Tuesday, June 30, 2020

MyGovIndia Goes Live on ShareChat Amidst India’s ‘Vocal for Local’ Demand

Will help to engage with its 60 million active users across 15 Indian languages

India; June 30, 2020: ShareChat, the Indian social media platform, today welcomes MyGov India, an initiative by Government of India for citizen engagement, on its platform. With this development, MyGov India will be able to connect and engage with over 60 million active users in 15 Indian languages. on the platform. 


With the Indian government putting a ban on 59 Chinese internet platforms on Monday owing to serious national security, privacy and other risks, the announcement on MyGovIndia joining ShareChat makes immense significance.



Berges Y Malu, Director - Public Policy, ShareChat said, “ShareChat is silently leading a social media revolution with a strong focus on regional outreach keeping its Bharat connect pristine. Over the years, we have worked on addressing our complex regional diversity and scaled up to more than 60 million active users. We have made this possible with our content diversity across 25+ categories that connects culturally with every user on the platform. MyGovIndia’s presence reaffirms our connect with the Indian culture and ethos and inspires us to stay committed towards our regional and language-first internet users”


Speaking on the ban of 59 Chinese apps, he said, “We welcome the move from the government against platforms that have had serious privacy, cyber security and national security risks. We expect the government to continue their support for the Indian startup ecosystem”



In April 2020, ShareChat has helped in promoting Aarogya Setu extensively on the platform, and contributed INR 50 million worth of ad-credits in spreading awareness around Aarogya Setu

ShareChat was built with a vision to provide a comfortable digital space not only for the language-first internet users, but also for every first-time internet user. The platform enables every user to share their thoughts, emotions, opinions; and become friends with others without any language barrier. Spearheading India's internet revolution, ShareChat is changing the way in which the next billion users will interact on the internet. With over 1 billion monthly Whatsapp shares, today users spend more than 25 minutes daily on the platform.



About ShareChat

ShareChat is India’s largest Indic language social media platform that allows users to share their opinions, record their lives and make new friends - all within the comfort of their native language. Spearheading India's internet revolution, ShareChat is changing the way in which the next billion users will interact on the internet. For more information, download ShareChat app from Play Store or visit https://we.sharechat.com

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