्रोजेक्ट किया जा सकता है। यह उत्पाद बिलकुल सही समय पर आया है, क्योंकि लोग अब भी महामारी के कारण घरों में ही हैं और पार्टी से दूर हैं। कारवां काराओके त्यौहारों के इस सीजन में हाउस पार्टीज के लिये उपयुक्त है। 

इसे चलाना बहुत आसान है, यह पोर्टेबल है और रिच मेटलिक रेड कलर इसके लुक को बेहतरीन बनाता है। 

इस नये लॉन्च पर सारेगामा इंडिया के मैनेजिंग डायरेक्टर श्री विक्रम मेहरा ने कहा, ‘‘कारवां काराओके रेट्रो संगीत के सभी प्रेमियों के लिये एक संपूर्ण समाधान है। न केवल सदाबहार गीतों को सुनना, बल्कि उन्हें अपने घर में परिवार और दोस्तों के साथ गाना भी एक अनमोल अनुभव है।’’

कारवां काराओके का मूल्य 19990 रूपये है और यह, और फ्लिपकार्ट पर उपलब्ध है। 


सारेगामा इंडिया के विषय में:

पूर्व में द ग्रामोफोन कंपनी ऑफ इंडिया लिमिटेड के रूप में जाना जाने वाला सारेगामा भारत में सबसे बड़े संगीत संग्रह का मालिक है। साथ ही यह दुनिया के सबसे बड़े संगीत संग्रहकर्ताओं में भी शामिल है। भारत में अब तक रिकॉर्ड किए गए संगीत का लगभग 50% संगीत का मालिकाना हक सारेगामा के पास है। यह सारेगामा को देश की संगीत विरासत का सबसे आधिकारिक भंडार बनाता है। सारेगामा ने मनोरंजन की दूसरी शाखाओं में भी विस्ताडर किया है- जिसमें पब्लिशिंग शामिल है।

स्मूउल आईडिवा ने लॉन्च किया ओरिजिनल म्यूजिक वीडियो 'साथ साथ में' स्मूउल आईडिवा १, २, ३... रियाज़ भारत का पहला डिजिटल-केवल संगीतमय रियलिटी शो

 दिसंबर 2020: स्मूउल आईडिवा ने अपना बहुप्रतीक्षित ओरिजिनल म्यूजिक वीडियो 'साथ साथ में' को लॉन्च किया है। स्मूउल आईडिवा १,२,३...रियाज के इस ओरिजिनल संगीत वीडियो ‘साथ साथ में’ में लीजा मिश्रा, जस्सी गिल और कुशा कपिला के साथ विजेताओं का एक समूह हैं। वीडियो एक फुट-टैपिंग संख्या है जो इस बारे में बात करती है कि जब आपके दिल में कोई गाना होता है, तो आपको एक साथ मिल जाना चाहिए और इसे गाना चाहिए ‘साथ साथ में’।

स्मूउल आईडिवा १, २, ३... रियाज़ भारत का पहला डिजिटल-केवल संगीतमय रियलिटी शो था, जिसने 6 महीने के रन टाइम में 15 मिलियन से अधिक संगीत प्रेमियों के प्यार को उभारा।

टाइम्स ब्रिज के साथ साझेदारी में आईएलएन स्टूडियोज द्वारा निर्मित, ‘साथ साथ में’ एक अनोखे म्यूजिक-वीडियो है, जो बिना शारीरिक रूप से मिले देश भर से 25 विजेताओं और 3 मेंटर्स को जोड़ते हुए, दूरस्थ रूप से बनाया गया, रिकॉर्ड किया गया और रिमोटली शॉट किया गया है। गीत की रिकॉर्डिंग डिजिटल रूप से अंकुर तिवारी द्वारा की गई है।

म्यूजिक वीडियो को ऑन-ग्राउंड क्रू के बिना एक साथ जोड़ा गया था, उत्साही विजेताओं के साथ जिन्होंने अपने फोन कैमरों का उपयोग करके ग्लोरी के लिए नृत्य किया। फ़ुटेज को होम स्टाइल से स्टाइल म्यूज़िक वीडियो में बदलने के लिए एनीमेशन का उपयोग करके संपादित किया गया है।

यह ऐसा गीत है जो लोगों को एक साथ लाता है और बहुत खूबसूरती से एक साथ विचार और दोस्ती का वादा करता है। 80 के शुरुआती डिस्को वाइब की याद ताजा करती है, संगीत इतना आकर्षक है कि आपके दिमाग से बाहर निकलना मुश्किल है।

पंजाबी पॉप हार्टथ्रोब जस्सी गिल ने कहा कि, “घर से ‘साथ साथ में’ की शूटिंग और गायन करना वास्तव में एक अनूठा अनुभव रहा है, और मुझे गाना बनाना बहुत पसंद था। जैसा कि वे कहते हैं, शो को चलना चाहिए, इंतजार जल्द ही खत्म हो जाएगा क्योंकि हम सभी एक संगीतमय संगीत फिनाले के लिए तैयार हैं।“

कुशा ने कहा, "यह उस तरह का गीत है जिसे आप दूसरों के साथ गाना चाहते हैं। यह आपको याद दिलाता है कि दूसरों के साथ मिलकर काम करने से जीवन बहुत आसान और सुखद हो जाता है।”

लिसा मिश्रा ने कहा, “लोकेशन शूट से लेकर एंड-टू-एंड रिमोट शॉट प्रोडक्शन तक जाना एक दिलचस्प चुनौती थी। अंकुर तिवारी की धुनों के साथ यह सब देखना एक शानदार होगा। मुझे लॉन्च की प्रतीक्षा है।”

आईडिवा के यूट्यूब चैनल पर संगीत वीडियो 'साथ साथ में' देखें और स्मूउल ऐप पर गाना गाएं।

ग्लेनमार्क भारत में टाइप 2 डायबिटीज वाले वयस्कों के लिए सस्ती कीमत पर रेमोग्लिफ्लोज़िन + विल्डाग्लिप्टिन का फिक्स्ड डोज कॉम्बिनेशन लॉन्च करने वाली पहली कंपनी बनी

 ग्लेनमार्क दुनिया की पहली कंपनी है जिसने रेमोग्लिफ्लोज़िन (100 मिलीग्राम) + विल्डाग्लिप्टिन (50 मिलीग्राम) फिक्स्ड डोज कॉम्बिनेशन (एफडीसी) लॉन्च किया।

· एफडीसी की मार्केटिंग दो ब्रांड नामों रेमो V और रेमोज़ेन V के तहत की जायेगी।

· रेमोग्लिफ्लोज़िन एक इनोवेटिव, पेटेंट-संरक्षित सोडियम ग्लूकोज को-ट्रांसपोर्टर-2 (एसजीएलटी2) इनहिबिटर है, जिसे वयस्कों में टाइप 2 डायबिटीज के उपचार के लिए निर्देशित किया गया है।

· इस लॉन्च के साथ, कंपनी का उद्देश्य एसजीएलटी2 इनहिबिटर्स और डीपीपी4 इनहिबिटर्स तक रोगी की पहुंच बढ़ाना है जो डायबिटीज की प्रभावी देखभाल में लाभदायक हैं।

