*Villagers in Buxwaha Tehsil of Chhatarpur pledge their support in environment conservation along with promoting sustainable development projects*

 Buxwaha (Chhatarpur), 5th June 2021: On World Environment Day today, villagers in Buxwaha tehsil, Chhatarpur district took a pledge to support sustainable developmental projects in the region along with conserving the environment.

The pledge by the community is an acknowledgment of the balance required between conserving environment and promoting development for the upliftment of social and economic condition of the region by harnessing its true potential.

Villagers from five Gram Panchayats (Teriamad, Beerampura, Majhora,

Gadhoi, and Neemani gram panchayats) of Buxwaha Tehsil in Chattarpur have come forward and joined a campaign, called ‘Paryavaran Sandesh’. 

More villagers are expected to join similar campaigns in the near future.

Under this pledge, the villagers are committed to protect the environment along with promoting sustainable initiatives for development. The villagers have extended a warm welcome to government’s growth projects and initiatives for regional development & industrialization.

As the Government of India moves ahead on the sustainable development agenda, the region provides an important opportunity for implementing growth strategies that are both sustainable and inclusive for fulfilling the agenda of “leaving no one behind”.

The lead taken by the villagers in Buxwaha is an unique example for promoting growth and will be seen as an inspiration story not only for the State but for the whole country.

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