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*Olympian PV Sindhu’s Spends an Evening of Gratitude at the Heartfulness Institute*

 Hyderabad, 11th Aug 2021: The Heartfulness Institute organized an evening to celebrate India’s performance at the Tokyo Olympics and launch a nationwide environmental initiative - Forests by Heartfulness, coinciding with visit of Ms. PV Sindhu to the Heartfulness Institute on the evening of 9th August 2021. Prior to embarking on her Olympic medal quest PV Sindhu had visited the Heartfulness facility seeking the blessings of Daaji and undertook a mediation session by him. Olympian and Badminton World Champion Ms. PV Sindhu became the first Indian sportswoman and the fourth female badminton player in the world to win consecutive Olympic medals.

 As a long-time Heartfulness practitioner, Ms. Sindhu expressed her gratitude towards Heartfulness & Daaji towards her cause of bringing glory to the nation at the recently concluded Tokyo Olympics. Expressing her gratitude to the Heartfulness Institute, Ms. PV Sindhu said, “My family has always pursued meditation. Through them, I got introduced to Heartfulness meditation. I feel happy whenever I visit Kanha Shantivanam or any Heartfulness meditation center. My life has changed after I started practicing meditation, and I am thankful for that. People have many questions when they hear about meditation. They think practicing meditation the right way is difficult. People also wonder whether meditation leads to success. I want to convey that meditation is not a magic pill for success, but it brings clarity within your mind and heart. For me, it calms my mind and helps me understand my emotions better. It also helps me plan my next steps. Especially during stressful situations, like the pandemic, meditation helps maintain calmness. Meditation has helped me in my career; I can face difficult situations during matches easily. I want to thank Daaji for his blessings. I am grateful to the Shri Rama Chandra Mission, Heartfulness Institute, and Daaji for all the support and encouragement I have received over the years. I urge everyone to try meditation as it makes a big difference in one’s life.”

Congratulating Sindhu on her performance and addressing the audience, Heartfulness Guide Kamlesh Patel, also known as Daaji, said, “Many Congratulations to Sindhu, it is a joyous occasion. I also congratulate the proud parents. In science, we praise to nature. Nature is what is given to you genetically. Genetics plays a crucial role in success. But once you have those genetic gifts, you need to nurture them. It is where discipline comes into the picture. The younger generation today has high aspirations and dreams. They must also nurture those dreams. Each day, when we meditate, we realize what is lacking within; and try to fill those gaps. The world knows that the more we practice, the better we become. A large amount of effort will make us effortless in the end. This effort becomes our subconscious act. All the things we practice, whether it is music, sports, or simple household chores, become automatic in the end. It is the same with meditation. When we practice meditation with all our effort, we can achieve the highest level of consciousness. That is the ultimate purpose of meditation. It is not about winning or losing but how we can glide through life with love. We learn from inspiring individuals like Ms. Sindhu, whose life radiates with the message of meditation and compassion. We are proud to have Sindhu among us, who has made our country proud. All the best to you, Sindhu, and may you continue to motivate young and old alike.”

Launch of Forests by Heartfulness – 7 lakhs trees to mark the 7 medals won by India

Heartfulness Guide, Daaji and Ms. Sindhu launched the nationwide environmental initiative Forests by Heartfulness to commemorate Daaji’s 65th birth anniversary. Forests by Heartfulness also celebrates Team India’s performance at the Tokyo Olympics by planting 7 lakh trees near the Yatra Garden at the Heartfulness global meditation center Kanha Shantivanam, Hyderabad. 

Organized under the Heartfulness Institute’s ecological outreach program, the Forests by Heartfulness drive aims to plant saplings in various land pockets, including schools and colleges, industrial lands, village panchayat lands, private farmer lands, and individual homes. Each sapling will be geo-tagged to monitor and track its growth accurately. Carefully selected trees native to the region and with medicinal values will be a part of the drive. The campaign is open to all. People can join the initiative by volunteering in plantation drives, offering their land for plantation, or adopting the planted trees for a small donation. Those interested in joining the campaign can visit for more details. 

Ceremony Honoring Sindhu

Students of the Heartfulness Learning Centre School organized a show for the evening to mark the celebrations. The delightful performances included a prayer song, a Bhagwad Gita recital, and a dance recital. The Heartfulness institute congratulated Ms. Sindhu for her achievements with a felicitation ceremony. The Heartfulness Institute congratulated the Indian team for its impressive performance at the Olympics. The evening also focused on sharing the role of meditation to keep calm during high-pressure situations. Ms. Sindhu mentioned that she visits Kanha often to re-center herself after a hectic and grueling season.

About Heartfulness: Heartfulness offers a simple set of meditative practices and lifestyle changes, first developed at the turn of the twentieth century and formalized into teaching through Shri Ram Chandra Mission in 1945 in India with a goal to bring peace, happiness, and wisdom to one heart at a time. These practices are a modern form of Yoga designed to support contentment, inner calm and stillness, compassion, courage, and clarity of thought, as the first step towards a purposeful life. They are simple and easily adopted and are appropriate for people from all walks of life, cultures, religious beliefs, and economic situations, who are over the age of fifteen. Ongoing training in Heartfulness practices is going on at thousands of schools and colleges, and over 100,000 professionals are meditating in corporations, non-governmental, and government bodies worldwide. More than 5,000 Heartfulness Centers are supported by many thousands of certified volunteer trainers and millions of practitioners in 160 countries.

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 If every woman and girl of menstruating age in India used disposable pads, 38,500,000,000 used pads would be discarded every month – an environmental disaster since each of these would take 500-800 years to degrade naturally XXX / May 26, 2021: Considering the immense non-biodegradable waste generated by disposable sanitary pads every month, sustainable menstrual hygiene in India can be achieved only with reusable pads made of organic material, said Anju Bist, Co-Director, Amrita SeRVe (Self Reliant Village) Program of Mata Amritanandamayi Math. Known as the “Pad Woman” of India for her zeal in promoting the use and reuse of sanitary pads made of cloth and banana fibre, she is the co-creator of Saukhyam Reusable Pads which have been awarded as the "Most Innovative Product" by the National Institute of Rural Development, Hyderabad. The pads were also lauded at the UN Climate Change Conference held in Poland in 2018. Said Anju Bist: “There are 355 million menstruating women an