· ग्लेनमार्क के रेमो V और रेमोज़ेन V की कीमत 14 रुपये प्रति टैबलेट है, और थेरेपी लागत 28 रुपये प्रतिदिन है, जो भारत में उपलब्ध अन्य एसजीएलटी2 और डीपीपी4 कॉम्बिनेशन ब्रांड के मुकाबले 65% कम है।


भारत; दिसंबर; 2020: शोध-केंद्रित वैश्विक दवा कंपनी, ग्लेनमार्क फार्मास्युटिकल्स लिमिटेड (ग्लेनमार्क), नेभारत में अपने नवीनतम, पेटेंट-संरक्षित और विश्व स्तरीय शोध-आधारित सोडियम ग्लूकोज को-ट्रांसपोर्टर इनहिबिटर (एस.जी. एल.टी.2i) - रेमोग्लिफ्लोज़िन एटाबोनेट का फिक्स्ड डोज कॉम्बिनेशन (एफ.डी.सी) तथा व्यापक रूप से इस्तेमाल किया जाने वाला एक अन्य डीपीपी 4 इनहिबिटर (डाईपेप्टाइडिल पेप्टिडेज 4 इनहिबिटर) – विल्डाग्लिप्टिन लॉन्च किया। फिक्स्ड डोज कॉम्बिनेशन टाइप 2 डायबिटीज की देखभाल में मदद करता है। कॉम्बिनेशन के तहत एक फिक्स्ड डोज में रेमोग्लिफ्लोज़िन (100 मिलीग्राम) + विल्डाग्लिप्टिन (50 मिलीग्राम) होगा और रोगियों में ग्लाइसेमिक कंट्रोल को बेहतर बनाने के लिए इसे रोजाना दो बार लिया जाना चाहिए। ग्लेनमार्क ने इसे दो ब्रांड नाम रेमो V और रेमोजेन V के अंतर्गत लॉन्च किया है।


ग्लेनमार्क दुनिया की पहली कंपनी है जिसने रेमोग्लिफ्लोज़िन + विल्डाग्लिप्टिन फिक्स्ड डोज़ कॉम्बिनेशन लॉन्च किया है और भारत इस एफ.डी.सी दवा तक पहुँच पाने वाला पहला देश है। ग्लेनमार्क को नवंबर 2020 के अंतिम दिनों में रेमोग्लिफ्लोज़िन + विल्डाग्लिप्टिन कॉम्बिनेशन की मैन्यूफैक्चरिंग और मार्केटिंग के लिए डी.सी.जी.आई (भारत का दवा अनुमोदन प्राधिकरण) से मंजूरी मिली।


विश्व स्तर पर, एसजीएलटी2, इनहिबिटर और डीपीपी4 इनहिबिटर, टाइप 2 डायबिटीज की देखभाल के पसंदीदा उपचार विकल्प के रूप में उभर रहे हैं। भारत में डायबिटीज के रोगियों के लिए कम कीमत पर नवीनतम उपचारों तक पहुंच प्रदान करने में ग्लेनमार्क सबसे आगे रहा है।


टाइप 2 डायबिटीज जैसी क्रोनिक बीमारियों में, रोगियों को लंबे समय तक कई डायबिटीज-रोधी दवाओं का सेवन करना पड़ता है। इसके अलावा, भारत में, रोगियों को अपने दम पर दवा का खर्च उठाना पड़ता है और इसलिए दवा की कीमत उपचार को प्रभावित करने वाला एक प्रमुख कारक बन जाती है। जहां एक ही दवा श्रेणी में मौजूदा ब्रांड की औसत दैनिक थेरेपी लागत 78 रुपये है, वहीं ग्लेनमार्क के रेमोग्लिफ्लोज़िन + विल्डाग्लिप्टिन कॉम्बिनेशन को 14 रुपये प्रति टैबलेट की कीमत पर लॉन्च किया गया है, जिसे रोजाना दो बार लेना होता है, जिसकी लागत 28 रुपये प्रति दिन होती है। यह लागत बाजार में उपलब्ध अन्य एसजीएलटी2 और डीपीपी4 कॉम्बिनेशन दवाओं की तुलना में 65% कम है।


ग्लेनमार्क का रेमोग्लिफ़्लोज़िन + विल्डाग्लिप्टिन कॉम्बिनेशन भारत में मरीजों की विश्व स्तरीय और पूरी तरह शोध-आधारित कॉम्बिनेशन प्रॉडक्ट तक बेहतर पहुंच बनायेगा और उनको किफायती मूल्य पर उपलब्ध करायेगा। इस कॉम्बिनेशन को भारत के दवा नियामक, डी.सी.जी.आई, द्वारा भारत में 18 वर्ष से अधिक आयु के वयस्कों के लिए अनुमोदित किया गया है। इसके अलावा, इसे जब मेटफोर्मिन और फिक्स्ड डोज कॉम्बिनेशन के मोनो-कम्पोनेंट्स में से कोई एक कम्पोनेंट, पर्याप्त ग्लाइसेमिक कंट्रोल प्रदान नहीं करता हो, या जब पहले से ही रेमोग्लिफ़्लोज़िन और विल्डाग्लिप्टिनकी अलग-अलग खुराक के साथ इलाज किया जा रहा हो, तो टाइप 2 डायबिटीज के साथ ग्लाइसेमिक कंट्रोल में सुधार लाने के लिए भी इसे अनुमोदित किया गया है।


श्री आलोक मलिक, ग्रुप वाइस प्रेसिडेंट एवं बिजनेस हेड, इंडिया फॉर्मुलेशंस ने कहा कि “ग्लेनमार्क भारत में डायबिटीज रोगियों के लिए नवीनतम उपचार विकल्पों तक पहुंच प्रदान करने में अग्रणी रहा है। इस इनोवेटिव फिक्स्ड डोज कॉम्बिनेशन को पेश करते हुए हमें खुशी महसूस हो रही हैं। यह कॉम्बिनेशन बिल्कुल आधुनिक है, इसके लिए बड़े पैमाने पर शोध किया गया है और यह देश में मरीजों के लिए किफायती कीमत पर उपलब्ध है। ग्लेनमार्क के लिए डायबिटीज महत्वपूर्ण क्षेत्र है और इस प्रॉडक्ट के लॉन्च से हम भारत में रोगियों को एक प्रभावी, उच्च गुणवत्तापूर्ण, विश्व स्तरीय और किफायती उपचार विकल्प प्रदान करके डायबिटीज उपचार को

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

How will Garima and Susheela marry their own male disguise?

 An exciting plot twist awaits for the viewers and fans of Kaatelal & Sons. Sony SAB's inspirational dramedy will take the viewers on the roller coaster ride with Susheela (Jiya Shankar) and Garima's (Megha Chakraborty) marriage fiasco. The show's upcoming episodes will witness Dharampal announcing Garima and Susheela's marriage with none other than – Gunnu and Sattu. Kaatelal & Sons continues to entertain the viewers with a highly engaging storyline and bringing in rib-tickling moments that are bound to make you laugh. 

Garima and Susheela are seen by Dharampal's sworn enemy, Jagat (Deepak Tokas) while riding a bike with Gunnu and Sattu at several occasions. To tarnish Dharampal's image, Jagat plasters the town with Garima and Susheela's pictures with Gunnu and Sattu and insults Dharampal for his daughters’ affair with the boys who run his salon. Dharampal, furious after learning this information about his daughters, puts them on house arrest while declaring that both the sisters will soon be married to none other than Gunnu and Sattu. 

