Saturday, February 13, 2021

Sony SAB artists recall their memories of Valentine’s Day

 1. Abhishek Nigam – Veer aka Hero from Sony SAB’s Hero: Gayab Mode On

I believe Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate with your loved ones, be it your family, friends or anyone special and close to your heart. When I was in college, I used to buy chocolates from my pocket money for the girl I wanted to be my valentine. But now, everything has changed and this year, my only love is my show HERO: Gayab Mode On and I am going to celebrate my love for it to the fullest. If I view Valentine’s Day for Veer, I am sure he would like take Zara to the city's highest point, away from city’s noise and spend quality time with her, enjoying the sunset and the city lights shining in its full glory.

The only message that I would like to give to my fans is that even though February is considered as the month of love but I want all of their support and love always and forever.

2. Anahita Bhooshan – Ananya from Sony SAB’s Baalveer Returns

Valentine's Day for me is just like another day of the year. I believe you don't need one specific 'day' to celebrate love or profess your love to your loved ones. During my college days, I still remember everyone used to have roses and gifts in their hands, it used be a day full of positivity and happiness for all students. I surely miss the college vibe this day.

I don't have any plans to celebrate Valentine's Day this year, but whenever there will be anyone special for me, I will celebrate it anytime of the year. I would be shooting on and would be enjoying my own company this day. 

I feel as much as I am not keen on celebrating Valentine's Day, my character Ananya would be love to celebrate the day of love, I think she will celebrate the day will roses, balloon, cake with full on Valentine's decoration. 

On this day I would like to confess my love for all my fans and since I don't have a Valentine this year, all of them will be my valentine. I thank every one of them for showering me with so much love and support.

3. Yesha Rugani – Zara from Sony SAB’s Hero: Gayab Mode On

Valentine's Day is a day of love and February is also considered the month of love as people celebrate the entire week leading to 14th February. I think this particular time is about loving and being loved. It could be anyone- parents, friends or your siblings. My best memory of this day is that every year, there are huge discounts everywhere. Since I love shopping, I used to be pumped and excited when it's everything was on sale. The best memory for me is the brilliant offers on every Valentine Day it is like the cupid has struck and it's a match between me and shopping. I have a Balloon brand and this year I am playing cupid because I have lots of order for Valentine's Day, a lot of people want to show their love, pass on their messages to their loved ones on balloons, so the entire day is going to be a hectic day for me and I will be sending and monitoring all those orders, playing a cupid between the loved ones. 

On the other hand, Zaara, my character is very filmy and romantic, so she would definitely love to dress up and go out on a date, having a good time with her loved one. This month is all about love, which is something that everybody needs everyday to grow and nurture. The amount of love that our fans give us, there is no match to it as well and I would like to extend a big Thank You to all my fans for showing so much of love to us.

4. Megha Chakraborty – Garima from Sony SAB’s Maddam Sir

I remember I had one "Coaching Wala Ishq" when I was in Std. 11 and I received a card and a red rose, which felt cute. I had once received a cute Teddy Bear on Valentine's Day and I treasured it even today. People celebrate Valentine's week and not a day while gifting various things to their loved ones, but I feel getting a red rose is so special. I think celebrating Valentine's Day is important even before and after marriage as the newness of relationship is maintained with these cute gestures. I have played Cupid many times during my college days, I really used to enjoy doing this. I believe you don't need one specific 'day' to celebrate love or profess your love to your loved ones as everyday can be made special. In my opinion, celebrating Valentines' Day add beautiful colours to life by making your partner feel special because these small and sweet memories make a love story happier. There are various romantic songs, but one of my favourite is "Tu, Tu Hai Wahi Dil Ne Jise Apna Kaha" which I would like to dedicate to my special someone."

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