Friday, September 4, 2020

*Meritnation launches the third season of its popular ‘YouTeach’ contest for students, this Teacher’s Day*

• YouTeach enables students to upload videos showing them teaching a concept and win exciting prizes. 

• The contest, which will be on for 15 days starting tomorrow, is a platform for students to display their skills and all that they have observed and learnt over the years.

• The last season of YouTeach garnered over a million views, likes and comments of the thousands of videos uploaded.

September 04, 2020: Indian Edtech K12 major Meritnation, a part of Aakash Edutech Pvt. Ltd. (which is a subsidiary of test preparation leader Aakash Educational Services Limited (AESL)), has launched the third season of its popular ‘YouTeach’ contest for students, this Teacher’s Day. The contest will be on for a period of 15 days starting tomorrow.


‘YouTeach’ is a video upload contest hosted on the Meritnation app, where students are encouraged to upload a video of them teaching a concept, get their friends and family to ‘like’ it by upvoting it and stand a chance to win exciting prizes. Videos with the maximum ‘likes’ win. While the Super Exciting 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes are MacBook Air, Samsung Tablet, OnePlus Nord respectively, there are assured prizes for every participant. There are even class wise prizes to be won.


In the last season, thousands of videos were uploaded by students which garnered over a million views, likes and comments. For students, the contest is a way of showing their appreciation and gratitude to all their Live Class teachers who relentlessly put in their best effort while teaching. This is an opportunity for them to celebrate their importance in their lives. 


Commenting on the contest, Mr Narasimha Jayakumar, CEO, Aakash Edutech Pvt Ltd., says, “There is a teacher somewhere in every child and when given a platform, the talent comes out. The YouTeach contest provides an easy platform for students to display their skills and all that they have observed and learnt over the years. It also engages the whole family with parents recording, helping with the props, and sometimes even the concept idea. For the best way to learn is to teach.”


About Aakash Edutech Pvt. Ltd.

Aakash EduTech Private Limited (AEPL) is a leading online learning platform that caters to the K12 segment and also offers comprehensive online test preparation services for students preparing for Medical and Engineering Entrance Examinations. A subsidiary of the prestigious AESL group (Aakash Educational Services Limited), AEPL comprises two distinct divisions namely, Aakash Digital and Meritnation.


Aakash Digital powerfully leverages the over 30 years of Aakash academic legacy and discipline to bring to the students an edu-tech platform that helps them prepare for JEE, NEET and other competitive exams online by bringing quality coaching, similar to that being offered in Aakash classroom, to their laptops, desktops, tablets and mobiles.


Meritnation is India’s 1st online learning platform for school students with over 2.5 crore students across CBSE, ICSE and leading state boards. It uses the power of technology to deliver personalised & engaging content to nurture the student's learning curve. The first to launch Live Classes in 2014, today Meritnation’s Live Class platform connects the best teachers in India with students, from the safety and comfort of their homes. It also offers ‘Self- Study’ courses, where the learner studies at his own pace with the help of a variety of study resources ranging from concept videos to tests & smart reports.

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