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Let's do something better, let's be an Indori: Atul Malikram, co-founder, PR 24x7

 According to Indian philosophy and

Ayurveda, like the universe, our human body is also made up of five elements: earth, air, water, fire, and space. These five elements are associated with the overall health of a human being. On the other hand, to get the citizenship of a country, it is necessary to have 05 documents which are: Adhar card, PAN card, Voter ID, Ration card, and domicile certificate. Naturally, those seeking citizenship of a particular country need to prove their identity and have the required documents. It is easy to acquire the necessary documents to be a countryman, but it is very difficult to be a city dweller. Yes, I am talking about being a city dweller. Before venturing further, let me take you to the heart of Madhya Pradesh- Indore.

There is something different about Indore where people start their days by greeting each other saying, “Bhiyo ram”. No where can you find a city such as Indore in the whole world. Whether it is about servicing needy people, the commitment of a clean Indore, or social service, Indoris are always ready to help. Indore is the only city in the world with innumerable specialties. People here are big foodies. Eating Poha-Jalebis early in the morning or chats in the midnight at Sarafa or Chappan, Indoris spend their life merrily and heartily. The streets of Sarafa and Chhappan have been the heart of Indore for a long time, and will always be. Joshi ji's Dahi Bade or Chiman Bagh's Kadhi-faafde, Neema's Ice Cream or Ravi aur Laal Balti ki Aloo ki Kachori, Sarafa's Bhutte ka Kis or Jain's Garadu, Anna Bhaiya's Paan or Prashant's Pohe, the passion and excitement of tasting variety of dishes can only be found in Indoris.

Rajwada is the pride of Indore. If India wins a World Cup, then the entire city is gathered at Rajwada Chowk to celebrate, which also has a very unique name. Would you like to know? It is called Indori Jamavra. This happens at every big and small festival. Not only celebrations but we Indoris stay together in bad times as well. Whether it is the death of a political leader or the loss of a match, the entire city mourns together at Rajwada-Chowk. In this way, Indoris are companions of happiness and sorrow. In obedience to the orders of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, people were gathered at Rajwada to clap, whistle and ring. Not only this, but they were gathered at Indore Rajwada Chowk to see the atmosphere of the city after the lockdown. People here always stand in a united front. No one can stop them if they are determined to do something.

This warmth and love can only be seen in Indore. Now you know why I said that it is easy to be a countryman but it is very difficult to be a city dweller like an Indories are. Being an Indori may be difficult but not impossible. So let's do something good, let's be an Indori.

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