Monday, June 3, 2019

-Visual discovery platform Charmboard announces Discovery Cloud for brands

Visual discovery platform Charmboard announces Discovery Cloud for brands

  • Charmboard uses AI to make progressive brands associate natively to consumer desire in a video

  • Makes brand shine in consumer memory longer

  • Early adopters of the Discovery Cloud experience up to 5x increase in purchase consideration, and an average 250% increase in brand affinity

 Bangalore, India, 3rd June 2019:  Charmboard, an AI based visual discovery platform, today announced the launch of Discovery Cloud, a first-ever subscription based integrated suite of AI-driven technology service specifically designed to power the discovery journey of consumers in the digital world. The service helps brands create new demand, increase brand affinity and build brand preference.

Charmboard Discovery Cloud leverages the power of AI-driven visual discovery, video, curation and community. It offers comprehensive, personalized, highly contextual marketing solution for 24x7 consumers. The platform supports the progression of consumer journey starting from discovery, to research phase, to action—takes them through the full purchasing funnel, with businesses adding value to consumers every step of the way. 

“Charmboard Discovery Cloud will have a measurable impact on brand metrics, in addition to the contextual discovery, which creates new demand for the brand. Brand metrics measure consumer perceptions, enabling businesses to identify the optimal state of those perceptions. By implementing metric-driven course corrections businesses can influence consumer behaviour, which ultimately determines financial performance”, said Mr. GBS Bindra, Founder and CEO of Charmboard.

The service transforms a brand's existing product catalogue into on-demand creatives, giving consumers more ways to interact with it, online during the moments that matters. Ensuring that brand always appear on the ideal content with the ideal context. The service capitalizes on consumer desire from the content consumed organically and reduced intrusion for the user.

At Charmboard, businesses have the opportunity to put relevant content in front of interested consumers at every stage of their journey; as they browse through varied possibilities, when they compare options and when they are ready to make a purchase. As a result, businesses can achieve a range of objectives over the period of time they subscribe to this service.

Charmboard is leading the way in digital marketing innovation in fashion, style, beauty and luxury category. The Digital Discovery Cloud represents an industry first: an integrated, AI-powered suite of solutions to help brands engage with online consumers throughout the year, rather than in sporadic bursts. By subscribing to this service, brand managers are able to drive regular, personal and relevant marketing communication to people, in the moment that matters and to those who actually want to get them. This allows brands to stay fresh in the minds of customers even when they are not in the market for the product a business is selling. By continually staying in touch with consumers, they'll remember the brand and make a purchase when the time comes. Sporadic campaigns by nature are high burst and come at a high cost and significant leakage of exposure to audience which are non-patrons.

“But, while consumer behaviour has dramatically changed over the past decade, especially with decline of appointment TV, brands have lacked the tech and marketing resources to keep pace with today's digital consumer. Charmboard Discovery Cloud allows the brand managers unprecedented capability to show up in the moment of high desire and put the relevant brand material in front of today's digital consumer. Our goal is to help businesses better enable their customers to be inspired, research and act the way they want to – online and from the comfort of their homes – while targeting the context and not their personal data,” concluded Bindra.

Pricing & AvailabilityCharmboard discovery cloud monthly service plans are based on three, six and one-year service agreement. Individual plans are priced at Rs. 1L for 2L discoveries, Rs. 3L for 6.5L discoveries and Rs. 5L for 1.25M discoveries. All plans guarantee unprecedented brand attention, industry leading click-through rates, high brand impact and roll over discoveries.

About Charmboard:

Founded in 2014, Charmboard is a web company that uses artificial intelligence to operate a service designed to discover more from popular culture, mainly video. It is transforming the way users engage with video. In the last two years since the company launched the service, it is reshaping the future of visual discovery and transforming how brands communicate with their audiences. The emergence of a Charm - a personal visual bookmark marking a moment that has inspired the viewer, is helping brands build deeper connections with the users. A typical Charm comprises of three images and a GIF.

The business model of Charmboard revolves around making brands discoverable. Brand ROI is guaranteed via inspired exposure during high points of consumer desire and consequent engagement reaching Charmboard's large and growing audience.

Charmboard is currently available on videos at OTT platform Zee5 across eight languages and on tens of thousands of shared videos at its owned property.  The shows on Zee5 include some of the highest rated in India such as KumkumBhagya&KundaliBhagya. Top brands like L'Oréal, Marico, Myntra, Amway, Jockey are amongst the brands who have been using Charmboard.

Global retail giant Target Corporation, USA and Venture fund 3one4 Capital invested in $5 million Series A round of funding.

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