Thursday, May 9, 2019

Gits celebrates the #TasteOfMotherhood


National, May 9, 2019: Gits Food, founded in 1963 as the pioneer in convenience food in India, ahead of Mother's Day has launched a new video, perfectly capturingthe warmthof a mother's love and the magic in her handmade food.

The digital filmnarrates the story of a childin an orphanage, and how he seeksmotherly warmth in his daily routine. From the time he is woken up to the warden's call to getting ready for school–it encapsulates his conversations with God about missing a mother's love in his life and wonders how the food made by her would taste.

Commenting on the new video, Mr. Sahil Gilani, Director – Sales & Marketing, GITS Food said, “Being a family-run business, we understand the significance of 'maakehathokakhana'. Unfortunately, there are kids who do not get to cherish this joy. This Mother's Day, we hope to encourage people to spread the love to the orphans in whatever small way they can.”

The Gits team will be serving their food across various orphanages this weekend to celebrate mother's day and spread the joy of #TasteOfMotherHood

YouTube link of the video: #TasteOfMotherhood

About Gits Food:

Established in 1963, Gits pioneered the convenience packaged food segment by being the first company to introduce the concept of Instant Mixes in India. Since inception, the quality policy, as set by the founders is simple & valuable: “We will not sell what we don't relish ourselves”. They are not just the pioneers in introducing prepackaged foods but are also amongst the first Food Product manufacturing companies in India to obtain ISO 9001 – 2008 (Quality Standard) ISO 22000 (Food safety).

Over the years, Gits has developed a large number of products within its portfolio including Instant Mixes (Ready-to-Cook), Ready Meals (Ready-to-Eat), and Dairy products. Gits is widely distributed across India & exports to over 40 countries across the globe.


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