Thursday, February 18, 2021

udaan strengthens supply chain capacity to empower small businesses of Bharat

 • Small businesses to benefit from national reach, reliable & cost-effective delivery, quick turnaround time and enhanced working capital efficiency

• Total warehousing capacity now stands at 10 million sq. ft., plans to expand capacity to 50 Million sq. ft. in 7-8 years

• The platform has enabled b2b supply chain built on strong technology backbone for faster and reliable delivery

• Over 3 million users on the udaan platform leverage the strong supply chain network of 200 warehouses for national distribution and access to 900+ towns and cities across Bharat

February, 2021: udaan, India’s largest business-to-business (b2b) eCommerce platform, today announced that its supply chain and logistics capability to serve small businesses across the country, through udaanExpress, has been strengthened to over 10 million sq. ft. of warehousing space. This warehousing capacity is equivalent in size to 175 football fields or approx. 230 acres of open space. The achievement of this milestone has been made possible through capacity expansion and addition of new warehouses, taking the total number of warehouses to 200, spread across the country.

The expansion makes udaanExpress one of the largest organised players in supply chain and logistics in b2b eCommerce. With customer centricity at the core, this enhanced capacity will help the platform serve small businesses efficiently, especially those operating in Bharat, by enabling faster and reliable delivery, better inventory management while enhancing their working capital efficiency.

udaan enables over 45 lakh shipments per month across 900 cities and 12000 pin codes through a vast supply chain and logistics network of udaanExpress. With a strong technology enabled backbone, these warehouses have state-of-the-art equipment and machinery that enable reliable shipment at a large scale possible. Small businesses, brands, retailers, chemists, kirana shops and manufacturers, especially those in Tier 2 and Tier 3 towns, benefit from huge warehousing space and vast distribution network as this results in better inventory management for them due to faster and reliable delivery cycles.

Speaking on achieving this milestone, Sujeet Kumar, Co-founder, udaan said, “We are committed to offering world class, tech-enabled and cost-effective supply chain & logistics solutions, in addition to the benefits of eCommerce scale, to small businesses of Bharat. The latest capacity expansion to 10 million sq. ft. allows our customers a better and hassle-free inventory management, faster and reliable delivery cycle and better working capital management, thus increasing their operational efficiency and the opportunity to enhance profitability. We plan to enhance our capacity to over 50 million sq. ft. in the next 7-8 years looking at the growth volume we are witnessing in our business. This is in line with our objective of transforming the trade ecosystem and empowering small businesses of Bharat, while creating local employment opportunities in these town and cities.”

More and more small businesses are using the udaan platform to enjoy the benefits of eCommerce scale for national reach as well as cost-effective & reliable delivery within a short span of time. They also benefit from higher working capital efficiency, quick turnaround time, efficient inventory management, higher repeat orders, as well as being able to test new products in different markets at minimal cost while generating better returns.

udaan has operations across categories including lifestyle, electronics, home & kitchen, staples, fruits and vegetables, FMCG, pharma, toys and general merchandise. It enables shopkeepers, kirana, restaurants, street vendors, chemists, offices, small factories, contractors etc. to source from a large selection of high-quality products at the best prices with the convenience of eCommerce. The platform provides brands, and manufacturers access to new markets and regions with greater cost-efficiency and better price control. udaan offers best products, swadeshi brands (Indian Origin), improved quality and modern supply chain through logistics solution, connecting the millions of MSMEs throughout India and help them grow their business through tech. 

udaan is a one stop solution for all business requirements in the b2b space. It has built inclusive tech tools for Bharat, specially catering to the needs of brands, retailers & manufacturers providing them a level playing field to scale, trade and grow business.

About udaan:

Founded in 2016 with a vision to transform the trade ecosystem and empower small businesses by leveraging technology, udaan is India’s largest b2b eCommerce platform. It has operations across categories including lifestyle, electronics, home & kitchen, staples, fruits & vegetables, FMCG, pharma, toys and general merchandise. udaan has over 3 million users, 1.7 million retailers and 30,000 sellers on the platform across the country. The platform enables supply chain & logistics operations focused on b2b trade and built on strong technology, for daily delivery across 900+ cities and 12,000+ pin codes through udaanExpress. udaan enables financial products and services to small businesses, manufacturers, and retailers through udaanCapital to grow their business.

udaan is headquartered in Bangalore with offices in all leading metros and major cities across India.

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