Friday, September 18, 2020

*Jobs of the future in the Hospitality Industry*

Career guidance counsellors Valerie Jacques and Alethea Baracho of VM Salgaocar Institute of International Hospitality Education (VMSIIHE) put the spotlight on the career offerings in the hospitality industry of the future. From Health and Hygiene Officers to the need to multitask, the duo share insights and tips to industry aspirants.  

As the world came to a standstill and the public at large were confined to their homes to fight the coronavirus pandemic, one sector which remains affected the most is the travel and hospitality industry. 

This has left hotel management students and hospitality enthusiasts anxious with regard to the future. Although at this point it looks like employment opportunities are going to be affected, there will be a time where slowly but surely business will gain momentum. 

Some of the employment prospects that will see a rise in the near future, particularly in the hospitality sector are:

Health and Hygiene Officers are being appointed by corporates, cruises, hotels and restaurants and the demand for this profession will continue to rise. The resource will look into the overall hygiene of the facility from a health point of view and ensure guests and customers walking into the facility follow the basic hygiene checks.


Hotels and resorts foresee a greater demand for housekeeping staff to keep up with the increasing demand on hygiene and sanitation and follow guidelines stipulated by the authorities.

Since social distancing and contactless services will be the norm, understanding technology and leveraging the same to deliver an array of no - touch service will be of utmost importance post COVID. IT personnel and digital experts who specialize in online marketing and advertising are quickly gaining importance. 


Entrepreneurship will see a boost with new services and offerings being made available to fill the lacunas that exist. From tech solution providers to online training sessions, the new normal will throw up a host of new business owners.

The most important tip to those seeking to gain skills to make a future in the hospitality sector is that companies are looking to hire a lesser number of employees who can do the work of more. Multitasking is a key requirement. It has always been a norm to hire employees who are versatile in multiple fields rather than one, but now that trait is crucial for sustenance in the future.


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