Thursday, February 4, 2021

This Winter, Medimix urges people to switchtheir normal soap to Glycerine soaps

 It aims tostrengthen its position in the market and drive the growth of the

brand  January.2021:In winters, ourskin generally becomes dry and rough due to the ever-changing climate factors.Using normal soap bars can further deteriorate the life of our skin cells,which leads to dry patches and flaky skin. TheConsumer care brand, under Cholayil private limited, is urging customers toditch their existing soaps and switch to Medimix Ayurvedic Natural Glycerine soap.The product is combined with the power of 100 percent Natural Glycerine and Nature’smoisturising expert- Lakshadi Oilto protect skin cells and regains the lostmoisture. As the temperature drops, customers usuallyswitch from normal soap to products which offer natural ingredients to avoiddry and patchy skin. The brand aims to nudge the consumers in choose a naturaloffering for their skin. The advantage of using Medimix glycerine soapis that it is made using all-natural components and doesn’t contain alcohol, parabensor other chemical-based ingredients that can irritate your skin. Switchingfrom normal soap to 100% natural glycerine soap is effective in retaining themoisture of the skin. The Medimix Soap is enriched with the uniquecombination of Lakshadi Oil, Aloe-Vera, and Glycerine that helps lock-inmoisture and removes the excess oil from the skin to unclog pores. It alsoexfoliates and detoxifies the skin while prevents from ageing. A time-testedayurvedic oil preparation – Lakshadi oil has nourishing, therapeutic, andcurative properties. LakshadiTailam/Oil is an old ayurvedic recipe with a blendof different herbs like Laksha, Asvagandha, Katuka, etc. It is the only Ayurveda Glycerine winter Soapavailable in the market, as no other player exists in the category. It helps inmoisturizing the skin and gives it a characteristic smooth feel and alsocontains Lakshadi oil – which helps in maintaining the skin softness. Cholayil Consumer Care intends to strengthenits presence in the major markets and penetrate deeper into smaller markets tofuel the growth. The brand is the most popular soap in the Ayurveda categoryand the Largest selling Ayurveda Soap inthe World! The brand also recently launched its new range of Ayurvedic handsanitisers and hand washes.  Speaking on thedevelopment, Ashish Ohlyan, Head of Marketing, Cholayil Pvt Ltd said,"There is a consumer behaviour in which we have seen them move from their existingsoaps , to moisturizing soaps in the winter. We intend to tap into this behaviour and present the consumer with 100 %natural glycerine soap, for softer smoother skin. This would also help us gaina foothold in the Glycerine category We are sure consumers will find thecombination of natural glycerine and lakshadi oil, effective in discoveringtheir naturally soft skin.” He also said, “We are expanding the brand’srange and bringing natural skincare to more and more people across India. Webelieve this will help our user base to grow and reach diverse markets.  The pandemic has boosted the demand for thesoap market in India. The company has seen a sharp rise in its revenuepercentage as well as household consumption!  Price - INR 35 for 100 gm  and INR 100 for 100 gm Pack of 3!  About CholayilPrivate Limited:Cholayil PrivateLimited tradition was established in the 18th century,by one of India’s most respected families rooted in the tradition of Ayurveda.A company that turned to nature for inspiration, soon turned into a householdname in India. The flagship brand MEDIMIX, emerged in 1969 under the guidanceof Late Dr. V.P. Sidhan. Today, Cholayil Private Limited stands tall as one ofthe country’s trusted Ayurvedic personal care companies with a successfulportfolio of Medimix, Cuticura, Krishna Thulasi, Sadayush AyurvedicCure & Care, Dr.Sidhan’s Herbal Formulation and Jullaaha (handcraftedexotic Ayurvedic products). The company is currently led by second-generationentrepreneur Mr. Pradeep Cholayil, and has won manyprestigious awards including ‘Medimix’ as No.1 in the ‘Ayurvedic Soap Category’in 2014, by Brand Equity. Cholayil Private Limited also has a strong footholdoverseas in countries such as Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, China, France,Singapore, Germany, Cambodia, South Korea, Guatemala, Sweden, Yemen, U.S.A,Hong Kong, Mauritius and Japan!

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