Livid and anxious with the seemingly absurd turn of events, both Garima and Susheela try to convince their father of their innocence but all the efforts lie futile in front of Dharampal. He calls for Gunnu and Sattu to finalize the marriage. Taking this as an opportunity to get out of the marriage, Gunnu and Sattu refuse to marry Garima and Susheela only to be showered with Dharmapal's wrath. 

Dharampal threatens them to throw out of the salon, where Gunnu and Sattu are left with no choice but to agree for the marriage.

How will Garima and Susheela marry themselves? Will this confusion expose their secret in front of Dharampal?

Megha Chakraborty, essaying Garima's role, said, "Garima and Susheela have landed in a soup. Their concerns are not only to be married without their consent but to be married to their disguise. It was hilarious when I read the script and I was certain it would be enjoyable to shoot this. Jiya and I thoroughly enjoyed these episodes and laughed a lot during the shoot. I am sure our viewers are going to enjoy this as it promises, fun and madness. So stay tuned, to watch Garima and Susheela escape their marriage with themselves."

Jiya Shankar, essaying the role of Susheela said, "Susheela is not a girl who even thinks or dreams of getting married. Her aspirations in life are different and right now, it is only to run Kaatelal & Sons successfully. While juggling the madness of changing their disguise every now and then, Susheela and Garima have landed in a situation where they need to marry themselves. My character Susheela will be seen getting furious about the situation but at the same time, the sisters are in a fix as they desperately try to find a solution to their unique problem. Excitement, fun, laughter and madness awaits for our viewers, so stay tuned."

To know more, keep watching Kaatelal & Sons every Monday-Friday at 7:30PM only on Sony SAB

Unprecedented response to Adani International Container Terminal Private Limited (‘AICTPL’) maiden USD Bond Issuance; first by JV Company of APSEZ

 Ahmedabad, AICTPL settled its first USD 300 mn public USD bond issuance on 21stDecember 2020. The issue witnessed large participation from marquee real money investors with interests coming from around 220 accountsleading to approx. 10 times oversubscription. The issue of ~10 Years was priced at par to yield 3.00% which is also the lowest coupon achieved by any corporate Indian issuer in the last 5 years.

The investors were attracted by its strong shareholders, APSEZ & TiL, and their combined business strengths embedded in the Company, backed by the credit quality of the issuance supported by investment grade rating affirmation by all 3 international rating agencies.

The issuance is in line with Adani Group’s philosophy to tap the capital market to re-engineer the capital structure for assets and finance them with debt extending for the life of the project. The issuance also fits perfectly into TiL’s strategy to diversify and optimize funding sources for its terminal companies around the globe.

Barclays, Citigroup, DBS Bank, MUFG, and Standard Chartered were global coordinators, book-runners, and lead managers.

Mr. Karan Adani, CEO and Whole Time Director of APSEZ said, “The issuance is in line to the Group’s capital management philosophy of re-engineering the capital structure & extending debt maturity inline to the life of asset. Our relationship with TiL is very important to us & holds the key to our strategy for making Mundra container hub for the region and AICTPL as our flagship terminal. Successful issuance demonstrates the appreciation & acceptance of level of corporate governance at the private JV level.The first note issuance by any port vertical JV company also paves the way& sets the benchmark for other JVs & Subsidiary companies of the group to tap the capital market.”

Mr. Ammar Kanaan, CEO of TiL said, “Our relationship with Adani is a classic example of a commercial partnership which is based on core principles of trust, transparency, and respect.AICTPL holds a key position in our overall portfolio of terminals across all continents and is ideally located at Mundra port enabling it to be the port of choice for cargo going to North India. AICTPL’s operational performance continues to be amongst the best in the portfolio of terminals owned by us. India is a strategic place for our investment, and we foresee great opportunities going forward.”

About Adani International Container Terminal Private Limited: 

AICTPL is a container terminal operating company based out of Mundra, having an annual capacity of handling over 3.1 million TEUs. With a continuous quay length of 1460 meters anda deep draft of 17.5 meters, the terminal is equipped to handle the largest size container carriers operating in the world. This makes AICTPL a prime destination for transshipment cargo, while the strategic location of Mundra in terms of its position on the Indian map and oceanic trade route in the Arabian Ocean makes the case for robust EXIM cargo. The company also benefits from the parentage of TiL& APSEZ. 

About Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Limited:

Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Limited (APSEZ), a part of the globally diversified Adani Group, is India’s largest integrated ports and transport utility platform backed by physical assets. In less than two decades, the company has successfully transformed the entire port sector, and through its investment in port-based SEZ & logistics services arm, it is going to completely transform itself into a transport utility. 11 strategically located ports/terminals, 20 Inland logistics terminals, and 5 logistics parks/ICDs represent 24% of the country's total port capacity covering the entire Indian coastline and ability to provide logistics services to the entire nation. 

About Terminal Investment Limited: 

Terminal Investment Limited (“TiL”) is the world’s 6th largest container terminal operator, moving some 34 million containers per year. TiL is majority owned by MSC, together with two of the world’s largest infrastructure investors, Global Infrastructure Partners and GIC of Singapore. MSC is the second largest container shipping group worldwide.

Indigenous Green Jackfruit Flour That Helps Control Blood Sugar, Now Recognised by American Diabetes Association

 James Joseph, Founder & CEO, Jackfruit365

For a country like India, with varied cuisines and irregular eating habits, diabetes has turned out to be the gateway disease to other ailments. Since our traditional cuisines are rich in refined carbohydrates, diabetic patients have little options and they end up consuming food with a high glycemic index.

James Joseph, a tech veteran who worked with the likes of Microsoft, Ford and 3M for over 25 years, accidentally discovered the benefits of green jackfruit for diabetes, which led him to develop a patented green jackfruit flour, which is clinically proven to control blood sugar. The clinical study results have been published in the American Diabetes Association journal, Diabetes. 

In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, with results published in ADA journal Diabetes , a significant decrease in hba1c was observed within 90 days amongst participants taking 30g of Jackfruit365 green jackfruit ­flour daily, as part of their diet replacing an equal volume of rice or wheat ­flour.

"I was taking insulin for 5yrs and came to know about the benefits of green jackfruit flour for controlling blood sugar during a TV channel debate. Out of curiosity and interest for the biodiversity of Kerala, I started using a table spoon of Jackfruit365

Clensta Covid 19 Protection Lotion – your long term shield against COVID 19 & the harmful effects of hand sanitisers

 2020 witnessed a drastic change in the lifestyle of people with the onset of COVID 19. The global outbreak of the virus has made sanitisers an integral part of our lives. As a short term solution, sanitisers mattered but the side effects weigh heavily against long term, frequent usage of the same. Frequent usage has long term side effects.


Sanitiser limitations and side effects:


1. High alcohol percentage – the constant application of alcohol-based sanitisersremoves all the moisture and oils of the skin causing irritation, burning and increases the risk of hand dermatitis or 'eczema.' This commonly manifests on the skin with redness, dryness, cracks, and even blisters that causespain and discomfort.


2. Several research studies have reported that some non-alcohol-based hand sanitisers containing an antibiotic compound called Triclosan are a health hazard as their overuse has negative effects on fertility, foetal development and asthma. According to the FDA, Triclosan present in hand sanitisers can also cause hormonal issues.


