Wednesday, May 5, 2021

“My childhood memories of the summers are incomplete without mangoes” – says Gulki Joshi from Sony SAB’s Maddam Sir

 Television’s beloved Gulki Joshi, popularly known as Haseena Malik from Maddam Sir, has been winning hearts with her exceptional performance on the show. She is playing fearless, yet a sensitive and a smart cop on the show and has paved the way for the audience to get inspired by her character and break the stereotypes. 

Gulki Joshi, in a candid conversation, unveiled the tips to beat the summer heat and much more!

Talking about her summer routine, she said,“In Mumbai, the summers are not just hot, but they are equally humid. So, there are a specific set of things that I don’t give a miss and make sure to carry it along everywhere. To keep myself energised and hydrated, I increase my intake of water, juices and fluids and decreasesolid food consumption. I ensure to drink ample liquids during the day. Naariyal Paani is my go-to drink during the summer and if I become a little more ambitious, I might just give milkshake an attempt. I like to wear light, breezy clothes and keep my styling simple yet classy.”

Gulki also reveals her must-haves and she said,“During the summers, there are certain things that I totally swear by. I double-check to carry Vitamin C tablets, a body spray, a sunscreen lotion, and a small portable fan with me. I don’t prefer to step out of my house during peak hours, but even if I do, I keep an umbrella, a small bottle of water spray, fruits like watermelon, muskmelon, handyas it helps me stay cool. I ensure to apply loads of sunscreen and try to stay away from direct sunlight as much as possible.” 

Sharingher fond summer vacationmemories, she said,“I love visiting mountains and hills during the summer and I make sure to makea trip to the hills or go on a trek once every year. During my childhood, summers were my favourite and I loved gorging on mangoes. My childhood memories in the summer season would be incomplete without mangoes.”

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