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Bhushan Kumar’s Mehendi Wale Haath brings you the fresh pair Guru Randhawa & Sanjana Sanghi !

 One of India's biggest music artist, Guru Randhawa, is out with his latest single, 'Mehendi Wale Haath’ with Bhushan Kumar’s T-Series. The song marks the music video debut of talented Sanjana Sanghi's opposite Guru. After delivering blockbuster party anthems like 'Naach Meri Rani' and 'Baby Girl', this new year Guru surprises his fans with a new side of him with a romantic ballad composed by the successful young composer duo Sachet-Parampara.

Adding to the duo's soulful composition, Sayeed Quadri’s lyrics emote the feeling of falling in love and letting go. This soft romantic track directed in Punjab by Arvindr Khaira treats audiences to Guru’s raw earthy avatar, Sanjana’s naivety and the innocent love between the two.

From playing a Punjabi munda to donning the role of an army man, says Guru Randhawa, “Mehendi Wale Haath will be a beginning of a new journey for me, all thanks to Bhushanji for giving me this song. This song is something very different than my previous music and that is what attracted me to be a part of the song. The composition by Sachet Parampara and words by Quadri sahib will touch your heart deeply. I was more than happy to feature in the video where I could be myself and also in my small way show the love I have towards my country.”

Speaking about debuting in singles, says Sanjana Sanghi, “For me, it was the beautiful message behind Mehendi Waale Haath and collaborating with Guru & T-Series that made Mehendi Waale Haath an instant yes. Guru has been a wonderful co-star, is a dear friend, and an artist I’ve always admired. Working with my brilliant director Arvindr has been so enriching. I’m super excited!”

Adds duo Sachet-Parampara, "Music is a pure form of emotions. In our songs, we have always tried to bring out human emotions especially love in its most unadulterated form. With a song like ‘Mehendi Wale Haath' we are lucky everything came together beautifully with its composition, heartwarming lyrics by Quadri sahab and Guru’s vocals. We thank Bhushan sir for believing in our music and always supporting us. Hoping for it to become a blockbuster song.”

Bhushan Kumar says, “Love is an emotion that we all experience very strongly as humans. With Mehendi Wale Haath, the composition, lyrics, vocals and the video have all come together beautifully and I am sure the song will touch your heart.”

Mehendi Wale Haath is out now on T-Series' YouTube channel.

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