3. Each sanitiser application lasts for up to 15-30 seconds, after which, protection from any exposure to the virus is minimum. People tend to apply sanitisers up to 10 times a day onaverage.


4. Sanitisers can only be used on the hands.


The better alternative to the sanitisers – the best one – made in India – CLENSTA Covid 19 Protection Lotion


The world’s 1st clinically proven Covid 19 Protection Lotion for the whole body by CLENSTA. A made in

India success story in association with IIT Delhi.


1. Clinically proven to protect against COVID-19 up to 24 hours. It’s PAP (Prolonged Antiviral Protection) Technology ensures protection long after application, by continuously killing any Covid-19 virus that may come in contact with your skin. It eliminates the need to repeatedly apply any lotion during the day.


2. It is a unique lotion that can be applied to the whole body – hands, face, neck, arms, etc offering comprehensive protection for you and your loved ones whether at the home, office, playground, during travel or while attending family events.


3. It is skin-friendly, with no alcohol content and is an effective moisturiser.




4. Proven to protect against 99% of the common bad virus that you, your children, parents, family come into contact on a daily basis such as MRSA, Influenza Virus, Athlete’s Foot Fungus, TB, bloodborne pathogens HIV and HBV as well as Norovirus, Staph, Rhinovirus and Influenza A virus (flu), Herpes Simplex 2 Virus, H1N1, HSN1, Hepatitis D, Cholera, Diarrhoea, Polio and Rabies.


5. The lotion has been formulated with PAP (Prolonged Antiviral Protection) Technology, which is based on a specially engineered formula that uses a triple complex formulation of AfNPs+sophorolipid+citricwhichhas beentestedandverifiedatClenstaMicrobiologyLaboratoryincubated at IIT Delhi. It is an environmentally safe product made from Sophorolipid that is a biosurfactant along with having added benefits of silver nanoparticles and citric acid which are known for their virus protection qualities.


6. This product has been approved by the FDA and the ingredients comply with CDC and WHO guidelines.


You can shop for the CLENSTA COVID19 PROTECTION LOTION on AMAZON ( and

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

*Amid the festive season, Iulia Vantur was seen as the face of Parul Khanna’s Studio 6 Jewels !*

 Studio 6 Jewels, founded by entrepreneur and business woman, Parul Khanna, has already made its presence felt on social media. Dedicated to handcrafted urban imitation jewellery, Studio 6 Jewels launched on December 21. Television host, news anchor and singer, Iulia Vantur is the face of the jewellery brand. 

As she gears up for the big launch, Khanna shares that she dedicated Studio 6 to her late mother. She says, “I started this venture in the remembrance of my beloved mother who I lost a year back. She was an Iron Lady and the backbone of our family. Her love and fondness towards jewellery was impeccable. I grew up watching her wear minimalist yet elegant and exquisite jewellery. It was bliss to watch how she carried them so gracefully. She always loved and admired my designs and, in a way, passed me this passion for jewellery, so I completely dedicate this brand to my mother.”

She adds, “This Covid-19 pandemic has given tough times to all of us and in order to boost my morale and be dedicated, I decided to launch this jewellery brand. What better than launching it during the holiday and festive season, which is the perfect time to spread joy and happiness with your near and dear ones!”

Vantur, who has lent her vocals to songs in films like Veere Di Wedding and Race 3, was thrilled to be the brand ambassador for Studio 6 Jewels. “When Parul got in touch with me and shared the range of her exquisite designs, I instantly knew I found the perfect piece of jewellery to wear on New Years Eve! She is a talented designer and entrepreneur with an eye for details and elegance. The sentimental value attached to the brand was heartwarming and I am glad to be the face of it. I wish her luck for this new venture. She surely made this festive season extra special for all the women out there.”

Studio 6 Jewels is all set to carve a niche in the world of contemporary jewellery with its unique and elegant designs with fine details and intricate work. Khanna’s designs witness the coming together of yesteryear charm and contemporary style. The use of semi-precious stones, diamonds and pearls makes Studio 6 Jewels stand out in the realm of imitation jewellery. Be it festivals or special events, Studio 6 Jewels offers an array of options.

Paras Arora (Dr. Pramod in Sony SAB’s Kaatelal & Sons)

 This year has taught us so many things. I always believed more in planning the future but the past few months made me understand the importance of living in the moment and enjoying it. Hence, I have stopped worrying about upcoming problems and instead started enjoying the present moment more. This definitely doesn’t mean spending every penny you have earned, without any planning. 

While we didn’t have much work in terms of shoots, this year, it still feels like a very tiring year, mentally. Hence, I want to travel a lot in 2021, to relax and be recharged. The past year has also taught us how much we need our friends and family, especially at such low times. So, I will make sure I catch up with them more often this year. My New Year resolution is to concentrate on my fitness as I will try to hit the gym everyday. I have also wanted to learn playing the Guitar for a long time and hope to accomplish that this year. 

To bring in the new year, I am planning to have a house-party with some of my close friends, keeping in mind all the restrictions and safety protocols currently.

• Ashi Singh (Yasmine in Sony SAB’s Aladdin- Naam Toh Suna Hoga)

The year 2020 taught has taught me the value of people and things, that I earlier took for granted, thinking I will always have them with me. So, I have learnt to be grateful and feel blessed for whatever I have in my life.

I recently had a pre-new year trip with my friends to Goa, since I wanted to avoid the New Year crowd during these times. So, on the New Year’s Eve, I will be at home, with my family.

I don’t believe in New Year resolutions because I took one last year and couldn’t stick by it. I feel if you want to start something good, you can do it anytime and anywhere. To compensate for all the wasted time of 2020, I have already started working on my fitness and I am going to continue that through the next year, with much more determination. 

• Gulki Joshi (Haseena Mallik in Sony SAB’s Maddam Sir)

The one thing that 2020 has taught me is that ‘Control is an illusion’. We go about in our lifes planning and then cribbing and complaining if things don’t go as planned. Then, something like a pandemic hits and you realize that nothing is in your control. Even if you have everything sorted or completely damaged, it doesn’t really matter. You need to go on and take life as it comes. However, the biggest learning for me has been that anything can happen at anytime and hence, managing finances is very important.

For the coming year, I plan to rest and relax a lot, spending time with my family and close friends. My New Year resolution is to get better at social media. 

• Yukti Kapoor (Karishma Singh in Sony SAB’s Maddam Sir)

This year taught me to be calm and also to save money. The most important thing that I learnt is to love yourself more than anything or anyone else because your happiness matters the most. So, I have started loving myself a little more.

With the new year arriving, I have decided to be disciplined in life- wake up early, work out, have fun and be more passionate about my work. Since I live away from my parents, I will make sure I spend as much time with my family as possible because I miss that home love and care here in Mumbai. 

I plan to enter 2021 by traveling to Goa with my brothers as I love travelling with them. For the same, I have applied for a few days off from the shooting of Maddam Sir, way in advance and I am very excited.

*Acer’s Mega eSports Tournament “The Predator Gaming League – India Finale” Concludes*

 • Along with PUBG, this year Predator Gaming League (PGL) also hosted Valorant making it a double thrill for the fans and players

• For the first time Predator Gaming League conducted an exclusive tournament for women gamers

• “GaBRU eSports” emerge as the ultimate champions for PUBG PC at India Finale

• “XTZ” won the title for the champions for Valorant at India Finale, and “Couldn’t Care Less” won the title for Valorant for Women.  

