Tuesday, October 19, 2021

*At 97 Mumbai based woman underwent a complex Primary Angioplasty In Acute Myocardial Infarction (PAMI)*

 Ms. Sugra H Latif 97-year young from Mumbai goes through a primary angioplasty, she’s saying “I am fit now!” 

Doctors at Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central successfully treated a citizen with heart surgery. The patient was discharged within days of surgery and post-operative care.

Mrs. Latif, literary proved the saying ‘young at heart’ in reality. 

Dr. ‘Ravi Gupta, Consultant Cardiologist at Wockhardt Mumbai Central said, this is the oldest case that I have operated in 22 years of my career.  

She was highly confident and the enthusiast to celebrate her birthday 97th birthday on 14th October. On 5th October 2021 she had a severe chest pain at home, but somehow, she tried to neglect that, but the pain continued. Next morning, she came to Wockhardt Hospital where her ECG results showed clear signs of ST elevation in anterior chest leads. The doctors concluded that the main arteries of the heart could be 100% blocked, risking a vital part of the muscle. The lady was going through continuous pain in the chest region. The doctor teams did her quick echocardiogram and rushed her to the Cath lab.

After checking, the team led by Dr Ravi Gupta found that out of 3 arteries, 2 arteries were normal but the LAD artery which supplies blood to about 60% of the heart alone had 100% blockage. The blockage was removed in just 10 minutes and to his surprise, this young ‘old’ patient responded very well to the surgery. One of the key reasons could be her fitness as she had no comorbidities other than her age. After 1 day in ICU and 9 days under observation, she was discharged on her birthday on 14th October.

“I am feeling much better now. The medicine given by sisters with hot water has helped me. I don’t know what happened but one day suddenly after lunch, I started to feel pain in the chest area, and I felt something is wrong. At night, I had dinner and next day it was a slight pain, but my daughter suggested a visit to the doctor. With a smile she said - I didn’t know all this would happen! The doctor told me I had a heart attack. I am fit now. God has helped me so much. Everything is nice. I am glad to celebrate my 97th Birthday with family on 14th October”.

Dr Ravi Gupta further said that the elderly people are precious to us, and we always try to give them best of our care. As our medical sciences improve, we can cater to this super senior category age group with overall improvement in healthcare facilities. When we compare India with the western world, the longevity in super senior citizens is approx. 10 years higher than us. But in high HDI areas like South Mumbai, the longevity is somehow similar to the western world.

Pain in the chest area should not be ignored, especially in some specific body areas like lower jaws to the umbilicus, be it right side or left side. Some people may not experience chest pain; they may experience breathing problems, fear or uneasiness. These are the risk factors which we should strongly considered. Control on your diet and living habits is must for a healthy and young heart.

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