Thursday, August 12, 2021

*Paytm Wealth Community records over a million learning minutes with top experts, educates new investors to make informed decisions*

 - India’s first video-based investing & trading community on the Paytm Money app offers free live sessions from capital market experts & content creators

- Records over a million learning minutes across 100 plus sessions, delivered by top experts

- Enables free access to all recorded expert sessions across capital market topics such as personal finance, trading, and other topics

- Content offered in English, Hindi, ‘Hinglish’, along with other regional languages

India’s leading digital financial services platform Paytm, today announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary 'Paytm Money' has recorded over a million learning minutes across 100 plus sessions for its video-based Paytm Wealth Community. The video-based platform aims to revolutionize how Indians learn, discuss, and trade in the capital markets from top industry experts.

The platform enables users to attend live sessions conducted by subject matter experts across an array of wealth topics like Stocks, F&O, IPO, ETFs, Mutual Funds, Gold, Fixed Income, and Personal Finance. Users can learn from experts, interact with them to clarify doubts, and also chat with other users on the platform to discuss various wealth-related topics. The platform is now offering free access to all recorded expert sessions to users to help them understand or refer back to various wealth subjects.

Paytm Wealth Community platform has been designed for the needs of the new Indian investor. The platform is intuitive to use, and creators on the platform currently offer 30 to 60 min Video sessions in English, Hindi, and Hinglish, with plans to offer sessions in languages like Gujarati and Tamil planned in the near future.

Paytm Wealth Community also enables subject matter experts and experienced investors in the capital markets to become content creators and share their knowledge with millions of budding investors. Creators on the platform include the likes of Mayuresh Joshi (Head of Research at William O’Neil India), Vishal Malkan (Founder of Malkansview), Ajit Mahuli (Founder of, and Swapnil Pawar (Founder & CEO of Asqi Advisors).

Vishal Mehta, Founder of and a popular creator on the platform said, “The new generation of traders today like to learn via visual media, on mobile, and in a language, they are comfortable with. Paytm Wealth community gives the users exactly what they want. The sessions on the platform are short, crisp, offered during both market and non-market hours, and delivered by who's who of the industry. The usefulness of this to the end-user is undeniable”

Varun Sridhar, CEO of Paytm Money said, “Millennials love to chat & interact with other investors, and learn much more from such peer-to-peer discussions vs the more traditional learning approaches. Paytm Wealth Community was designed to make these interactions seamless, and the traction we have received has been overwhelming. The platform has a very exciting product and technology roadmap and is 100% free for all users.”

The Paytm Wealth community is owned and operated by OCL Ltd. (Paytm) and is currently being offered across mobile and web to all Paytm Money Platform users.

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