Bengaluru, December 28th, 2020: Acer, the market leader in PC gaming in India announced the winner of its 4th Edition of mega eSports Tournament Acer Predator League India 2020 where 16 finalists from PUBG PC, 4 Semi Finalists from Valorant, and that for Valorant for Woman competed against each other in their respective tournament.


Acer Predator League is a landmark event that was the culmination long gruelling competition. While COVID-19 obligated the event to be held online, the matches were witnessed by thousands of gaming lovers and fanatics who witnessed some thrilling clash between the best teams from all across the country. Fans watched the tournament on Acer’s social media handles including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. The popularity and acceptance of PUBG in India and the growth of fandom for Valorant has opened new doors of opportunity for gaming enthusiasts to showcase their skills. 

Commenting on this, Mr. Sudhir Goel, Chief Business Officer, Acer India said, “We are delighted to announce the winner of Acer’s 4th edition of Predator League 2021 India finale held in Bengaluru. Even through the pandemic we are witnessing the rise of eSports in India and the online gaming industry is rising too with the increase of affordable PC hardware in the market. Iam extremely pleased that we are able to offer our gaming fans and the best e-sports players a platform like Predator League to show their skills and the love for the games.”

The event was broadcasted on Acer’s social media and YouTube channels which were watched by thousands of enthusiastic fans from across India. Acer is the No. 1 gaming brand in India and their predator gaming line has earned countless industry awards and accolades for giving a competitive edge to gamers. 


Predator League is held by Acer annually to reinforce the Predator brand’s commitment to supporting the gaming industry and in the Asia Pacific region. As a gamer, you need to be ruthless and obsessed with winning, like a Predator ready to attack its prey. Predator is the brand with a complete gaming device line ranging from laptop, desktop, monitor, and accessories, and the Predator series offers the latest technology in gaming, made especially to enhance the gaming experience of any hardcore gamer. Starting in 2018, Predator League has established as one of the top tournaments in Asia with country winners getting a chance to compete with the best in Asia.


Founded in 1976, today Acer is one of the world’s top ICT companies and has a presence in over 160 countries. As Acer looks into the future, it is focused on enabling a world where hardware, software, and services will fuse to open up new possibilities for consumers and businesses alike. From service-oriented technologies to the Internet of Things to gaming and virtual reality, Acer’s 7,000+ employees are dedicated to the research, design, marketing, sale, and support of products and solutions that break barriers between people and technology. Please visit for more information.

*Igor Angulo: All for the team*

 ~ The striker has thrived in his first 8 games, but all he cares is the team’s success~

Goa, December 28, 2020: A week earlier, there was another request for an interaction from the media for Igor Angulo. 8 goals in as many games in your very first season in the Indian Super League generally leads to this kind of attention.

Blighted with requests time and again Angulo’s reply to the task at hand was one that says more about the man than most actions that get highlighted on the television sets. 

“I would prefer to not talk immediately ahead of the game, but if you need me, for the team, I will make myself available.”

Angulo’s impact on FC Goa has been immediate, prominent, and profound. There are just no two ways about it. The Spaniard has quickly become one of the most talked-about players in the league and yet his focus has always been on one thing - the team. 

And time and again he dispels any extra praise heaped on him for his finishing touches at the head of FC Goa’s attacking schemes. 

“I'm a striker. I must score goals, that's my job and the best way I can help my team,” the forward remarked on his importance in the schematic that Juan Ferrando has laid out this season. “Everyone here has his own responsibility on the pitch, we are all equally important.”

A ‘team player’ is arguably one of the most cherished terms in a head coach’s dictionary. Igor Angulo personifies that; not only with his play but his attitude off it. 

Back on track

The Gaurs seemed to have lost their momentum after consecutive defeats at the hands of ATK Mohun Bagan and Chennaiyin. Then against Jamshedpur it all seemed to be going awry as the Red Miners drew first blood thanks to a Stephen Eze goal in the first half. 

Character, though, is something that this team is not short on. Playing for each other and for the name on the front of the shirt has been a characteristic of the new-look FC Goa side. That was brought to the fore as the Gaurs claimed points against Bengaluru and NorthEast from losing positions. And then against Mumbai, they dominated large portions of the game against Mumbai despite being a man down for more than a half of the game and looked the more likely to score for the first part of the second half. 

That quality was again on show last Wednesday night. 

A second half revival saw the Gaurs claim all three points when the referee sounded the final whistle. Leading the comeback yet again was the 36-year-old in FC Goa’s number 17 shirt. It was a performance that typified his first season with the Gaurs (where he has scored a goal for every 19.5 touches, he has taken).

With Angulo in the box, the Gaurs always have a chance and he showed that yet again. 

“We had played better in previous games, but in our situation the most important thing was to get all three points that night. Getting the victories are crucial as they help build our confidence and that in turn affects our performance,” opined Angulo after the game.  

“I told the guys that we just need to breathe easy and not be anxious. That we had to trust ourselves, because our chances will come. We have the quality. And it finally arrived and thankfully, we dispatched them in the second half. I am just glad that I played a role”

And what a role it was! After coolly slotting a penalty past TP Rehenesh in the Jamshedpur goal, Angulo delivered a 94th minute dagger with a header via the back of his head.

“I went to the first post with confidence, but I was very well marked and it was difficult to find the best contact to score,” recalls the current leader in the race for the ISL Golden Boot. 

“Finally, I headed it the only way possible to score from that position. The happiness when I saw the ball in the net was incredible, more than for just myself, for the team. We needed that victory.”

Best yet to come

Under new head coach Juan Ferrando, the Gaurs have looked ever impressive in the middle of the park. Protecting the ball and retaining possession have taken an upswing. 

However, with all the new faces, a curtailed pre-season and games coming at a swift pace, the jagged edges that still lie in regards to the Gaurs’ play in the final third has still room for further smoothening to help bring forth the kind of product Juan Ferrando would like to present. 

“We need time to fine tune a few more things. The timing of our movements, the instincts of knowing where to play the ball for a certain person and when to time the runs,” the 36-year-old further elaborated. “The squad is new; we had a short preseason and everything needs time. I'm sure the best of FC Goa is yet to come.”

The general consensus has been that this team has so far only scratched the surface of their true potential. And that is what should excite all FC Goa faithful. 

The new man in the number 17 shirt for the Gaurs has shown a penchant for delivering the perfect touch to lead it to the back of the net whether be through his favourite left foot, his chest or the back of his head. But more importantly, it’s his desire to do the utmost for the team, an attitude that not only helps him excel but also rub off on others to give their best. 

A leader, a forward, a team player - how may ever you want to describe the man. He is all for the team.

*Practically Launches Its First Brand Campaign*

 • The campaign includes TV, Digital, Print and Social Media Marketing with a regional focus on Andhra Pradesh and Telangana markets

• The TVCs received a stupendous response with close to a million views since its launch

December 29, 2020: Practically, a new e-learning app, designed to make learning experien

tial and increase retention among students of class 6 to 12, has kickstarted its first-ever brand campaign around the theme - ‘Bring Learning Alive’. The USP of the product is intelligent, interactive and immersive learning experience driven by 3D videos, simulations and Augmented Reality and hence the campaign proposition is ‘Bring Learning Alive’.  

