Monday, September 7, 2020

*Punjab National Bank salutes Teachers on the Teacher’s Day More than 10000 teachers from Govt. School honoured*

Teachers’ Day is about celebrating the vital role of teachers in crafting young minds, guiding, nurturing, and shaping a progressive future. The objective is also to express gratitude, respect, and appreciation through recognition of the efforts of these architects of the nation. Punjab National Bank, India’s second largest bank today awardedteachers nationwide for their exemplary and distinguished services in the field of education. 


PNB officials across the country invited teachers, principals and retired teachers from the government schools, universities, and various educational institutions. In an initiative to honor their role and contribution, PNB’s senior officials across 13000 branchesfelicitated teachers with shawls and teaching materials like whiteboards and stationery items. The gesture aimed to acknowledge them for improving the quality of education and instilling integrity, imparting knowledge, and discipline in young minds. 


Teachers are also one of the warrior groups of Covid-19. As a responsible bank, PNB continuous to encourage and support, to those who are instrumental and dedicated to social and societal reforms. 


Below are the details of the activity: 

1. Felicitation of Vice chancellor, Ranchi University on auspicious occasion of Teacher's Day by Circle Head, Ranchi North, Sri Rati Kant Tripathi & Chief Manager, Sri Sanjay Kumar. (photo 1)

2. Felicitation of a retired Headmaster of Nimpur ME School Jagatpur Cuttack by CH Cuttack Sri Bhanja & LK Mishra Head of GBB & CAC ZO Bhubaneswar at Bo-CDABIDANASI Cuttack (photo 2)

3. PNB senior officials of Srinagar zone felicitating teachers (photo 3)

4. PNB senior officials of Odisha, Baleshwar felicitating teachers (photo 4)

5. PNB senior officials of Bhopal felicitating teachers (photo 5)

6. PNB senior officials of Delhi felicitating teachers (Photo 6)

7. PNB officials felicitating college director and senior teachers of SGSITS College Indore (Photo 7)

8. PNB senior officials of Guwahati felicitating teachers (Photo 8)

एसीसी की निर्माण सलाहकार पहल के जरिये हजारों राजमिस्त्रियों, ठेकेदारों और घर बनाने वालों को प्रदान की गई तकनीकी सहायता

 एसीसी ने अपनी निर्माण सलाहकार पहल के तहत घर बनाने वालों, राजमिस्त्रियों और ठेकेदारों को सशक्त बनाने की दिशा में उठाया एक महत्वपूर्ण कदम • ए...