Sunday, May 19, 2019

Mandsaur District: Voters inspired by facilities including Adarsh polling station

Mandsaur District: Voters inspired by facilities including Adarsh polling station

The role of Adarsh polling stations and the facilities made available for the disabled, centenarians and women voters in Mandsaur district to inspire voters to vote in the Lok Sabha election-2019 has been commendable. The facilities helped the voters get rid of the problem of standing in queues. Arrangement of sofas, tents for shade, drinking water and toilets besides games and caretaking of children was also made.About 40 Adarsh polling centres have been made in 4 assembly segments of the district.

Disabled Abdul Mulla casts his vote with ease

Disabled voter Abdul Mulla Dutta was the first one to reach the Multanpura polling centre to vote. He was taken to the polling station with full honour by the ramp assistant and volunteer and was helped to cast his vote. He was given the Sugamya pass so he did not have to stand in line.

Anchal Ghar made Haseena Bi happy

In many polling booths of the district, the line of women voters was longer than the line of male voters. When Haseena Bi reached the polling station no.40 of Mandsaur with her 7-month-old child, she was very pleased with the arrangements at Anchal Ghar at the booth. She did not have any problem in casting her vote with all kinds of arrangements like toys, swing, and an anganwadi sahayika etc. to take care of her child. Haseena Bi said that I have voted earlier also, but did not get such facilities.

Force makes voting easy for centenarian voters

The centenarian voters of the district said that the support of the Force was encouraging for us. The jawans of the Force held our hands outside the booth and took us inside the polling room. This made voting easy. These voters said that after the voting, the jawans left us outside the room also. Sofas and chairs were arranged in the polling room for us. We even got pure drinking water when we were thirsty. Tents and fans were arranged for shade and respite from heat.

First-time voters were enthusiastic

Youth of the district displayed great enthusiasm during voting. First-time voters including Mukesh Chouhan, Narendra, Priyanka Jain cast their vote. They said that, “we also have fulfilled our responsibility in democracy. We used our franchise very carefully.”

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