Monday, February 8, 2021

Entering Fourth year of Partnership, Government of Madhya Pradesh and NGO Smile Train India Renew Collaboration To Support Free Cleft Surgeries To Children

 The partnership under Rashtriya Bal SwathyaKaryakaram (RBSK) focuses on intensifying the programs to reach out to more children

January , 2020 : Smile Train India, India’s largest cleft care NGO, and the National Health Mission, Madhya Pradesh, signed an MoU to renew their successful partnership which has helped to provide free surgical care to and benefitted more than1700 children born with clefts in Madhya Pradesh since 2016. The partnership has been renewed till December 2023. 

Under the partnership, RBSK officials in Madhya Pradesh will identify and direct children with cleft lips and palates to one of the seven Smile Train partner hospitals,in Madhya Pradesh for free treatment. Smile Train partner hospitalswill provide free cleft lip and palate surgeries, and post-operative care to the children. 

Cleft, a gap in the upper lip or the roof of the mouth, is a birth anomaly that can be completely treatedwith surgery and related ancillary care, but it is important that children get treatment at the right age to live a healthy and productive life. Delayed treatment can lead to speech and hearing problems, besides social stigma and isolation for the cleft patient. Smile Train India is an NGO which supports totally free cleft treatment. In the last 20 years, they have supported more than 6 Lakh free surgeries for children across India and nearly 29,000 cleft surgeries in Madhya Pradesh.

Following are the seven credentialed Smile Train partner hospital that provide free cleft surgical treatment- 

Sl. Smile Train Partner Hospitals Address

1 Dube Surgical and Dental Hospital Ghampur Chowk, Jabalpur

2 CHL Hospital, Indore A.B. Road, Near L.I.G. Triangle


3 Bisoniya Hospital, Bhopal 348, Rohit Nagr, Phase 1, E-8 Extension, Bhopal- 462039

4 Lakecity Hospital Institute of Surgical Sciences Pvt. Ltd, Bhopal B 27 Kasturba Nagar, Near Chetak Bridge

Bhopal- 462023

5 Vedant Hospital, Gwalior 27-28 C.P Colony, Morar, Gwalior- 474 006

6 CHL Medical Center, Ujjain Nanakheda, Hari Phatak Bypass, 


7 Padhar Hospital, Betul P.O. Padhar, District Betul


Smt. Chhavi Bhardwaj, Mission Director, National Health Mission, Madhya Pradesh elaborated on the partnership, “We are happy to extend this partnership with NGO Smile Train India. Since 2016, more than 1700 children have received free surgeries and a second chance at life through Smile Train’s unique model”

Talking about the partnership, Ms. Ishani Biswas said, “There are many children with cleft lip & palate conditions in India who need help but can’t receive timely care due to monetary constraints and lack of awareness. Early detection and treatment is crucial to holistic and effective cleft care. Our partnershipwith the Government of Madhya Pradesh will enable early detection and treatment of children with clefts at the grassroot level ensuring that every child born with cleft lip and palate in the State has access to safe and free cleft care.

To avail free cleft treatment, please call Toll Free Cleft Helpline – 1800 103 8301.

About Smile Train India

Smile Train India is a cleft organization with a sustainable approach to a single, solvable problem: cleft lip and palate. We advance a sustainable and scalable global health model for cleft treatment, drastically improving children’s lives, including their ability to eat, breathe, speak, and ultimately thrive. 

In India, over 35,000 children are born with clefts every year and hundreds of thousands of children with untreated clefts live in isolation, facing difficulties in eating, breathing, and speaking. A cleft reconstructive surgery leads to immediate transformation.Since the year 2000, Smile Train’s sustainable model has provided training, funding and resources to empower local medical professionals and hospitals across India to provide 100%-free cleft surgery and comprehensive cleft care in their own communities. This ‘teach a man to fish’ strategy has enabled Smile Train India support 625,000+ cleft surgeries through a network of more than 150 partner hospitals. To learn more about how Smile Train India’s sustainable approach has both an immediate and long-term impact, please visit

Toll Free Cleft Helpline – 1800 103 8301.

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