Thursday, July 15, 2021


 Announces a prize pool of INR 1,00,00,000

New Delhi, 15th July 2021 – Bringing cheers to millions of BATTLEGROUNDS enthusiasts in India, KRAFTON, the South Korean video game developer, today announced BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA SERIES 2021. This will be the first esports tournament hosted by KRAFTON following on from the incredible response by fans to the official launch of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA on 2nd July.

KRAFTON has announced a prize pool of INR 1,00,00,000 for this inaugural series, that will span across 3 months. Looking to provide the biggest platform for competitive gaming in the country, BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA SERIES 2021 will be open to residents of India only. 

The logo reveal can be found here, and the official trailer can be found here

Please find the official website for the tournament : 

BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA SERIES 2021 attempts to offer a platform to the beloved players of BATTLEGROUNDS in India to showcase their skills on the grand stage. With this announcement, KRAFTON promises exciting times ahead for the Indian gamers, as this marks the beginning of a series of new content, collaborations and esports tournaments KRAFTON will be introducing in the country. 

Format of the Tournament:

The registrations for the tournament kick-starts on 19th July later this month, and will have 5 stages spanning across three months.

1 2 3 4 5

In-Game Qualifiers Online Qualifiers Quarter Finals Semi Finals Grand Finals

2nd Aug – 8th Aug 17th Aug – 12th Sept 16th Sept – 26th Sept 30th Sep – 3rd Oct 7th Oct – 10th Oct

1024 Teams Qualify 64 Teams Qualify 24 Teams Qualify 16 Teams Qualify Champions

The in-game qualifiers starts on 2nd August and ends of 8th August and any player living in India and with an account which is Platinum and above is eligible to register and play in in-game qualifiers. 


 Players who have registered for BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA SERIES 2021 will have to play 15 matches with their registered team members over the given time period

 The top 10 of 15 matches will be considered for evaluation and scored accordingly 

 In case of a tie, certain parameters such as finishes, survival time, accuracy, etc will be considered

 Top 1024 teams will qualify for the next round

* Only the first 15 matches played with registered team members shall be deemed valid

BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA is available exclusively to play in India. Fans can follow us on our official YouTube, Instagram and Facebook pages for all the latest developments.

For more information on the creators KRAFTON & the vital security safeguards, please visit

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