Monday, July 20, 2020

*GIM Commences Academic Year with Online Classes*

~Students of the leading B-school are now able to attend classes digitally from the safety of their homes~

Goa, July 2020: 

Leading B-school Goa Institute of Management (GIM) commenced its academic year with online classes for its senior students. Students of the leading B-school are now able to attend classes digitally from the safety of their homes via the online mode. 

Among the various programmes, the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) which is the B-school’s flagship programme and the Post Graduate Diploma in Healthcare Management (PGDM (HCM) have commenced online classes from the first week of July 2020. 

Students of the Post Graduate Diploma in Management - Part Time (PGDM-PT) programme have classes scheduled over the weekend through the year. Faculty members have been conducting these classes online since the last three months. 

First year students who have just joined the institute will possibly see classes commence in August 2020 as per the guidelines issued by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). 

The students of the Post Graduate Diploma in Big Data Analytics (PGDM (BDA) are currently engaged in internships and are likely to commence classes in October. Students of PDGM and PGDM – HCM have a two-month internship while students of PGDM – BDA have to undergo a five-month long internship each year which sees students commencing their academic year later in the year.

The B-school has created multiple, fully equipped studios which act as virtual class rooms, across the spacious campus from where professors conduct classes and interact with students over the Microsoft Teams platform. A number of faculty reside at the faculty blocks on campus and can access the studios as per their convenience. 

Course material and assignment briefs as well as submissions are shared by faculty members and students alike, via the online medium. 

Said Dr. Ajit Parulekar, Director, GIM on the online education medium which the institute has adopted in the wake of the pandemic, “At GIM we have always followed the adage ‘Learning never stops’. The rising number of cases across the country has prompted us to take the decision to commence classes online for now. An especially created Teaching Excellence Forum has been working along with faculty members to set up virtual classrooms, processes for evaluation and training sessions to aid faculty members gear up for the new-normal in management education. We will look to resume classroom-based learning once the restrictions are lifted.”

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the management education community. GIM’s teaching - learning process is unique. While the 65+ core faculty members with strong credentials, strive to apply innovative techniques, the visiting faculty members, drawn from the industry and leading MBA colleges, ensure that the course is in sync with latest industry requirements. Loaded with modern learning tools and resources, GIM is at par with leading MBA institutes in India and abroad.

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