Tuesday, January 19, 2021

AcneStar Face Wash keeps your skincare intact for post COVID era

 Mumbai,18.01.2021: AcneStar face wash, the post COVID star product amongst all the competitors in the industry


Mankind Pharma, one of the leading Pharmaceutical companies in India has forayed in Skin care segment through AcneStar range of products with gel, soap in the year 2016 and face wash in 2019.


After the successful launch of AcneStar Gel & Soap and face wash, the range of products has always committed to give desired anti-acne results. The brand committed to fight acne and over the time have given proven results too. AcneStar face wash is one of the most recommended anti-inflammatory and antibacterial face wash has seen its due share of fluctuations in 2020 during pandemic.


AcneStar Face wash came up with #ThankYouHaters campaign to fight against the rise in online trolling and to spread the message of being comfortable in your skin. It was an interesting marketing initiative that addressed the problem of online trolling that women face with regards to their appearances. The campaign was well received by the audience.


Despite the challenges faced in 2020, the brand witnessed growth and continued with their marketing initiatives. For 2021, the brand marketing strategy is to reach out to the audience looking for anti-acne products and dominate the market with bigger marketing plans for 2021 and both television and digital will play an important role.


AcneStar face wash is having theof goodness of aloe vera, salicylic acid, glycolic acid and extracts of basil, calendula chamomile which helps in fighting acne and pimples to give you a clear skin, free from acne. Contains Milii capsules that help the facewash act as a moisturizer.


AcneStar face wash fights the biggest enemy of skin and gives beautiful clear skin, free from acne. This made the brand keep going in the COVID times and post COVID as well which resulted in a boom in demand for Acnestar Face Wash. The brand saw 50% increasein the sales from August.


On the positive acceptance, the company spokesperson, Joy Chatterjee, GM, Sales & Marketing, Mankind Pharma added “We understand the needs of our customers and take utmost care to resolve them. Our motto, ‘Serving Life’, encompasses three major pillars of ‘Affordability, Reach and Quality’ at their best. AcneStar is one of our products that confers a motive to provide an affordable acne treatment for all. We are delightful to the audience for accepting our products with open ­hands and we expect to continue the same way to meet your expectations and shall invest in product and marketing to grow the market share”


AcneStar is the most trusted solution for Acne& pimples in the market. Suitable for mild to moderate skin type, AcneStar face wash promises an effective solution for the biggest of your acne& pimpleproblems.

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