Tuesday, October 27, 2020

*Pledge Taking Ceremony at PNB on Vigilance Awareness Week*

New Delhi, 27th October 2020: The nation’s leading public sector bank, Punjab National Bank (PNB) with 1 lakh employees across the nation participated in the Integrity Pledge taking ceremony as a part of Vigilance Awareness Week from 27th October to 2nd November 2020. The pledge is a commitment for highest standards of honesty and integrity at all times and to support the fight against corruption. The pledge was administered by Sh. CH SS Malikarjuna Rao, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer and Sh. Vijay Kumar Tyagi, Chief Vigilance Officer. Messages from Honourable President of India, Prime Minister of India, Vice-President of India and Central Vigilance Commission were echoed during the ceremony by Executive Directors.

Theme for this year’s Vigilance Awareness Week is ‘सतर्क भारत, समृद्ध भारत “Vigilant India, Prosperous India”. While taking the pledge, Sh. CH SS Malikarjuna Rao, MD & CEO said that “Everyone must imbibe the quality of being vigilant in day to day routine to protect against untoward incidents. Preventive vigilance takes a very important stage for any organisation, if an organisation is vigilant it will always be strong. Preventive Vigilance is basically a checkpoint to understand if we are adhering to the laid down guidelines. In the interest of newly recruited POs & management trainees, CVC in consultation with PSB’s has issued guidelines to ensure that new staff members are imparted 1 year classroom training as well as on the job training before deployment in to credit division. The scheme was inaugurated by the Honourable Finance Minister, Ms Nirmala Sitharaman.”

Sh. Rao also emphasized on the need to reinforce our commitment every year & think about incidents happened in last one year. The celebration of the VAW 2020 is to be cautious and alert in our professional and personal lives against all potential risks. The core theme of Preventive Vigilance helps and reminds us to create an atmosphere or an ecosystem wherein members of the PNB parivar do not bring any risks upon themselves or the organisation.

Sh. Tyagi, Chief Vigilance Officer reiterated message from CVC highlighting that all organisations must focus on enhancement of internal processes & activities. Systemic improvements may be carried out to improve the delivery of services to the public.


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