Tuesday, January 19, 2021

*Roadies Revolution winner rides home a brand new Jawa forty two*

 Pune, January 18, 2021: The 17th season of MTV Roadies Revolution came to an end last night with Hamid Barkzi emerging as the winner. The current season witnessed Jawa Motorcycles as the official riding partner for Roadies Revolution, keeping the contestants, the celebrity leaders and host Rannvijay Singha thrilled throughout their journey. 

The grand end of the 17th edition of India’s longest running adventure reality show marks the beginning of Delhi boy Hamid’s journey on a Jawa, as he rides home in a brand new Jawa forty two. A journey synonymous with thrill, passion and adventure, Roadies continues to enjoy tremendous popularity amongst the nation’s youth. Delhi boy Hamid is ecstatic about his new ride and had his eyes set on the prize right from the start. 

Receiving the keys to his Nebula Blue Jawa forty two, Hamid said, “When I started my journey on Roadies Revolution, I was happy to know that we will be riding Jawa motorcycles this season and that added to all the excitement throughout the journey. The first time I saw a Jawa, I knew I wanted one. If winning Roadies Revolution is a dream come true for me, riding home in a Jawa is the realization of another dream for me.”

This season, Roadies Revolution celebrated the undying zeal of a Roadie coupled with their willingness to bring about tangible progress in the society, with an aim to trigger social impact. This year also saw a full-fledged return of Roadies on motorcycles, the erstwhile format of the show. A fleet of Jawa and Jawa forty two models were the rides of choice for the Roadies this season, making their journeys memorable and exciting in a true Jawa fashion. 

About Classic Legends Pvt. Ltd. 

Classic Legends Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian company established to re-introduce iconic marquee motorcycle brands in the market. Classic Legends aims to become India’s first true lifestyle company and provide opportunities to consumers to relive the heritage of classic brands by co-creating exciting product and service offerings along with the motorcycling ecosystem.  


Jawa is a motorcycle brand from Czech Republic, erstwhile Czechoslovakia, with a 90-year legacy, which in its heydays exported classic, well-engineered and rugged motorcycles to more than 120 countries. It entered the Indian markets in the early 1960’s. The twin aspects of Jawa motorcycles - its beautiful design and strong performance character helped it not only to win hearts but also win many world titles.  


Classic Legends has leveraged the best of its partner capabilities in design and engineering along with the global expertise, to launch products that capture the DNA and ethos, of the original Jawa. With the launch of new Jawa and Jawa forty two, the company redefined the classic motorcycle segment in the country offering modern retro motorcycles with true classic styling and packed with modern technology. The brand then went on to launch India’s first factory custom bobber, the Jawa Perak.  


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