The rationale for the above proposition is guided by the main features of the app – Life-like video content, Hands-on Learning, Experiential Learning, Access to Subject Experts, Live Classes & Meet Proton - the official brand mascot, all of which add to the enhanced and engaging experience for the user. Coding++, a new feature which promises to be the A-Z of coding is due to be launched soon.

This makes Practically a comprehensive e-learning choice for every student, besides giving parents a one-stop solution to address their child’s academic needs. The brand campaign includes 2 weeks of associate sponsorship on Big Boss Telegu 2020, print, digital marketing and social media amplification. The TV association and print ads will run in the month of December while the digital and social leg of the campaign will extend well over the next month, giving the campaign scale.


While the main focus is on Andhra Pradesh and Telangana given that these are the current priority markets for the brand, the digital campaign will run in the top 15 cities in the country with a greater emphasis on Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai. Through this initiative the brand aims to strengthen its connect with audiences in the run up to the pan-India launch of the brand in the coming months.

Talking about the campaign, Mahadev Srivatsa, VP – Marketing & Brand Strategy, Practically said, “Launching our first ever brand campaign was an absolute delight. The objective of the campaign was to create awareness about the brand and showcase exactly how Practically brings learning alive for students through its immersive features. The 30 sec TVCs highlight all the main features of the brand, woven around the brand proposition of ‘Bring Learning Alive Practically’. The jingle format serves as a perfect clutter breaker to land this message in a fun and engaging manner. Both TVCs have been well received and are already close to crossing a million views combined on YouTube since the campaign’s launch on 5th December. This is a positive start to many more and bigger things to come and the feedback is extremely encouraging.”

The ‘Bring Learning Alive’ campaign, was conceptualised by the brand team in partnership with Something Completely Different, a video production house based out of Hyderabad and Bangalore. 

Producers: Manoj & Nikhilesh

Concept & Directed by: Surya Srikanth 

Music: Sahitya Sagar

Watch the latest brand commercial on YouTube

*AMP Capital establishes energy transmission platform in India with Sterlite Power**AMP Capital establishes energy transmission platform in India with Sterlite Power*

 - Both invest USD 150 Million each in the development of four transmission projects

Global investment manager AMP Capital has established a 50/50 partnership with Sterlite Power Transmission Limited (Sterlite Power) for the development of energy transmission projects in India. This marks the first investment in India for AMP Capital’s global infrastructure equity strategy.

AMP Capital and Sterlite Power will each invest an initial amount of approximately USD 150 million in the development of four transmission projects, and have put in place debt financing, which represents a total capital outlay of around USD 1 billion. These projects have a circuit length of nearly 1800 kilometres of transmission lines across the Western, Southern and North Eastern regions of India. They will provide the critical infrastructure required for evacuating power from multiple renewable energy generation projects and will strengthen the power delivery infrastructure in the country. 

The partners may in the future contribute further capital for new inter-state transmission projects which are expected to be tendered by the government of India. Therefore, the partnership has the potential to reach an overall investment size of USD 500 million. 

Transmission infrastructure has underpinned the rapid growth seen in the generation capacity of India over the last decade. This growth has been led by renewable energy, where India is rapidly becoming recognised as a global leader, having surpassed its ambitious Paris Agreement targets with 38% of generation capacity currently from clean energy. The Indian power market still has huge potential for expansion, with low relative per capita power consumption in the country. Due to years of underinvestment in transmission capacity there is significant demand for investment, and the Indian government has been actively promoting the participation of the private sector in transmission line development through the continued implementation of supportive regulatory reforms.

Sterlite Power is a leading developer of transmission projects with a robust execution record across India and Brazil. It has won a third (by tariff) of all inter-state private transmission projects awarded in India under competitive bidding since 2011, and has successfully established its unique asset flip business model across both markets. Sterlite Power has completed and sold nine transmission assets to date in India.

Sharat Goyal, Head of India, Infrastructure Equity at AMP Capital said: “AMP Capital and Sterlite Power believe that this is a unique partnership bringing together operational and investment expertise to support the hitherto under-invested construction phase of power infrastructure in India. Our investment will create a pool of valuable transmission assets, with long-term contractual arrangements and a robust payment security framework, which are extremely attractive to yield-seeking investors. 

“India is a key target market for AMP Capital and we have dedicated time and resource to finding a compelling investment opportunity suited to our clients. This investment capitalises on the opportunity presented by the Indian infrastructure sector at this time, as well as benefitting from policy initiatives like Infrastructure Investment Trusts (INVITs) which have created transparent, market-driven exit opportunities for investors willing to invest capital in the development of greenfield infrastructure projects in India.”

Commenting on the transaction, Anuraag Srivastava, CFO Sterlite Power said “We are delighted to enter into a partnership with AMP Capital – a leading global infrastructure private equity firm. This investment is another testimony of continued trust reposed on us by the investor community.”

Pratik Agarwal, Managing Director, Sterlite Power said: “We are driven by our core purpose to enable access to reliable power while minimizing the impact on climate change. The world is undergoing a clean-energy revolution and India is leading this effort with its mammoth target of 450GW by the year 2030. Sterlite Power will contribute towards this noble cause by creating the required transmission infrastructure so that green energy can reach the most underserved households. We are happy to have like-minded partners like AMP Capital who believe in our core purpose and in our model of sustainable development.”

AMP Capital was advised by Citigroup (financial), PwC (commercial and tax) and AZB (legal). Sterlite was advised by Moelis & Company and Credit Suisse (financial), Khaitan & Co (legal), and EY (tax).

About AMP Capital 

AMP Capital is a global investment manager with a heritage and strength in real estate and infrastructure, and experience in fixed income, equities and multi-asset solutions. AMP Capital has been investing in infrastructure since 1988 and has US$21bn infrastructure equity and debt assets under management as at 30 June 20201. AMP Capital has been ranked in the top 10 infrastructure managers globally, based on total capital raised.2 AMP Capital is owned by AMP Limited, which was established in 1849, and is one of Australia's largest retail and corporate pension providers.

About Sterlite Power 

Sterlite Power is a leading global developer of power transmission infrastructure with projects of over 13,700 circuit kms and 24,800 MVA in India and Brazil. With an industry-leading portfolio of power conductors, EHV cables and OPGW, Sterlite Power also offers solutions for upgrading, uprating and strengthening existing networks. The Company has set new benchmarks in the industry by use of cutting-edge technologies and innovative financing. Sterlite Power is the sponsor of IndiGrid, India’s first power sector Infrastructure Investment Trust (“InvIT”), listed on the BSE and NSE. Sterlite Power has been recognised with The Economic Times Innovation Awards 2020 and is a recipient of prestigious global awards from S&P Global Platts and International Project Management Association (IPMA).

येशु के पैदा होने पर मेरी और जोसफ हुए खुश, राजा हेरोड की नींद उड़ी!

