Thursday, December 31, 2020

Himesh Reshammiya’s wife Sonia treated Neha and Rohan Preet to homemade laddoos on sets of indian Idol where she performed on Himesh’s hit song Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo

 Sonia, the wife of Himesh Reshammiya was seen tapping her foot to the super hit track, Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo on the sets of Indian Idol. The television actress also brought home made laddoos for the newlyweds Neha and Rohan Preet on the sets of the Indian Reality TV show, on which her husband is one of the judges.

Sonia is a leading television actress who is also responsible for her husband’s style and his tremendous fitness transformation. Her visit to the sets of the show surely brought a giant smile to Himesh’s face.

The cherry on the pie was when Sonia danced to Himesh’s song Prem Ratan Than Paayo. The pretty star also interacted with Neha Rohan and Vishal Bharti, Harsh and Aditya.

Sonia is a huge fan of Indian Idol, which has emerged as the number 1 non-fiction show across all channels. She is greatly appreciative of the immense talent that is seen on the show as well as the hard work of all the judges, Himesh, Neha and Vishal.

She shared her thoughts about this experience, ‘It was such a special experience for both me and Himesh. He was so happy to see me dance to his song and I was glad to bring a smile to his face.’

It is so heartwarming to see our favourite celebrity Jodie share adorable moments like these. Here’s wishing the couple a fabulous 2021!

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