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*Record breaking placement offers secured from a single dream company by KL deemed-to-be University*

 • 18 companies flood the University students with PPOs; Deloitte posts record-breaking number of offers -104 students roped in

• Successful outset of placement drive with 200+ students placed in prominent corporates with the highest pay package of INR 20 LPA

Vaddeswaram (Vijayawada)/ Hyderabad 2nd September 2021: KL Deemed-to-be University - one of the leading universities in the country for graduation and higher education, has once again excelled in campus placements. Despite the economic constraints, reputed companies have roped in talent from the University with students securing 212 placement offers within a mere span of 14 days in the Month of August 2021. While Analog Devices offered the highest pay package of INR 20 LPA, Deloitte lead the recruitment race with 104 job offers.

Eminent national and international companies conducted interviews of university students to offer them jobs in their Dream and Super Dream companies. Prominent recruiters including Amazon, Deloitte, Motorola Solutions, HackwithInfy, Analog Devices, ADOBE INDIA (Intern Offer), Josh Technologies, Mentor Graphics, Informatica, Agile Solutions, Metric Stream, CDK Global Accolite Digital, Quotient Technologies, Providence Global Software, Tek Systems, USI conducted virtual interviews for recruitment from the university. 

“Notwithstanding the challenges posed by COVID-19, our students secured pre-placement offers from several prominent companies. This is a testament of our quality in imparting academics and skill training. We appreciate the efforts of Heads of Departments, faculty, and staff in guiding the students in attaining success in this encouraging commencement of the placements season 2021-22. 210+ placement offers were made under 2 weeks of the current placement season” said Er. Koneru Satyanarayana, President, KL Deemed-to-be University.

On the occasion, Dr G P Saradhi Varma, In-charge Vice-Chancellor, KL Deemed to be University said “It pleases us to see 18 reputed companies have come forward to provide placement offers through the drive conducted online recently. Our placement cell operates round the year to facilitate contacts between companies and graduates. The number of students placed through the campus interviews/placement drives is constantly rising. To prepare students, training sessions are conducted to impart specialized skills, and knowledge of cutting-edge technology to help the students obtain jobs in National and International companies.”

The Training and Progression Division has provided the students with training on Verbal, Quant, Aptitude, Reasoning & Logic on Programs including C, C++, Python, JAVA, along with industry skill certifications and skill development programs organized by the University’s Skill Development Division on Salesforce, ServiceNow, Pega, Automation Anywhere, Tessolve, ByteXL, Huawei, NI, CISCO, AWS and Microsoft Azure. 

In under 14 days, 4 students have secured offers over INR 20 LPA, 18 students bagged offers of over INR 15 LPA, 44 students with offers over INR 12 LPA, 170 students with offers over INR 7.5 LPA and 212 students have received offers above INR 5 LPA. 

About KL Deemed to be University

Founded in 1980 as KL College of Engineering, KL Deemed to be University brings today an academic legacy of 40 years. It became Deemed University in 2009 and was accredited by NAAC with A++ grade and Category- I Institution by UGC, MHRD, Govt. of India in 2019. It is ranked 41st in the NIRF 2020 rankings of top Universities of India. K L Deemed University is situated in a spacious 100-acre campus in Vijayawada, and has another world-class campus in Hyderabad. The University boasts of its collaborations with 60+ foreign Universities across 16 countries providing students international exposure through internships and exchange programs.The intellectual resource at University includes 1,200+ faculty members, out of which 600+ faculty members are Ph.D. holders. The University also rejoices an impeccable placement track record of placing 20,000 students in reputed companies so far. For more details please visit -

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