 एण्डटीवी के शो येशु में एक असाधारण परोपकारी बच्चे की कहानी दिखाने के साथ-साथ करुणा, दया, आशा, प्यार और क्षमा के गुणों को भी दिखाया गया है। 22 दिसम्बर को शुरू हुए प्रीमियर एपिसोड में, जोसफ (आर्य धर्मचंद) मेरी

(सोनाली निकम) को पूरे अधिकार के साथ अपनी पत्नी के रूप में स्वीकार करता है और उसके बाद भगवान के मार्गदर्शन के साथ येशु (विवान शाह)का जन्म होता है। जहां एक ओर, नवविवाहित जोड़ी के लिए ये खुशियों के पल हैं, तो वही दूसरी तरफ राजा हेरोड (दर्पण श्रीवास्तव) इससे काफी क्रोधित है। अक्सर उसे गांव के लोगो पर अत्याचार करते हुए देखा जाता है और उस जैसा शैतानी राजा और रूढ़िवादी शासक गांव वालो ने इससे पहले कभी नहीं देखा है। येशु के आने से अपने शासनकाल पर खतरा मंडराते हुए देखकर, वह गांव के सभी नवजात बच्चों को मारने का आदेश देता है। हालांकि, येशु और उसका परिवार वहां से भागने में सफल होते हैं और वो एक गांव में शरण लेते हैं। शैतान (अंकित अरोड़ा) राजा हेरोड को इस बात की जानकारी देता है कि उनका दुश्मन अभी भी जिंदा है। अब राजा हेरोड क्या करेगा? इस एपिसोड के बारे में बात करते हुए मेरी (सोनाली निकम) ने कहा, श्येशु का जन्म पूरे परिवार में खुशियां लेकर आता है, लेकिन मेरी के लिए ये पल सबसे खास होते हैं क्योंकि वह पहली बार अपने बेटे को गोद में लेती है। मां और उसके बेटे के बीच तुरंत ही एक खुबसूरत बॉन्ड बन जाता है क्योंकि वह उसे देखकर एक प्यारी सी स्माइल देता है। इसके अलावा, एक तरफ जहां मेरी और जोसफ खुश हैं, तो वही समान रूप से इस बात को लेकर चिंतित भी होते हैं कि उनके नवजात बेटे येशु पर लगातार राजा हेरोड का खतरा मंडरा रहा है और वह येशु को हानि पहंुचाना चाहता है। येशु को बचाने के लिए कोई कसर नहीं छोड़ते हुए, जोसफ और उसका परिवार येशु के साथ गांव छोड़ देता है और वो एक नई जगह पर जाकर रहने लगते हैं और एक नई जिंदगी की शुरुआत करते हैं। हालांकि अब ये कोई रहस्य नहीं रहा है क्योंकि राजा हेरोड को वहां का पता लग जाता है जहां वो रहते हैं। आगामी एपिसोड्स में यह देखने लायक होगा कि क्या वो येशु को ढूंढने में कामयाब होगा।श्


‘येशु‘ विशेष रूप से एक परोपकारी बच्चे की कहानी है जो सिर्फ अच्छाई करना चाहता है और अपने आस-पास खुशियां फैलाता है। सभी के लिए उसका प्यार और करुणा उन बुरी, शैतानी शक्तियों के लिये बिल्कुल विपरीत हैं, जो उनके जन्म और बचपन के दौरान मौजूद थीं। अपनेे परिवार और समाज पर होने वाले अत्याचारों ने उन्हें काफी प्रभावित किया। दूसरों की मदद करने और उनके दर्द को कम करने की कोशिश अक्सर उन्हें उस राह पर ले जाती थी जहां वह निश्चित रूप से आहत होते थे और न सिर्फ उत्पीड़कों बल्कि बड़ी संख्या में दूसरे लोगों द्वारा भी उनकी निंदा की जाती थी। लेकिन आखिरकार ये चीजें भी उन्हें उनके रास्ते पर चलने से नहीं रोक पाईं। येशु की कहानी अच्छाई बनाम बुराई के बीच की सिर्फ एक आदर्श कहानी ही नहीं है, बल्कि यह येशु और उनकी समर्थक एवं मार्गदर्शक बनीं उनकी मां के बीच के खूबसूरत रिश्ते को भी दर्शाता


येशु का प्रसारण 22 दिसम्बर 2020 (मंगलवार) से शुरू हो रहा है,हर सोमवार से शुक्रवार

 रात 8 बजे सिर्फ एण्डटीवी पर!

Thursday, December 24, 2020

*Punjab National Bank introduce PNB e-Credit Card*

 New Delhi, 24thDecember 2020: Nation’s leading public sector bank, Punjab National Bank (PNB), today introduces PNB e-Credit Card, a digital replica of a physical Credit Card.  

It will allow PNB customers to use PNB e-credit card at any e-commerce platform or merchant website, without the need of carrying the physical card

Customers can view PNB e-Credit Cards details by clicking on e-Credit Card facility in PNB Genie Mobile app. Existing PNB customers will need to update their PNB Genie with the latest app available on Google play store and A

pple’s app store to use the new feature. 

PNB Genie app also helps customers in activation of card for international/ Domestic usage and setting up transaction limits for ATM, Ecommerce, POS and Contactless payments.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020


 ~The two-day doctoral workshop conducted by Great Lakes Institute of Management and North American Society for Marketing Education in India (NASMEI) focused on ‘Consumer Behaviour’ in the post COVID-19 era’ ~ 

23rd December 2020, Chennai: The Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai hosted their 14th NASMEI International marketing conference in collaboration with the North American Society of for Marketing Education in India (NASMEI). The virtual conference was prelude by a 3-day workshop providing great opportunity for the doctoral students and junior faculty to interact and learn from some of the top researchers in the world.  

The premier annual conference held at Great Lakes Institute of management was organized by the Kotler-Srinivasan Center for Research in Marketing. The session was inaugurated by

Dr. Suresh Ramanathan, Dean, Great Lakes Institute of management, followed by the welcome address by Prof. Bala V Balachandran, Founder, Chairman of the board and Dean Emeritus, Great Lakes Institute of Management. 

The keynote address was delivered by Dr. Seenu Srinivasan, Adams Distinguished Professor of Management, Emeritus, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University, USA. Speaking on the occasion he said, “I started this conference back in 2007, with the encouragement of Prof. Bala, for the purpose of bringing Indian researchers together with researchers from all over the world, so we can learn from each other. At the time I was a board member at NASMEI, and it was a great opportunity to connect NASMEI to Great Lakes. Since then, it has been ably and efficiently run under the stewardship of Prof. Bharadhwaj and Prof. Sridhar Samu.” While presenting his paper ‘Comparison of Maxdiff and ASEMAP for the measurement of individual-level attribute importance’ he said, “The traditional method of assessing attribute importance through a ranking system does not work very well. This is because, given a list of attributes to rank, people tend to say everything is important. Which is why methods like MaxDiff and ASEMAP should strongly be considered for commercial market research.”

The 5-day long event included workshop conducted by the pioneers in business management and consumer behaviours such as Professor Shailendra Pratap Jain (University of Washington), Professor Aparna Labroo (Northwestern University), Professors Lauren Block (Baruch College), Simon Botti (London Business School), Angela Lee (Northwestern University), L J Shrum (HEC, Paris), and Andrew Stephen (Oxford University).

The two-day conference had papers presented by students and researchers from all over India. A wide variety of topics from the study of gamification to Ethics in Consumer decision making and to Impact of OTT platforms on consumers were addressed and discussed during the conference, specifically addressing the post-covid challenges and trends in the segment. Some of the best research papers competed under the Raj Sethuraman Research Grant, and Bala and Vasantha Balachandran Research Grant, by the Great Lakes Institute of Management 

“Raising the standards and quality of research in India has been the aim of Great Lakes Institute of Management and with this 14th edition of Great Lakes NASMEI International conference, we have reached one more step closer to the goal” added Prof. S. Bharadhwaj, Dr. Bala V Balachandran & Vasantha Balachandran Chair Professor of Marketing, Director. 


