Wednesday, September 1, 2021

*KRAFTON opens Pre-registration of PUBG: NEW STATE in India*

 Pre-registration is live today in India on Google Play & App Store

Gearing up to expand the countrywide popularity of PUBG IP 

New Delhi, Sept 1st 2021 - KRAFTON, the South Korean video game company, today announced that the pre-registration of PUBG: NEW STATE, a new title of PUBG STUDIOS to launch this year, goes live in India. 

In response to the heavy excitement and strong support of the Indian fans for the PlUBG IP, KRAFTON decided to expand the regions for PUBG: NEW STATE pre-registration following the launch of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA. 

Developed by KRAFTON’s PUBG STUDIOS, pioneers of the battle royale genre and creators of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, PUBG: NEW STATE will launch as a free-to-play experience on Android and iOS in 2021. PUBG: NEW STATE recreates PUBG: BATTLEGROUND’s original Battle Royale experience, making it the most realistic battle royale game on mobile. 

PUBG: NEW STATE garnered great attention from the global mobile gaming community in the pre-registration stage, with over 32 million pre-registrations on Android and iOS globally excluding China, India, and Vietnam. While India was initially not included in the pre-registration countries, Indian fans expressed great excitement about the game’s launch and commented positively on the posts on PUBG: NEW STATE’s various social media channels. 

PUBG: NEW STATE Executive Producer Minkyu Park said, “Knowing that PUBG IP from KRAFTON is enjoying countrywide popularity in India and our Indian fans have high interest in the launch of PUBG: NEW STATE in India, we at PUBG STUDIOS are doing our best to offer a battle royale experience only we can deliver based on the stable service for our Indian fans."

KRAFTON has been investing heavily in the development of Indian gaming, esports, and IT entertainment industries with the establishment of its Indian office. The company invested a total of 70 million USD this year in the Indian IT sector including the leading Indian esports company NODWIN Gaming, the game streaming platform Loco, and the Indian No.1 web novel platform Pratilipi.

The link to pre-register is available here on Android and iOS

More information on PUBG: NEW STATE is available on the official website (

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