Thursday, July 1, 2021, India's own Google-like search engine connecting hyper-local marketplace.

 Started in 2019, this Made In India startup has become a major hit in the “Digital India” initiative through its two-sided socio-commerce platform showcasing more than 10,000 businesses, available in 36 cities and empowering the Indian marketplace much better than Google search engine & Facebook/Instagram.

After making a splash of commission-free digital assets between hundreds of hyper-local merchants through its MSME-friendly digitization services, launched its location-based informative socio-commerce platform for the Millennial & Gen Z community of customers and merchants.

The startup solves a real-time problem faced by any city’s immediate customer of not being able to discover available businesses around them and finding it impossible to directly reach-out to the merchants of these businesses to shop and save locally. is acting as a hyper-local market guide for immediate customers based on their location. No matter where the customer is in the city, the platform will keep them informed about the local-market, available businesses, available products & services, live offers, discounts and online merchants that will make them explore like a local, discover like a local, save like a local and connect with the market like a local.

“Bylo is “Buy Local & By Location”. In the early days of our startup, our team digitally organized the unorganized hyper-local MSMEs. Now, they are doing a tremendous amount of work in amplifying “search online & shop offline” behaviour in every household”, - says Rohit Verma, Founder & CEO of Byloapp.

Byloapp has introduced a free DIY-marketing tool called “Byloapp For Business” focused on empowering the future of D2C Ads. This tool has made it easier for the merchants to create an online page of their physical business in this hyper-local marketplace search engine. They can customize the appearance of their business page by adding images, logo, description, products, services & accent colors showcasing their branding. They can post live offers OR discounts and run city wide Ads with the help of their Ad account’s dedicated manager. This means any merchant can generate direct inquiries, no matter their business size, skills or budget, they can digitally market their business on this search engine to connect with hundreds of immediate customers living around them.

Byloapp has an immense opportunity to scale within the customer and merchant community as there are more than 330 million Indians on Facebook/Instagram and nearly 39% of them are relying on these third party American platforms with a belief of getting direct shopping-benefits. Secondly, there are more than 65 million MSMEs and only 1.5 million are using marketing and advertising tools like Instagram/Facebook For Business to reach out to their target customers. So, Byloapp will cover 100% of the community giving them real-time benefits & results.

About: Byloapp is India’s very first hyper-local marketplace search engine and a free socio-commerce platform directly connecting customers with merchants and removing third party interventions. The startup is Made by India for India and provides a market generated content starting from food to fashion, fitness to wellness, clothing to electronics and many more. The vision is to organize the unorganized hyper-local market’s economy of every city through Indiafied versions of American sCom, mCom & eCom companies like Google, Facebook & Amazon. For more information, visit and reach out to our marketing team at .

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