About Great Lakes: Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai founded in 2004 by Padma Shri Awardee Dr. Bala V Balachandran is one of the premier B-schools in India. Great Lakes has, within a short span of 15 years emerged as a top-ranked business school. Great Lakes has 50+ full time faculty and 150+ visiting faculty including over 25+ international faculty from top global schools like Yale, Kellogg, Stanford, and Harvard. Further collaborations with world’s leading institutions like University of Houston, University of Bordeaux, Hongkong University of Science & Technology (HKUST), University of Missouri, Kansas, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago and Babson College etc., have helped Great Lakes in globally benchmarking its programs.

Great Lakes, Chennai, was accredited by Association of MBAs (AMBA), UK in 2014 and became the youngest B-school in India to receive this prestigious international accreditation. In 2015, Great Lakes, Chennai also received international SAQS accreditation and in 2017, its two-year PGDM program was accredited by National Board of Accreditation (NBA). For the years 2018 -2019, Great Lakes was ranked No.1 in India by Analytics India for its Analytics program. Great Lakes, Chennai was ranked 5th by Outlook India among top private MBA institutions, 9th by Business India, 15th by Business Today and 18th by NIRF among top 10 Indian B-Schools. It was also placed in Super League 2 category by Business Standard in the year 2019.

Led by exceptional academic faculty, steered by an outstanding advisory council, and buoyed by the international collaborations, Great Lakes has been constantly innovating to stay ahead of the needs of our businesses and community. It is the first B-school in India to offer full time specialization in Analytics and first to introduce AI and Machine Learning specialization. 

Great Lakes has a 30-acre LEED Platinum rated green campus in Chennai and a second campus in Delhi-NCR. In the year 2019, Great Lakes Gurgaon campus received the prestigious AMBA accreditation and was also ranked among the top 5 emerging business schools by the National HRD Network (NHRDN) for the year 2018-2019. Great Lakes Gurgaon was also ranked 13th by Business World for its one-year program in the year 2019.

Great Lakes offers One Year full time MBA (PGPM) for experienced professionals, Two-year MBA (PGDM), Part Time Executive MBA for senior managers, and Weekend Executive MBA Program. Great Lakes alumni currently numbering 8800+, work at world renowned organizations both in India and overseas across 30 countries.

*Edukemy Introduces Three Enrichment Courses for UPSC Optional Courses*

 New Delhi, 23rd December 2020: With an aim to maximize marks by attaining an edge above the rest, Edukemy, India’s first test prep EdTech company in the non-STEM segment today announced three new enrichment courses for UPSC Optional Courses. These courses are designed to enhance the subject knowledge of students and improve their answering and writing skills to attain an edge over others in the examinations. 

The three new enrichment courses are – Geography Optional, Sociology Optional and Political Science & International Relations Optional courses. These courses offered by Edukemy have an edge above the rest as we offer live interactive classes and post test discussions for our students. Our test series are designed with a personalized evaluation system with individual test feedback, handwritten model answers and peer to peer communication with One on One faculty interaction with students. 

Sharing his views on the addition of new courses Mr. Chandrahas Panigrahi, CEO and Co-Founder, Edukemy, said, “At Edukemy we stand by our aim of guiding students by offering an array of interactive courses with a right mix of technology to help them prepare and qualify for India’s most prestigious exams. Our courses are designed by highly experienced and India’s leading faculties and academicians and our priority lies in reaching across the geography of the country by giving maximum students a chance to excel in their career.”

The Enrichment Course are a mix of Advanced, Applied & Current concepts of the optional subject, which helps gaining a deeper insight into the subject. These courses consolidate and deepens students understanding of the Optional subject from Mains point of view, and our past records show that it also helps the students improve their final marks by 10%-15%. 

About Edukemy

Edukemy is India’s first EdTech company in the non-stem segment that has developed an evaluation model based on AI and cutting-edge technology. Our priority is to scale the learning experience for every individual by offering an insightful and enriching environment for students with a focus on live classes, handwritten notes, and an interactive platform. With more than 50 years of cumulative experience at teaching and mentoring students, Edukemy strives each day, with every single student, to make the difference. We intend to democratize education by delivering quality content, valuable mentorship we believe in disrupting the normal and bring in innovation in methods of teaching.

For additional details please visit -

*FGII adopts an innovative approach to drive literacy amongst underprivileged children*

 India, De

cember 23, 2020: Future Generali India Insurance Company Limited (FGII) has teamed up with ‘Room to Read’ an NGO that helps underprivileged children to improve literacy and inculcate the habit of reading. Through this partnership, the company plans to setup libraries and donate books to under privileged children from the society. 

As a part of its responsibility towards community development, FGII will use its uniquely designed annual report to raise funds for the NGO backed schools. One can contribute to this cause by ordering this book on and The amount contributed by an individual shall be directly contributed to the NGO partner. In addition, Future Generali India Insurance vows to match the amount ‘Rupee for a Rupee’ thus doubling the impact of the initiative.


Anup Rau, MD & CEO, Future Generali India Insurance said, “FGII is known for its innovative products and empathetic approach. We wanted to thank our people who have stepped up during these difficult times and delivered excellent results on various fronts. Their dedication and hard work deserve a superhero status, and this report is in a way, a gesture of our gratitude. It is also special and close to our hearts for the cause that it embraces. We are hopeful that in a small way, we would be able to add value to the lives of these children.”


Amazon link: Future Generali Annual Report 19-20: A World of Captain FG


About Future Generali India Insurance Company Limited

Future Generali India Insurance Company Limited is a joint venture between Future Group – the game changers in Retail Trade in India and Generali – a 189yearsold global insurancegroupfeaturingamong the world’s 60 largest companies*. The Company wasincorporated in September 2007 with the objective of providingretail, commercial, personal and rural insurancesolutions to individuals and corporates to help themmanage and mitigate risks.

Future Generali India hasbeenaptlybenefitting from the global Insurance expertise in diverse classes of products of Generali Group and the Indianretail game-changer Future Group. Havingfirmlyestablisheditscredentials in thissegment and effectivelyleveraging on the skill set of bothits JV partners, Future Generali India hasevolved to become a Total Insurance Solutions Company.

*As per Fortune Global 500 Ranking (2017)

*Future Generali India Insuranceiscertified ‘Great Place to Work’ (December2019-November 2020)

About Generali Group

Generali is an independent, Italianinsurance Group, with a strong internationalpresence. Established in 1831, itisone of the largest global insuranceproviderspresent in over 60 countries with total premium incomeexceeding €68 billion in 2017. With nearly 71,000 employees in the world and 57 millioncustomers, the Group has a leading position in Western Europe and an increasinglysignificantpresence in Central and Eastern Europe aswellas in Asia.

एसीसी की निर्माण सलाहकार पहल के जरिये हजारों राजमिस्त्रियों, ठेकेदारों और घर बनाने वालों को प्रदान की गई तकनीकी सहायता

 एसीसी ने अपनी निर्माण सलाहकार पहल के तहत घर बनाने वालों, राजमिस्त्रियों और ठेकेदारों को सशक्त बनाने की दिशा में उठाया एक महत्वपूर्ण कदम • ए...