Tuesday, January 19, 2021

BLITZPOKER Ends 2020 on High, Eyes Number One in 2021

 January 2021: With the steady rise of the online gaming sector in India, BLITZPOKER, launched in August 2020, has already distinguished itself as a top destination for poker players. Despite its new entrant status, BLITZPOKER has shownearly and impressive growth in a highly competitive space by offering a best in class product, industry leading and frequently copied marketing, and world class customer service and rewards programs. The early contribution to India’s online poker community has been a concerted effort and a source of pride for the BLITZPOKER team.   

Since its launchlast August, BLITZPOKER has welcomed the participation of tens of thousands of poker players from across the country. With its exciting tournaments and attractive freerolls, combined with sharing special rewards for India’s celebration of Diwali and most recently its unique and very successful 12 days of Christmas holiday giveaway, the platform has grown to become one of India’s biggest and most exciting online poker destinations. 

To close the year BLITZPOKER’s December numbers hit all-time highs in almost every key metric. Most important to the BLITZPOKER team is the acquisition and retention of new and existing players, showing the exciting marketing combined with industry leading product and customer service is having the desired effect of providing an engaging, exciting and fair offering to all BLITZPOKER players. 

In 2021 the company will continue to invest in the online poker ecosystem, with further product improvements to go along with further investment in marketing, community development and partnerships with prominent personalities and influencers, consolidating its plan tobecome the number one poker destination in and continue todevelop the online poker industry in general in India. 

BLITZPOKER, owned by i3 Interactive Inc, is part of one of the largest poker networks in the world with over a million registrations. In line with i3’s business model of building a gaming entertainment portfolio globally leveraging its high-value celebrity influencer model, i3 has decided to compound the early market entry success in India with further investment exploration in both its BLITZPOKER product as well as other online gaming opportunities. i3's initial launch in India through acquisition, rebrand and launch of the poker operationnow known as BLITZPOKER, is on pace for another record month in January.

Statement by BLITZPOKER Management: “Since its launch, BLITZPOKER has been very well received by the Indian poker community. As a result of this early success we will continue to invest in poker as well as in the wider online gaming ecosystem generally as we appreciate and respect the customer feedback for high quality products combined with meaningful brand engagement and exciting market positioning. Brands that resonate with players continue to prove their value and BLITZ is committed to continuing to exceed expectations on its path to becoming the number one online skill based gaming destination in India.”


BLITZPOKER, majority-owned by i3 Interactive Inc., is an online poker operator exclusively servicing the in Indian market. It specializes in bringing together the excitement of online poker games to the Indian poker player, whether new or experienced, with an industry leading product consisting of a variety of poker cash games and tournaments and promotions catering especially to brand new players learning the game for the first time, with entry fees and buy in tailored to the first time player. BLITZPOKER offers game varieties such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Open Face Chinese Poker among others, focused on bringing new players into the exciting world of online poker.

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