Monday, August 5, 2019

Woolworths honours Pratibha Syntex with Supplier Excellence Award

An elite brand Woolworths has feted Pratibha Syntex Ltd with “SupplierExcellence Award” for“Supplier of the Year Sustainability 2019” during their annual FBH Supplier Conference held on Friday 26th July 2019. Around the top 40 Woolworth suppliers and stakeholders had participated in the event, where suppliers were recognized for their performance and contribution to Woolworth's business.

photo: WW AWARD

Ms. Ratika Kotwale, Marketing Manager, had received the award on behalf of PSL. During the program, the Woolworths also outlined to partners on its performance and key strategic shifts.

Sustainability is at the core of PSL's business strategy. All our endeavors are towards maximizing social impact and minimizing environmental impact. PSL has introduced the Women Empowered Initiative, wherein women from far-flung areas are brought to the campus and imparted textile manufacturing skills like spinning and sewing. After training, they are inducted into the company's manufacturing processes. The trainees are provided free lodging and boarding facility and, to give them a home away from home, PSL organizes festival celebrations, sports events, health sessions, health check-up camps etc.  Under the Vasudha Swaraj initiative of PSL, we are working on the holistic development of farming communities. The farmers, associated with PSL, are imparted organic cultivation training and techniques to develop quality organic seeds and manure, said Atul Mittal, Executive Director.


He also added that PSL played a pivotal role in developing the C2C Gold certification range. Besides, it has introduced various sustainable blends in yarn, fabric and garment production.


Committed to reducing the environmental impact, PSL has been recycling 100% of the water through its state-of-the-art Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) and four stages RO(capacity of 2MLD), thus recovering 97% of water, which is infused back into the manufacturing processes. Remaining 3% of water gets evaporated by three-stage multi-stage evaporators. In the process of recycling of water, PSL has reduced its fresh-water consumption from 1400 KL per day in 2010-11 to 500 KL per day as on date, confirmed Mr. Amrit Pal Singh Chhabra, Engineering Head. Besides, water and energy-efficient technologies are incorporated in processes to conserve the environment for coming generations.

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