Thursday, February 18, 2021

How can you promote your business through Vlogging?

 Indore, February 2021: The advancement of various technologies today has opened up a whole new world to shoppers. People today are getting more comfortable with the idea of online shopping. Therefore, it has become a necessity for business owners to promote their businesses offline as well as in online mode. To support such businesses, the nation’s one of the fastest-growing news cum views platforms, Troopel is offering its platform to the viewers to promote their businesses and startups through vlogging, shoots, interviews, and webinars.

According to Mr. Atul Malikram, co-founder of the channel, “ is going to start a significant initiative for the business owners of our country. As a result of this initiative, sellers can now promote their product or service through Vlogging, shoots, interviews, and webinars, etc, using the platform of the Troopel Channel and take their businesses to new heights.” Vlogging is making online video content through which you can share information to a wide range of audiences.

This is a great way to promote your brand on an online platform. These videos give your audience a better look at your products so they can know your brand. Additionally, you can expand your brand value by doing interviews and webinars. Now the question that arises is how Vlogging is done? This is where will help you by providing you a wide platform to expand your brand reach to a wide variety of audiences.

For more information, visit: ( or contact: 9755020247. is the nation’s fast-growing online news cum views platform, which focuses primarily on politics and basic services, and social issues. With a reach of more than 50 million, has taken important steps in the fields of education, agriculture, and self-reliance. With its various digital programs like CareerKhoj, Shan-e-Kisan, Atmanirbhar Yuva, Open mic, etc., the channel is trying to provide a strong platform to the youth across the country. Apart from this, the channel is committed to working on various issues like the conditions of Indian prisons, equal rights to nomadic society, the Government’s awareness towards the cemeteries, the sanctity of Ujjain city, and India of 2030. Now, the channel is launching its next campaign, the Covid Care Initiative to promote Indian businesses. So without any delay, join the initiative and give wings to your businesses.

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