Friday, February 12, 2021

Rabbi Guruji and Maria create obstacles for Yeshu

 In last week's episodes of &TV's Yeshu, viewers witnessed how Rabbi Guruji (Vicky Ahuja) was bestowed with the

responsibility to grant admission to the students in the village. He tries various tips and tricks to make the admission process difficult for Yeshu (Vivaan Shah) but fails. Not the one to give up, Rabbi Guruji again tries to create obstacles in Yeshu's life. In the upcoming episode, Rabbi Guruji teams up with Maria (Pooja Dixit) and on her instructions gets her son James to soil Yeshu's homework. Taking advantage of the situation, Guruji poses a difficult question to Yeshu, with the condition that if he manages to answer it correctly, only then he will be allowed in class. But to Guruji's dismay, Yeshu correctly answers the question and secures his attendance in class. Meanwhile, Guruji discovers Yeshu and his family's real reason for leaving Egypt and starts plotting a masterplan to create further obstacles for Yeshu and takes the students to a forest to plant saplings. What is the next hindrance Guruji has planned, and how will Yeshu deal with it? Talking about the plot, Maria aka Pooja Dixit shares, "Viewers will witness the struggles Yeshu will be put through by Guruji and Maria to attend the classes. But all their planning and plotting will fail with Yeshu emerging victorious. With James, who already dislikes Yeshu, being influenced by Maria and Rabbi Guruji, how will this trio and the evil influence of Shaitan oust Yeshu from the village will be the high point of the episode."

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