Thursday, June 11, 2020

Michelin and Symbio: paving the way for motorsport of the future today as partners of MissionH24


Michelin and Symbio have joined forces as preferential partners of the MissionH24 programme for the development of fuel cell power in motor racing

H24Racing: a real-life laboratory

Motorsport: an arena for Michelin and Symbio to accelerate their work on fuel cell technology



Through the intermediary of Symbio, the joint venture it has formed with the automotive equipment manufacturer Faurecia, Groupe Michelin has become a preferential partner of the MissionH24 project which seeks to accelerate the development of zero-emissions mobility thanks to the use of fuel cell technology in endurance racing. This step-up in the French tyre manufacturer’s involvement sees it join Total, the project’s partner at the time of its launch and already committed for a period of five seasons.


Michelin and Symbio: preferential partners of the MissionH24 project


This year sees MissionH24 benefit from additional high-profile support as Michelin and Symbio join Total – the project’s partner since 2019 – to accelerate the use of fuel cell technology in motorsport.

To mark the announcement of its two new partners, H24Racing’s LMP H2G racing prototype will sport a brand new livery featuring the colours of Michelin, Symbio and Total. Endurance racing and sim racing fans will be able to discover the car’s new look during this weekend’s Le Mans 24 Hours Virtual.


This ambitious programme paves the way for the appearance of fuel cell electric prototypes competing in a bespoke class at Le Mans by 2024.


H24Racing: a real-life laboratory

Revealed in September 2018, the MissionH24 project is the result of an initiative by the ACO (Automobile Club de l’Ouest, organiser of the Le Mans 24 Hours) and GreenGT, a pioneering business in the field of high-power fuel cells. The LMP H2G, which was initially unveiled in the colours of H24Racing, is the world’s first electric Le Mans Prototype (LMP) to be powered by fuel cell technology.

After serving as Lead and Safety Car during this weekend’s Le Mans 24 Hours Virtual, the LMP H2G will continue its 2020 programme with a series of track tests aimed at fine-tuning its performance. At the same time, as in 2019, H24Racing prototypes will attend meetings of the ACO-organised Michelin Le Mans Cup.


Motorsport: an arena for Michelin and Symbio to accelerate their work on fuel cell technology


As a preferential partner of MissionH24, Groupe Michelin not only has an active involvement in the development of technical solutions for the powering of racing prototypes but it will also continue as exclusive tyre supplier to H24Racing.


Meanwhile, MissionH24 will benefit from the fuel cell mobility expertise brought to the table by Symbio, the joint venture formed by Michelin and Faurecia in November 2019. As a partner of GreenGT for more than 10 years, the company has a thorough understanding of the importance of the technological stakes associated with motor racing.


Thanks to the experience gained thanks to the MissionH24 project, motorsport fits perfectly with Symbio’s strategy as it seeks to establish itself as a major player in the world of fuel cell mobility over the years ahead.

Sonia Artinian-Fredou (EVP, Services and Solutions, High-Tech Materials, Member of the Group Executive Committee, Michelin):


“Groupe Michelin is excited to be part of the MissionH24 project alongside the ACO [Automobile-Club de l'Ouest] and Total through the intermediary of Symbio. This programme provides Michelin and Symbio with a real-life laboratory to accelerate our research and development work on clean, fuel cell mobility solutions. As a major stakeholder in the realm of zero-emissions mobility, Michelin has invested in a variety of initiatives that are speeding up innovations which aim to provide our customers and the planet with sustainable solutions.”


Fabio Ferrari (CEO, Symbio): “Motor racing not only serves as a tremendous laboratory that allows us to push the limits of fuel cell technology, but it is also an effective flagship to make the public aware of the value of this form of zero-emissions mobility. At Symbio, we are therefore doubly proud to be involved in such an ambitious programme.”



About Michelin:


Michelin seeks to improve the sustainable mobility of people and goods. As part of this process, the Group has been actively involved in a high number of zero-emissions projects for more than 15 years. Also, in association with Faurecia, it has a 50-percent stake in the equipment manufacturer and fuel cell mobility solutions specialist Symbio. Michelin conceives, manufactures and markets tyres designed to meet the needs and usages of its customers, as well as a range of services and solutions that contribute to making transport more efficient. Michelin also markets a range of products that help its customers to enjoy a unique experience when on the move. In the course of its activities, Michelin develops advanced materials for use in a high number of fields. Based in Clermont-Ferrand, France, it is active in 170 countries and employs a staff of more than 127,000. In 2019, Michelin manufactured approximately 200 million tyres in its 69 production plants (




About Symbio:


Owned jointly by Faurecia and Michelin, Symbio designs, manufactures and markets fuel cell systems for light vehicles, light commercial vehicles, buses and trucks, as well as for other forms of electromobility.


Thanks to the unique expertise it has acquired and its work on the establishment of automotive production standards, Symbio is seeking to become a world leader in the field of fuel cell mobility technology. It has more than 10 years’ experience working on fuel cell technology and associated applications for vehicles. In 2020, vehicles equipped with Symbio fuel cells have covered more than three million kilometres. The company is also targeting annual production of 200,000 StackPack®️ pre-validated, pre-integrated fuel cell systems for vehicle manufacturers across the world by 2030.


In this way, Symbio is actively contributing to the growth of fuel cell-powered mobility, an inherently zero-emissions solution that offers end users real benefits in terms of charging times and range.

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