Monday, September 21, 2020

*Goa Institute of Management first Indian B-School to publish their SDG best practices on the International SDG Dashboard*

Panaji, September 2020: Goa Institute of Management (GIM) has become the first Indian business school to publish their Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) related best practices on the International SDG Dashboard developed by Erivan K. Haub School of Business at Saint Joseph’s University, USA. 

SDG dashboard is a new reporting and data analytics tool which allows Business Schools to showcase their SDG-related best practices and mainstreaming of SDG in all their activities.

Professor Ajit Parulekar, Director, GIM said “GIM has been doing a lot of work related to sustainable development. Being able to report on the SDG dashboard developed by Haub School of Business has given GIM an international platform to share ideas and dialogue with global business schools on Responsive Management Education and SDG Decade of Action. We are excited that our SDG Dashboard shows the institutional efforts in integrating SDG in teaching, research, partnerships, dialogue and organisational practices. Preparation of this dashboard has given us an opportunity to measure our own efforts towards achieving Agenda 2030” 

Professor Parulekar shared that he learnt about this wonderful initiative of the SDG dashboard late last year when he attended the Global Business School Network (GBSN) annual conference in Lisbon. “New technologies can be a great boon to measure the SDG impact of a business school. Such a dashboard is a significant step towards management education becoming even more responsive. Through this dashboard business schools will be able to highlight their endeavour towards integrating SDG in their curriculum, co-curricula and organisational practices and will derive inspiration from the best practices adopted by other B-schools,” said Parulekar. 

Professor Neeraj Amarnani, Dean (Academics), GIM explained that the SDG Dashboard is an effective means of succinctly communicating institutional activities in this area. “Given GIM’s thrust and significant activities in the area of sustainability, we would be able to be well placed to showcase our academic and institutional efforts in the domain on this global platform,” said Prof. Amarnani. 

Professor Divya Singhal and Dr. Sreerupa Sengupta from the Centre for Social Sensitivity and Action (CSSA) at GIM worked with Professor David Steingard and Ms. Tofunmi Duro-Aina from the Haub School of Business to prepare the GIM SDG dashboard. They shared that GIM is an active member of UN-PRME and the SDG dashboard is aligned with the PRME principles so it makes it a useful resource for all PRME schools. 

Dr. Sreerupa Sengupta remarked that CSSA incorporates the values of equity, inclusivity and sustainability in all its activities and promotes responsible management education; hence an implementation -oriented tool such as SDG dashboard will be extremely useful to highlight the contribution of GIM to sustainable development and ways in which the institute is responding to SDG Decade of Action.

You may access the SDG dashboard here:

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